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Sony Entertainment Games

Sony Adds RSS Support to PSP 38

An anonymous reader writes "Spotted at MEMAP.ORG: 'Sony has quietly released a new firmware upgrade (version 2.60) that adds WMA audio support, improvements to the web browser, a new RSS Channel menu item and support for streaming audio and video.'" GamesIndustry.biz also reports on the new features.
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Sony Adds RSS Support to PSP

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  • Is there anything else they added that they didn't mention because it wouldn't be considered much of an "upgrade"?
  • by m3lt ( 933405 )
    I love RSS feeds, got about 20 of them on my Google Personalized Home. Maybe I should go pick up a PSP now, hmm. RSS is one of the cooler "web content" things I have seen in quite a while.
  • Wake me when Sony have released a firmware that lets me run my emulators and homebrew games. Until then I'll happily carry on using firmware 1.0 on my PSP and just buying games for my DS instead.
    • Sony will probably never release a firmware that let's you run emulators and homebrew apps/games. Considering that they're everyone's favorite sell-at-a-loss-and-make-it-up-with-game-sales business model, giving you the ability to get games for free off the internet is pretty counter productive when they need you to buy the games they liscense in order to make a profit.

      There will always be a few people like you, who flat out refuse to upgrade no matter what because you can't run your homebrews on your PS
      • Considering that they're everyone's favorite sell-at-a-loss-and-make-it-up-with-game-sales business model, giving you the ability to get games for free off the internet is pretty counter productive

        Then why can't Sony sell copies of a PSP hypervisor that boots Linux from a Memory Stick PRO Duo card for the approximate price that it would take to break even on a PSP? Sony successfully used this business model for a Linux kit on the old PS2.

        Unless some great killer App comes out that requires this firmw

    • The only Firmware update I am interested in is the one that lets me play Snes games.
  • by MBCook ( 132727 )
    I've got a PSP with firmware 2 or 2.5. Let's see if I care. Here is what they offer me to upgrade:
    • RSS Support - Don't care
    • Improved Browser - Don't care
    • WMA Support - Don't care

    Why should I care? I have a computer for web-browsing, a iPod for music, and that same computer for RSS support. I'll get the upgrade when it is forced on me by some game.

    How about fixing what I see as the PSP's biggest problem (that can be fixed with firmware): WPA SUPPORT. Why can't it support WPA? It can! I don't see why it s

  • Lol - I can now play ripped WMA files on my Sony device? O_o

    You sure we're talking about "rootkit" $ony here?

  • So, I have to decide whether or not I want to upgrade my firmware to play the latest Need for Speed/GTA retread, or keep my homebrew so I can play Super Metroid, FFVI, Afterburner, Sonic, Altered Beast, Super Mario Brothers 3, Castlevania 3, Bionic Commando, Zelda, Super Mario Kart, Madden '94, or other classic titles?

    Well, hmm.

    And you say my trade off is lack of RSS, Web Browsing, and the ability to customize my background by going with 1.5?

    Gosh, it's so hard to choose.

    Sony, how about we stop this stupid c
    • I finally had to upgrade to 2.0 to play GTA. That's as far as I'll go from now on. I absolutely *cannot* get a video out of ffmpeg (or anything in linux for that matter) to play on my PSP anymore. Everything was working swimmingly and now the damn thing won't play a peep. If anyone has any help (why is there not 30 hits from google on the subject?) please feel free to respond.
      • 3gp [qj.net] works good for video encoding, lates version has support for avc
        • Nice, but I needed a Linux solution :(

          I want to convert my MythTv videos and moving 2GB files around the network is a hassle.
          • Not6 only that but the Windows tools seem buggy and sometimes don't install/uninstall properly, or crash/lockup etc. ffmpeg on linux works better and once you figure out/find the command line options is easy enough to use for a basic conversion

            My problem is my Linux box is a Playstation 2, so it takes quite a while even for short videos

            I'm tempted to purchase Sony's PSP Media Manager, but they expect people to pay money for something that should have been included with the PSP or downloadable for free.

            I ca
            • You don't happen to have any ffmpeg examples that output something I can play on my 2.0 PSP do you? I'm sick of delving into the internals of video format with little success.

              As to the PS2Linux, Kudos to you. I had it for awhile, and the PS2 made a nifty media box, but it was easier to build a smaller x86 box to supplant that need, so I sold it. Thanks to ebay, I got more than I paid for it, and it was two years old.
              • Sorry for the late response.

                Here is the command line string I use:

                ffmpeg -y -i video.foo -title "name of video" -f psp -vcodec xvid -s 320x240 -b 768 -r 29.97 -acodec aac -ac 2 -ar 24000 -ab 64 M4V10001.MP4

                You can cut the audio bitrate "-ab" to 32 and the video bitrate "-b" to whatever you need it to cut filesize.

        • 3gp works good for video encoding

          Given that it uses QuickTime 7, how well does it work in Wine? Or have gigabit Ethernet cards become affordable?

      • I had the same problem when trying to use ffmpeg CVS. I had previously used a patch build based on that mobilhackerz version, but wanted to get CVS to work

        The ffmpeg IRC channel on freenode was no help, plenty of idlers but no one actually there. (Lots of open source projects channels are really empty even if they have hordes of people in them)

        The ffmpeg user list was no help

        The fix was on the ffmpeg devel list. I normally don't read dev stuff because I can't program my way out of a paper bag, I'm not a c
  • Without it, my SNES emulator will not work.
  • Read the EULA carefully. The real story here is that if you accept the EULA, Sony reserves the right to scan you PSP for copyright infringement. In the same EULA they state that no personal information is transfered. OK. Question: Who sent in their registration cards?
  • And quite ironically, it doesn't play DRM'ed WMA!
    So, how many of you made the jump and turned your expensive gameboys into expensive iPod shuffles?
    Which is the best tradeoff, homebrew of GTA?

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