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Attack of the Gaming Grannies 41

Craig Sender writes "BusinessWeek Online has a piece on the expansion of the gaming market into the octogenarian, market." From the article: "Though some may find it surprising, the senior gaming trend isn't hard to understand. For starters, many folks living on Social Security find they don't have a lot of money for entertainment or travel, and video gaming is a fun and affordable diversion, especially if you rent games or trade titles on the Internet."
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Attack of the Gaming Grannies

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  • Re:wait a minute... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Iriel ( 810009 ) on Wednesday October 19, 2005 @03:04PM (#13829259) Homepage
    No jokes here. I know several senior citizens who have some clunker of a peoplePC computer that's just good enough to run simple internet games and their only bookmarks are Yahoo! Games and Popcap. Then again, when the the current gamers get older, this trend won't seem so out of the ordinary because we haven't shown any signs of 'growing out of gaming'.

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