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PS3 Developer Fired For Comments 131

Next Generation reports on the unfortunate fallout from one PS3 developer's unflattering comments. Early in January, a developer made comments on his feelings regarding the Xbox 360 and its power/design ease vs. the PS3. Thanks to widespread internet reaction, he has been fired from his development position. From the article: "I can't believe how out of control everything got ... It's absolutely absurd how the Internet can take something relatively harmless and turn it into something so insane... Did I knowingly break NDA? I absolutely did not. I would never do that and I would never want to hurt Sony Online. Did I dance in the grey area by even opening my mouth? Yes I did and I was fired for it. So I guess the new rule for me is, don't ever say anything at all about anything. Ever...ever."
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PS3 Developer Fired For Comments

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  • by KDR_11k ( 778916 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @05:29PM (#14629942)
    I mean, seriously, the biggest surprise is that it has taken so long.
  • by giblfiz ( 125533 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @05:32PM (#14629979)
    Though as it points out in the article, he took the post that got him fired down, and will never be putting it back up.

    To avoid /.ing him harder (he has allready been dugg) I'm going to link to a google cache ... &lr=&strip=1 []
  • by LimpGuppy ( 161354 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @05:35PM (#14630017)
    If that bozo couldn't guess that what he said violated an NDA then he's a 'tard that deserves to be fired. I mean, that's just basic common sense there.
  • by puppetluva ( 46903 ) on Thursday February 02, 2006 @08:26PM (#14631263)
    don't count on it. Microsoft doesn't have a history of contributing to the community and I wouldn't hold your breath. . .

    Much as IBM, for it's own financial convience, became a "good guy" by supporting Linux and open source, Microsoft may make a similar transformation: They split with Sony over Blu-ray because they demanded that the next DVD format allow consumers to use media they had purchased the way they wanted to (i.e. store on a Microsoft powered media center).

    That's weird. . . I thought they split with Blu-ray because Blu-ray uses Java. . . which they compete with (and their customers want. . . but they tried to pollute and the refused to bundle it according contracts they had signed.)

    BTW: You are the first person I've heard of to congratulate a DRM vendor on their openness.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday February 03, 2006 @02:51AM (#14633102)
    Should his bosses have listened to him and attempted to improve the quality of the product they were working on? Yes.

    He didn't offer any specifics of what was wrong though. His technical issues were ones where his workmates "proceeded to go into a lot of technical info that I don't understand".

    There's not even any indication that he went to his bosses with any sort of issues or concerns. Where I work they would fire my ass if I went public with a rant saying my companies product sucked. That just has to be expected. On the otherhand if I thought things were getting off track, or I had a technical concern, or anything and I took it to my bosses, they'd listen and thank me. At worst nothing would happen. At best I'd have provided enough detail and possible solution that things would be fixed (and I'd get a big bonus).

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