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Duke Nukem Forever in Production 428

An anonymous reader writes "Like that fungus under your keyboard, Duke Nukem Forever never really seems to go away. Well in the latest installment in unsubstantiated DNF rumors it appears that the game is finally in production. Via Joystiq "everyone's favorite vaporware is "in full production" according to George Broussard, co-founder of 3D Realms. In an interview with 1up, towards the end, Broussard chats about the status of Duke Nukem Forever, the unfortunately-apt title to the game over a decade in development."
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Duke Nukem Forever in Production

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  • they at least already started to code...
    damn.. it's even slower development then I thought :P
  • Flying pigs have been spotted over Montana.
  • by matt4077 ( 581118 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:16AM (#14624287) Homepage
    ""The rovers Spirit and Opportunity were proposed, authorized, announced, designed, launched and successfully landed upon Mars within the timeframe of Duke Nukem Forever's development."
  • by el_womble ( 779715 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:17AM (#14624296) Homepage
    In production means nothing. It could still not make it through to gold, because, lets face it, no game can live up to expectations of a 10 year wait. Trying to make a game fun is the hard bit.
    • i still remember some (>=5) ago, i read about DNF in a german gaming magazine. they even had screenshots!
      at that time they said they had maps, models of creatures and weapons ready but were porting the stuff to the quake2 engine...
      i don't think it will be ready before 2666. ;-)
    • by typical ( 886006 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @11:13AM (#14625889) Journal
      no game can live up to expectations of a 10 year wait.

      Forget that -- I want to know why anyone expects DNF to live up to the standards of a *regular* game. Why would DNF be an exceptional game? Because it has the same name and possibly a few characters as an ancient game?

      Sequels make sense when they're truly related to the earlier work. Bungie's Marathon series [] was good right through the series. That was because the game design was still fairly new and interesting for the time, and the same team was working on the games. It was legitimate both to expect "more of same" from the same people, and that "more of same" would be a good thing.

      But, while I'm not familiar with DNF development, I doubt that the same team is working on the second game -- and that's what makes the game good, the artists and musicians and programmers and writers. Even if it was the same collection of people, I'm not sure that a team that could produce "more of same" would be a good thing.

      I've only played a little Duke Nukem 3D [], but I remember that the game was mostly notable for its simple, crude humor and its ability to allow you to have simple interactions with objects. (And according to WP, the mundane environments, instead of Quake's fantastic ones.) None of this is exceptional any more. The only "edge" that I would expect DNF to have over any other modern game is that some of its marketing work will have been done for it -- people with fond memories of Duke Nukem 3D might remember the name and want to buy it. Possibly that means that a smaller percentage of the funding need be blown on marketing for DNF.

      Other than that, there's no reason to expect that DNF would be better than any other new game coming out.

      Furthermore, DNF has constraints on it that a new game does not. This is most commmonly visible (in an extreme form) in "video games of movies". Most people who follow the video game industry know that video games based on movies tend to review rather badly. Some of this is undoubtedly due to time pressure, but I would suggest that some of it is because the game developers are constrained to follow the movie and figure out ways to incorporate the movie into the game, instead of having no restrictions on their ability to do what is necessary to develop a good game. This restriction, to a lesser degree, is present in game sequels like DNF. (Plus, these video games based on movies have the same marketing edge that DNF can be expected to have, yet they are frequently pretty bad.)

      So I just can't see why anyone would expect DNF to be a particularly good game any more than I would expect a modern remake of a classic movie to be any better than any other modern movie.

      Sometimes it's nice to just let pleasant memories lie and go on to producing new, different ones...
      • by TychoCelchuuu ( 835690 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @11:54AM (#14626310) Journal
        I can tell you've only played a little DN:3D. The reason DNF has had so much attention payed to it isn't that it's taking forever. It's because it's the sequel to what many consider to be one of the best games of all time. Duke Nukem 3d had realistic environments (something that were really neat to us back then! We were in LA, man! I mean, Doom is some weird Mars research base, but I'm fighting aliens in LA!), genuine humor (and also crude humor), wonderful weapons (the shrink ray shrunk enemies really small, and then you could step on them, and who can forget the pipe bombs), and a jetpack. I mean, come on. Even today few games have jetpacks.

        Duke Nukem 3d was an awesome game. You can find legions of fans, and that's the reason why DNF is getting on Slashdot: we may have given up on the new game, but we all remember the joy of the old one.
      • And according to WP, the mundane environments, instead of Quake's fantastic ones.

        Right, why would I want to play in a floating space station and moon base or explore L.A. and see animated hot chicks in movie theaters when I could traverse the endless green and brown hallways and lava pits in Quake!

        I'll say it, even though I know it's unpopular--Quake SUCKED. I was never more bored by a first person shooter. People only liked it because of its online multiplayer. Other than that, Doom 2 owned it (especial
  • by seeker24frets ( 204359 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:19AM (#14624299)
    I heard the game will only be released for the Phantom console.
  • The message from GeorgeB is a little confused in the interview. He talks about character models almost being done (almost?) and guns being "finished". That sure doesn't seem like things are terribly far along - you build the props for a movie before you start filming, right?

    But then at the end, he mentions that they're putting together some gameplay and making sure the game feels right. In either case, it seems like a "wait and see" approach is the best way to go. After all, if it sucks after all these
    • by mwvdlee ( 775178 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:36AM (#14624357) Homepage
      He talks about character models almost being done
      They were planning to do character models but decided against it at the very last moment, so they were almost being done. ...and guns being "finished".
      Yes, guns are finished; they're through with the whole guns thing, had enough of them, they're finished, gone, out of the game.
    • Re:Mixed Signals (Score:3, Informative)

      by spge ( 783687 )
      You do build the props for a movie before you start filming, but it's different for games. You build the engine (unless you use an already existing one), work out the rough plots etc and spiff up the graphics at any stage you like. So finishing the guns doesn't give any indication as to the level of completion of the project - neither one way not the other.
    • Re:Mixed Signals (Score:4, Insightful)

      by elgatozorbas ( 783538 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @07:03AM (#14624431)
      He talks about character models almost being done (almost?) and guns being "finished". That sure doesn't seem like things are terribly far along - you build the props for a movie before you start filming, right?

      Not necessarily: the work is probably divided into the engine, the plot, artwork, character models etc. I can imagine all testing so far has been done with a wirestick guy (or a squirrel or whatever model they had available) and they can develop the models independently.

  • Mourning (Score:5, Funny)

    by FidelCatsro ( 861135 ) * <> on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:22AM (#14624306) Journal
    Today we mourn the loss of one of the longest running jokes on slashdot .
    A joke that has been a stedfast for many an aspiring Troll and Humorist alike .
    Like BSD before it , Duke Nukem forever jokes are now dead.
    We all hope for a swift passing into the land of the dead , Also we hope that Frist psot and Soviet Russia jokes to follow soon... to um keep you company in the land of dead jokes.

    • Don't say good bye quite yet. Just because they're saying it's being worked on doesn't mean that it'll ever be released. It's been "in production" for 10 years now.

      Or more like...

      it's been in production for so long that... ... I vaugely remember that it was to be released. ... I vaugely remember seeing a preview of some sort, that may have been cool. ... a few years of recreational drug use may have blurred those memories with bad action movie on late night TV.
      • If we can't say good bye just yet , can we perform Euthanasia upon it
      • Re:Mourning (Score:5, Informative)

        by Fishstick ( 150821 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @07:12AM (#14624460) Journal
        >Just because they're saying it's being worked on doesn't mean that it'll ever be released.

        Whatever has been going on all this time, it appears that now there is a 12/31/06 date with money attached, with millions already being paid. ory=7993/ []

        One other notable payment was the renegotiation of a $6 million charge due upon delivery of the final PC version of Duke Nukem Forever back in March 2005. The epic delay of 3D Realms' shooter has meant that $4.25 million of the final milestone payment has already been paid, alongside the promise of a final $500,000 upon the commercial release of Duke Nukem Forever prior to December 31, 2006.

        from the previous story about Take Two's SEC 10K filing []

        maybe not worth the paper it's printed on, but this is way more detail than I've seen on this in years
    • The release of Duke Nukem Forever wouldn't kill the joke. It would enhance it, and it would evolve into an even more powerful joke, with bigger guns and more irony.
    • Re:Mourning (Score:3, Funny)

      by MegaFur ( 79453 )
      Don't count your jokes before they're hatched, dude. I for one plan on sticking with the DNF jokes shiv up until if/when the thing actually ships.
    • Re:Mourning (Score:5, Funny)

      by DrWhizBang ( 5333 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @09:15AM (#14624834) Homepage Journal
      <monty-python>I'm not dead, yet!</monty-python>
    • Netcraft confirmed early this morning that Duke Nukem Forever jokes are now dead.
  • Heh? (Score:5, Informative)

    by sucker_muts ( 776572 ) <> on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:25AM (#14624312) Homepage Journal
    Duke Nukem Forever you say? What is it? What happened untill now?

    Check it out for yourself, from Wikipedia. [].
  • Development (Score:4, Funny)

    by x4071k05 ( 934632 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:25AM (#14624314)
    Duke Nukem Forever is slated to be released for the Play Station 6, which will, like all previous playstation consoles, feature real time toy story like graphics, and will be cutting edge, and also for the Xbox 36,000, which will require an entire garage to store the external PSU brick.
  • by Mantees de Tara ( 652482 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:29AM (#14624329) Homepage
    The right one was "Duke Nukem: Forever in Production"

  • 3d Realms, Guns n' Roses ... same thing. who's gonna come out first, Axl or Duke ? And which one has cost more ?

    the most expensive album NEVER made (they say) m []

    that'd be funny to have GNR new album for DNF soundtrack. or not.
  • I'm sure that's just George's way of making fun of people. Next thing we'll hear about it is that all this was a rumor and the game will be out When It's Done.

    (note to self: bookmark this post to later point and say "I told you so")
  • Finally, he sounds serious this time, so it's probably almost ready. They just need to solve some minor issues and testing. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

    (note to self: bookmark this post to later point and say "I told you so")
  • By end 2006, we are gonna miss these all time hits from the charts
    1. Duke Nukem Forever (also Duke Nukem Whenever, Duke Nukem If Ever)
    2. Windows Vista (formerly Longhorn)
    3. PS3

    Google's Beta products are good candidates, they never seem to get released too. ;)
  • by rolfwind ( 528248 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:38AM (#14624364)
    They always used to say not to consider what the project cost so far when deciding whether to continue, but what it will cost to bear into fruition.

    However, that logic always seemed seriously flawed - if the past estimates on how much a project will cost were bad, what guarantee is there that the current estimates are good.

    Seriously, what does 3DRealms (?) have to gain anymore? It's like a doomed government military project where they keep throwing good money into this black hole, never to see anything for their investment other than ridicule.

    It makes the Daikatana folks seem professional.

    Either way, 3D_Realms should just shut-up until the factories are actually packaging the CDs, or quietly kill the project.
    • That's how you can tell a PHB from someone who's actually taken economics 101. A sunk cost is a sunk cost, no matter what you've got for it. The only thing to consider is a) what's it going to cost us from now on, and b) what are we gonna get for it.
      • Eco 101 and 102 here.

        A sunk cost is a sunk cost, no matter what you've got for it. The only thing to consider is a) what's it going to cost us from now on, and b) what are we gonna get for it.

        Now tell me how many times 3D_Realms were at a juncture to ask themselves this question in the past and how much they would have saved if they didn't trust their own estimates of what it cost (because it'll always cost more than one thinks) and what they are gonna get for it will be lower than they think:)

        They restarte

    • by Anonymous Coward
      Yeah, you don't consider sunk costs when deciding to continue with a project. Why? Because that money is gone. Cancelling the project won't bring it back. Cancelling the project will, however, make your investment up to that point a complete write off.

      Consider the following scenario:

      You've spent 150 thousand developing a game, you need 20 thousand more to finish the game. The game has an expected lifetime profit of 70 thousand.

      Do you cancel the project? Heck no!
      Sure, you'll make a loss of 100 thousand if yo
      • As to why current estimates are likely to be more reliable than past estimates - well, generally when a cost blowout occurs you have some idea of why, and you can take these additional costs into account when making your new estimate. That isn't to say that these new estimates are always reliable, but it's better to make an estimate than to just cancel a project if something doesn't go exactly how you expect.

        Which in this case seems unlikely - the project has been restarted twice. I'm only wondering if the

    • 3D realms can't cancel quitely. 1500 (ex-)fans tearing down the building and beating up the employees in sheer frustration is going to make a whole lot of noise.
  • This means it won't be very long until the Mac version comes out!
  • by jini ( 153221 )
    Well it should be better then the last offerings from Id, if it does come out...
  • While I appreciate that it's probably still the 1st where you are, it's February 1st, not April...
  • by munehiro ( 63206 )
    A terrible news. If DNF will be finally released, all the jokes on /. of the kind "it will happen when DNF is released" are going to become true.

    This will lead to the end of the world as we know it.

    I'm scared, really scared....
  • by dJOEK ( 66178 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:52AM (#14624405)

    because after all the delays, hype, anticipation ...
    no matter how good the game is, hopes will be higher than it can deliver.
    And reviewers will say: "Well, it might be the greatest game ever, but it wasn't worth the wait"
    • For old farts the game has become a tired old joke, and the n00bs have never played any of the predecessors.

      So I think it will fail due to obscurity, not hype.
      • For old farts the game has become a tired old joke, and the n00bs have never played any of the predecessors.

        Maybe this is exactly 3DRealms' strategy to solve this embarassing delay: they only bring it out after everyone who remembered the original has died. Or they don't even release it at all...

    • Except everyone I've seen shares the view you do -- that it will undoubtedly suck. Thus if it's OK, it'll be better than everyone expected :-P
    • Methinks a lot of people will treat it as a kind of joke when it comes out, a name they've heard of, but don't expect much from (I certainly don't expect much out of it)..
      What I'm hoping for is that the game, like the previous DN games, doesn't take itself seriously, and manages to capture the offbeat, humourour lacivousness that the earlier ones did so well.
      If it does, it'll be a success, in that offbeat, humourous way that the previous ones were. They didn't break new ground, and they didn't have the lat
    • because after all the delays, hype, anticipation ..

      DNF means nothing to most gamers since I doubt most have even heard of the original. Assuming the game to be any good it will sell in droves. If it sucks, then it won't. I doubt the collective memories of gamers of a certain age who recall the original will have much to do with it one way or the other.

      After all, HL2 took an age and a half to arrive too *and* was plagued by deployment problems *and* hype / anticipation. Yet it still sold by the bucket lo

  • Two questions arise:
    - have they really been developing non-stop of have they hust been slacking?
    - will the final product (if ever available) appeal to the public? If it is the elaboration of an idea and concepts of ten years ago, won't it be outdated from day one?
  • by Hieronymus Howard ( 215725 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:54AM (#14624409)
    This is yet another example of incorrect punctuation in a Slashdot submission. The title should, of course, read:

    Duke Nukem - Forever in Production
  • by earthbound kid ( 859282 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @06:59AM (#14624425) Homepage
    Well no, I don't have a link. But I'm just going to go out on a limb and assume that Slashdot has in fact discussed the imminent release of DNF more than once in the last 10 years.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 02, 2006 @07:13AM (#14624463)
    April fools day is still 2 months away.
  • by BokLM ( 550487 ) * <> on Thursday February 02, 2006 @07:17AM (#14624472) Homepage Journal
    George Broussard published the system requirements for the game :
    IBM PC Pentium 200 or higher
    Windows 95 or higher
    32MB of RAM
    4X CD-ROM drive
    Sound Blaster 16 or Compatible
    Optional: 3dfx Voodoo 2
  • by wheany ( 460585 ) <> on Thursday February 02, 2006 @07:23AM (#14624485) Homepage Journal
    There is no fungus under my keyboard. But then again I'm not a damn dirty GNU/hippie.

    I fucking hate comedians.
  • god I love this

    1UP: You know, that's something you guys have gotten good at now, and that's kind of cool, because like you mentioned earlier, there's Rise of the Triad, and I remember that well--there's a lot of people who, even if they don't know the game, know the personality or know the franchise by name, right?

    um... what was the question?
  • Maybe they started producing the game when there was huge demand for a sequel, and then were beset by delays. Unfortunately, this pushed the game past the point where it could cash in on the popularity of the original, and then they decided to wait until it'd been over 10 years since Duke Nukem came out and increase sales by selling to people for whom Duke Nukem 3-D was a fond childhood memory.
  • Wikipedia has a decent overview of the history []. Man, I remember playing Duke3D when I was still in Highschool ;)
  • DNF has been in production all this time. This is nothing new.
  • by perrin ( 891 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @08:01AM (#14624587)
    Why should 3DRealms make Duke Nuke'm Forever after all this time? Because when it finally ships it will receive the most free PR from the trade press and every other press under the sun ever. Sure, they will make fun of it, probably give it poor reviews, but as long as 3DRealms manage to keep it fun, ironic and in bad taste it will still sell like hot cakes. If they play their cards right they could turn this into a stroke of genius.

    Although we'll lose a good joke. But the joke might in the end be on us.

  • Has it ever *not* been in production?
  • I remember sort of a flying pig in Duke Nukem. It shot grenades out of its ass.

    It would be appropriate if the new Duke Nukem had flying pigs,
    phenixes rising from their ashes, vaporware enemies, and hm, well you get the idea.
  • As in: the project is neither complete nor shitcanned. Small earthquake, not many killed, no news to report.

    You know, I'm beginning to think that this inability of submitters or editors to actually read or comprehend the articles that they link to is deliberate. ZOMG, we're being trolled!

  • by Stavr0 ( 35032 )
    18th Dumbest Moment in Gaming []

    "And yet still people are asking: Where's Duke Nukem?"
    Well they've got their answer now.

  • by tabby ( 592506 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @08:50AM (#14624740) Homepage
    A year or so ago I would have said that something was as likely as being able to play DN:Forever on an Intel Mac with an Apple made multi-button mouse...

    Seriously I think Lucifer may have left the air-con on high.
  • by DrSkwid ( 118965 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @09:09AM (#14624805) Homepage Journal
    This is the home of my port of 3D Realms Entertainment's Duke Nukem 3D to Windows using my port of Ken Silverman's Build game engine. It is work in progress so that means it might crash and burn and be unstable.


    9 October 2005 - New release []

  • by Vo0k ( 760020 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @09:11AM (#14624814) Journal
    In other news, Australian tectonic plate heading towards Asia at full speed now!

    They got the guns and monsters. That's like, 30% of the work. since the end of the design phase. Add to that maps (30%), engine (30%), piecing it all together (10%). Development phase is about 50% time. 25% for design and preparations, 25% for betatesting, bugfixes and release.

    So given their current speed and progress (about 45% of the whole project) I predict DNF around 2018. That's a realistic date.
  • by Hakubi_Washu ( 594267 ) <robert,kosten&gmail,com> on Thursday February 02, 2006 @10:20AM (#14625331)
    'The release date of this game is "When it's done". Anything else, and we mean anything else is someone's speculation. There is no date. We don't know any date. If you have a friend who claims they have "inside info", or there's some game news site, or some computer store at the mall who claims they know - they do not. They are making it up. There is no date. Period.'

    Why, oh, why is a sucker born every minute?
  • by Danathar ( 267989 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @12:29PM (#14626686) Journal
    HA! yea...right (wink wink). Next you'll be telling me that Apple is going to be switching to Intel and TV shows will be legally available for download on the web.......
  • by osjedi ( 9084 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @01:03PM (#14627116)
    This post scared the crap out of me! I thought for a minute that it was April 1st and that I had completely missed February/March! Imagine my releif to realize that I hadn't jumped forward in time to an April fools joke, but that it was simply end of the world.


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