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A Look At Take-Two's Books 9

Gamasutra reports on Take-Two Interactive's 10-K filing with the SEC for 2005. A much anticipated document, it lays out information about the ongoing troubles Rockstar's publishing parent has been having. Besides the recent high-profile lawsuits, it gives details on their purchases over the last year. From the article: "It is also revealed that Top Spin developer Indie Built was purchased for $18.5 million in cash. Although not technically part of the company's financial year the cost of Civilization IV developer Firaxis was put at $26.7 million, composed of $12.5 million of restricted common stock and $0.86 million in cash. A significant $11.3 million of the total was in the form of contingent considerations based on future product sales."
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A Look At Take-Two's Books

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  • by rillopy ( 650792 ) on Wednesday February 01, 2006 @01:49PM (#14617435)
    Here is the link to the Gamasutra article: ory=7993/ []
    • Thanks for the link -- this little passage really made my day:
      One other notable payment was the renegotiation of a $6 million charge due upon delivery of the final PC version of Duke Nukem Forever back in March 2005. The epic delay of 3D Realms' shooter has meant that $4.25 million of the final milestone payment has already been paid, alongside the promise of a final $500,000 upon the commercial release of Duke Nukem Forever prior to December 31, 2006.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    According to TFA, they bought Firaxis for only 26.7 million, while Kush Studios was bought for 27.8 million. Is it just me or does it seem odd that Firaxis isn't at the top of the list?
    • Its not that unusual when you look at the reviews/rating/reception Civilization 3 and 4 recieved when launched.

      Civ 4 is a love it or hate it game (with most hating since it changed the Civilization formula so much). Reviews were positive, but the sheer lack of mass interest in the game simply speaks louder.

      Civilization 3 had a whole set of problems on its own. Did not ship with multiplayer, the first expansion was a buggy failure, the second expansion was too little too late and it had been far too long si

    • You also have to remember VC/Kush releases NBA, MLB, NHL, College Hoops, and (at the time of purcahse) NFL. That's a lot more games than Firaxis. VC/Kush is a larger company so it makes sense it costed more.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    They paid $6 mil for duke nuken forever, man, maybe they'd be interested in investing in my new console, called phatom.
  • With big revenue gainer game like Grand Theft Auto confronted with the violent and nudity controversies etc etc...I expected them to have legal troubles but this much financial problem is beyond my expectations.
  • Take Two has been ripe with cash from the GTA games. They could probably use a few bumps in the road to encourage them to learn how to run a company and manage their money. It's somewhat easier to run a company if you just have a giant cash cow pouring money into your coffers on a consistent basis. Rockstar would be the golden child in any publisher's roster. Does anyone really care what happens to Take Two?

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