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Penny Arcade Announces Scholarship 21

hapwned writes "Jerry 'Tycho Brahe' Holkins and Mike 'Jonathan Gabriel Gabe' Krahulik of Penny Arcade gave an interview to Shannon Drake of the Escapist about their charity Child's Play. In the piece, they reveal the first hint of their next endeavor: 'Talk of crazy ideas and the future brings us to their next enterprise, which is still hazy, but very exciting all the same. Right now, they're throwing around the idea of a Penny Arcade Scholarship, which should debut this year.'"
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Penny Arcade Announces Scholarship

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  • I wonder what the scholarship requires in order to get it. Highscores? Maybe a very high CPL rating in either of Counterstrike Source or Quake III ?
  • by BushCheney08 ( 917605 ) on Tuesday January 17, 2006 @03:24PM (#14492733)
    I really hope it's called the JuiceFucker 2000 Scholarship.
  • by PIPBoy3000 ( 619296 ) on Tuesday January 17, 2006 @03:32PM (#14492815)
    The obvious choice is some sort of gaming-related scholarship, fitting in with the theme of their site.

    It might be interesting to instead give away a scholarship for study in any field, but only to those who are deemed "worthy". High gaming scores? Cancer survivors (working with the same Child's Play hospitals)? Other comic artists?
    • I think they should give it to a CS (thats computer science, not counter-strike) student. This might help increase the number of CS students. I heard that this number was going down recently even though i plan to start next semester as a CS/Math student. I could always use more money for college.
      • The number of CS students going down is a big plus

        At least in Australia there are far too many CS students, most of whom don't really like computers but just want the big cash moneys.
        We've got about a 60% graduate employment rate for CS (other engineering courses are up around 85%) and I found the uninterested students have reduced the quality of teaching that the universities offered and some of them actually get into the industry and create unspeakable chaos with their shoddy work.

        That said, most p

  • by darkmayo ( 251580 ) on Tuesday January 17, 2006 @03:39PM (#14492885)
    Not only do Jerry and Mike put out a great comic and have been doing it for years, but they have the childs play charity which every year since its inception has gotten bigger and bigger, as well as the PAX gaming expo they have been putting on has been growing larger and more impressive, but now a Scholarship... whats next the penny-arcade national health care program?

    Of course these things wouldnt be possible without the fans of the comics and the gamers out there who rally to the causes that these to great men put forth. More attention needs to be given to these two guys and gamers like them.

  • Continuing a Trend (Score:5, Insightful)

    by LilBlackDemon ( 604917 ) <`moc.liamg' `ta' `nomedkcalblil'> on Tuesday January 17, 2006 @04:31PM (#14493406) Homepage
    These two guys have repeatedly shown that they are more than respectable in circles outside of gaming. Although their comic is definitely one of the most offensive and obscene (and occasionally, funny) comics available, they still continue to donate to and organize charities.

    The Child's Play charity (disclaimer: I have donated to this charity in the past, and will continue to do so) is a great idea, and is something surprisingly overlooked. In 2003-2004, I worked in a children's ward in a New York City hospital. The children were very well provided-for in terms of their treatment, but had nothing to do but sit around all day waiting to heal. You would be surprised how hard it is to get people to donate to a hospital for things other than medicine.

    The two guys also (very controvertially) donated $10,000 over the summer in the name of Jack Thompson, Esq. Although the incident turned ugly (and Mr. Thompson explained his motivation in a recent interview), it is a good example of their interest in charities.

    The Penny-Arcade haters may now mod me down.

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