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Wanted Revolution Downloads, Nine N64 Titles 168

A GameDaily piece looks at nine N64 titles the staff over there feels really should make it onto the Revolution download service. They're quirky little titles, including a family-favorite launch title: Blast Corps. From the article: "In the game, you take control of a "destruction team" made up of this one guy and several vehicles that range from a bulldozer to a full-blown Transformer-esque robot, and you attempt to clear the path of a runaway missile truck running, oh, five miles an hour. If anything comes into contact with this missile it blows up, so you must clear the path to a certain point in the level. This means destroying ANYTHING, including cities, in order to assure its safety." What N64 titles would you want to see on the service?
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Wanted Revolution Downloads, Nine N64 Titles

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  • Goldeneye (Score:5, Interesting)

    by dan dan the dna man ( 461768 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @02:07PM (#14708422) Homepage Journal
    Which delayed the writing of my PhD for at least 6 months. 4 player, single shot kills action - still my fave multiplayer FPS :)
    • Agreed. Hell, I'd like to be able to play it on a powerful enough system that it doesn't choke on the smoke effects and having more than 4 enemies on screen at the same time! Keep the game exactly as-is and just let us play it at a solid 30fps is all I ask!
    • Re:Goldeneye (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Some good news about the N64 games: They will have improved framerates. [] Multiplayer Perfect Dark / Goldeneye (same game engine) are great examples of games that will benefit from this.
    • I never understood the draw of Goldeneye. Most people I know loved it, but I found that it was pretty bad. Right up along with all the other FPSs on consoles. Maybe the consoles should put out a mouse or trackball so that FPSs don't suck so much on them.
      • by RoadDoggFL ( 876257 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @02:30PM (#14708729) Homepage
        Or, you know, you could just get better at using a controller like the rest of us and stop bitching...
        • I'd like to chime in with an agreement with the gp post. I never found Goldeneye to be particularly engaging, and I've played many console FPSs from Metroid: Prime to Halo to Riddick.

          I found Goldeneye to be slow, ugly, glitchy, and boring. But I'm obviously in a gaming minority here, so please; what was/is the big deal?
          • Goldeneye came out in 1996/1997 Halo came out in 2001/2002. It was the first multiplayer FPS on a console that came out half a decade before Halo did on the Xbox. So that's why people have fond memories. It's like people have fond memories of playing Pong in the 1970s.
            • Fond memories are one thing. Actually picking the game up and playing it again is something else entirely. If we were putting together a Top 10 list of N64 games, I would be very surprised if Goldeneye didn't at least make #2 (MAYBE behind Zelda). I picked up Goldeneye and played it just under a year ago. It's not nearly as good as you remember it being. It's probably best left firmly in the past even though it was extrememly important in bringing FPS multiplayer to consoles.
            • I played Goldeneye when it was brand new. At first I thought that I just didn't like FPS games, but those games I mentioned have proven that hypothesis wrong.

              So what you are saying is that Goldeneye is thought of so fondly because it was (then) unique, not because of any other merit?
          • I hated Goldeneye too. Autoaim sucks and I was never happy with the N64's controllers. But bitching about the controller accomplishes nothing, just because he sucks at using it doesn't mean anything.
        • Yeah, and I could get better at hammering in nails with a screwdriver, but use the right tool for the job.
          I'd take on any console gamer in a their console + gamepad vs my computer +keyboard & high end gaming mouse on ANY game(that isn't set to autoaim for the console users, like all console games do).

          It's a shame the only system that came close to allowing cross-platform multiplayer like that was the dreamcast.

          Theres really no competition between a 1600dpi mouse on a 14" mousepad and a 3/4ths of an inc
          • So does that mean that because cars exist, foot races are trivial?
            • No, it means don't bring a butter knife to a gun fight, and don't have olympic swimming races in the kiddie pools.
              • Who said I was?

                Just because there's a better (read: easier ) way to do something doesn't mean all other methods are useless. Especially when proficiency doesn't come easily.
    • Re:Goldeneye (Score:3, Interesting)

      You may be interested in Goldeneye: Source [], if it's the multiplayer you're after.
    • Re:Goldeneye (Score:3, Informative)

      by Dorceon ( 928997 )
      GoldenEye's unlikely because EA has the Bond license now. Also, single shot kill is a dumb mode. Play with Hero (-10) health. A center mass shot from anything but a handgun will still take you down, but at least you don't die if you're shot in the gun while standing around a corner.
    • and people wonder why I like legacy inverted control style. I still suck horrably at halo, for other reasons (different reactions, huge controler etc)
  • Goldeney with online multiplayer support. I would buy a Revolution just for that. And yeah, I know that open source PC Goldeneye came out sometime in December.
    • Online multiplayer Goldeneye? That would be incredible.

      Really though, this is the WORST N64 related article I've ever seen.

      The games they choose are atrocious. The New Tetris? Yeah, there's something that hasn't been done 1,000 times on every console since the beginning of time. Pilotwings 64? Yeah, that was great as a release game to showcase the N64's new 3D world, but was horrible as a game.

      How about some obscure games with replay value?

      - Super Smash Brothers! Possibly the greatest game of all time
    • by Nazmun ( 590998 )
      It'd be so awesome, like playing counterstrike all over again but with lower tv resolution.
  • I have never even heard of that game, guess it wasn't popular on the college circuit.
  • Without goldeneye I don't think this list can be taken seriously. I would also like to see Mario Kart 64 myself.
    • I wonder what the licensing of Goldeneye was like...

      Who owns it now, Nintendo, or Rare? Does Nintendo have the right to publish it for a new console?

      Something tells me that Rare might not let Nintendo use it...
      • Rare's working on DS games and even AoE is seeing a DS incarnation. Also, Goldeneye's particularly tricky because it was a Nintendo-published game on a Nintendo console, developed by Rare, but the license is owned by EA.

        Interesting, indeed.
  • Dang, I never even remembered the made the Cruisin USA for N64. That's a definite must for the revolution. Along with all the Marios of course. Although, I think the bigest market will be for the original NES games, such as castlevania and icarus over most of the N64 games. Altough the Gameboy SP seems to have most of those taken care of already.
  • Blast Corps (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Maugrim ( 947665 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @02:11PM (#14708482)
    Not many people have heard of it, but was definately one of the best for the 64.
    • Agreed. I rented it and played through nearly all of it with a friend (got a bit bogged down on the extraterrestrial levels, IIRC). Lots of fun, combining some minor puzzle solving with blowing stuff up with a giant robot. I'd love to play it again. JRjr
    • I got the final rank in Blast Corps.

      It takes a little while ;)

      (If you've done the same, you know what I'm talking about!)
  • That's all I need.
  • Goldeneye (Score:3, Informative)

    by Kazzahdrane ( 882423 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @02:12PM (#14708494)
    I played this at a tournament at my university a few months back and the game really has stood up to the test of time. The graphics are ugly but some of the maps are works of genius. Also, Banjo Kazooie - I didn't own an N64 so this was one of the games I missed out on and really enjoyed the couple of times I got to play it at a friends'. Lots of people will want Ocarina of Time, but that's been available on the Gamecube with Wind Waker for a while. Majora's Mask is a little more difficult to get hold of though, so I can see Nintendo making both available pretty quickly for the Revolution.
    • Majora's Mask is on the same disk as Ocarina of Time for Gamecube. Along with Zelda 1, and Zelda II.
      • Yep, the Collector's disc that came with Wind Waker pre-orders. If you didn't pre-order it it's not as simple to find as Ocarina of Time, which came on a 2nd disc with lots of copies of Wind Waker - at least here in the UK.
        • No, that was a second, separate promotional disc, bundled with Cubes sold at a certain time or given out free as part of Nintendo's loyalty program. The Wind Waker disc was a pre-order deal that included The Ocarina of Time and the Ocarina of Time Master Quest, a remix released for the 64DD in Japan.
        • The Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition disc didn't come out at the same time as The Wind Waker, IIRC it came out several months later, as a bonus if you bought a new Gamecube (the same time as Mario Kart?), or from Nintendo's Stars Catalogue, or some stores just started selling them seperatley anyway.

          The limited edition version of The Wind Waker with the Ocarnia of Time / Master Quest disc is fairly common, as far as I can tell just about all of the initial batch that turned up in shops in the UK were the l
  • C'mon, just put them all in there. If I can emulate it on my PC, they can make it work on the revolution. Unless the game REALLY sucked, there's no reason to omit anything.
    • Everything but Superman 64 [], then.
    • I totally agree: On top of that I -really- would like to see that each (multiplayer)game from the NES-SNES era is playable on-line.
  • by zarthrag ( 650912 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @02:14PM (#14708519)
    ...that Ocarana of Time is already on the list.
  • Ok, so N64's version of Tetris did finally add some elements to their game that the Tengen NES version had already put in years earlier on a much less powerful system, but come on now. Why the N64 version? Why not just have a Revolution version. Is there really that much a difference between versions? Would it matter if it were the 64 version or one made specifically for the Revolution?

    I'll turn off my Tetris rant for long enough to point out that the thing I'm looking forward to the most out of the Rev
    • Because if they just release an old game that already exists, than hopefully it will only cost $5. A new tetris game designed specifically for the Revo wouldn't actually add anything new, but would end up costing the user $60.
      • "A new tetris game designed specifically for the Revo wouldn't actually add anything new, but would end up costing the user $60."

        How much did Geometry Wars cost? I'm pretty sure it wasn't $60.
        • Isn't that a downloadable game? not a full release title that you buy on the shelves from a store? I think that's the major difference here. Some quick game that they threw together for download is going to be pretty cheap for the user. Something that they create as a full game for the system is going to cost a lot more. Why throw together something quick when you can just rerelease something that's already been programmed.
          • "Isn't that a downloadable game? not a full release title that you buy on the shelves from a store?"

            Yes, it's a downloadable game. Are you suggesting that I should have to go to the store and buy a game that will probably take up negligible disk space?

            "Some quick game that they threw together for download is going to be pretty cheap for the user."

            Maybe cheap as in "It doesn't cost much."I'd agree but if you're talking cheap as in "Not as good as store bought." I think the owners of Geometry Wars would stro
    • Re:N64 Tetris? (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Alzheimers ( 467217 )
      My friend, I think you need to try something a bit different.

      Tetrisphere [] for the N64 is one of the greatest spins on the tetris formula, and hands down the best in 3D. It had quick and exciting 2-Player action, as well as a slew of great single-player modes. Not to mention one of the best trance/techno soundtracks in any game, ever.

      Tetrisphere alone would justify the price of the Revolution, IMHO.
    • On behalf of everyone who thrilled to an excellent 4-player mode on N64 Tetris, and then bought the steaming pile known as Tetris Worlds for the cube, only to find its multiplayer a tremendous disappointment, I will say that it's clear that you can slide backwards in Tetris iterations. Our N64 stays hooked up for one reason, and that is The New Tetris. I'm fine with them remaking the theme, branding or style, but the gameplay needs to be on par with this finely-tuned version.
    • What would really be nice is a "Tetris mastermix" or whatever marketing speak for a game with all the major tetris games nintendo has made. I used to love tetris&drmario for the snes (Especially mixed match mode, where you had to compete in both tetris gametypes and dr mario to win), but that was a while ago. How about a dr mario/classic tetris/tetris attack/tetrisphere/warios woods/whatever else they throw in there?

      I don't think the markets good enough for a single puzzle game to really sell well on a
  • Launch title? (Score:2, Informative)

    by Thad Boyd ( 880932 )
    The N64 had two launch titles: Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64.
    • Ah I remember coming home with my new N64 and being quite pleasantly surprised by PilotWings. I played it all night long. And I'd come back to it when I was feeling stressed out, because it's very relaxing, especially the music and sound.

      I'd like to see:
      • Mario Kart 64 (my fave N64 title, and still my favorite version of Kart, though I haven't played it on the DS yet)
      • Diddy Kong Racing
      • GoldenEye
      • StarFox
      • BattleTanx: Global Assault
      • Blast Corp
      • 1080 Snowboarding
  • One of the most underrated games, ever...
  • CBFD (Score:2, Insightful)

    by ShadowsHawk ( 916454 )
    What about Conker's Bad Fur Day?
  • by RoadDoggFL ( 876257 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @02:32PM (#14708764) Homepage
    Conker's Bad Fur Day.

    I was so hopeful of Live and Reloaded but Rare games just aren't the same without that Nintendo touch. Online play for all these splitscreen gems would be a blast, too.
  • Perfect Dark (Score:4, Informative)

    by steveo777 ( 183629 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @02:43PM (#14708921) Homepage Journal
    Disclaimer: If it's in TFA, sorry, I it's blocked at work and I can't read it. Now that that's out of the way...

    Perfect Dark. Hell yeah. I loved this game back in college. I would love it if it ran at full 60fps too. This is the best multiplayer FPS that I know of without networking. I think it would translate very well (maybe not with the reflex enhancing pills, or whatever they were). I see a lot of posts for GoldenEye as well. I think Perfect dark had an edge on GoldenEye. Even though the latter was still an exceptional game.

    I had a chance to play the 360 version last weekend and it was a pretty weak game. The controls were too loose and the game looked (compared to other 360 games) like crap. The game was on a 42" Samsung DLP Hi-Def, so I could see the game in all it's hi-def glory. Basically, everything looked like it had been coated in high-gloss wax, even Joanna's fur coat. The levels were horrificly un-original. Rooms were used over and over again. You constantly see the same wall. Without the annoying arrows all over you'd be lost without a clue. The gun models make them look like blocks of wood. The scopes aren't even circular.

    I miss the old PD...

    • This is the best multiplayer FPS that I know of without networking

      That doesn't really give you much to compare it to. Better than Wolfenstein? There isn't really that much out there without network support. Some really old stuff, and a few titles for the N64/PS1. Although I'd have to rate Metroid Prime as the best FPS sans network.
  • by doormat ( 63648 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @02:45PM (#14708956) Homepage Journal
    I thoguht the article was bogus until I read the title of the article again and saw the word "obscure", which obviously removes games like Goldeneye from the running.
  • Pilotwings? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by engagebot ( 941678 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @02:58PM (#14709132)
    I'm suprised to see Pilotwings 64 on that list. I thought we all had acknowledged that it was just a launch period eye-candy title. If we're going to get nostalgic about the N64, that's not the one i would have picked.

    I saw they had a review of the best SNES games too. And i specifically went through to see if they were smart enough to include Uniracers. They did. So Me and my brother weren't crazy after all...
    • If I prayed to God at night, I would say, "God? Please have Nintendo make another Pilotwings, and please kill that bastard Mr. Food. HE KEEPS MOCKING ME! Amen."
  • Despite it's childish looking graphics and AI that I only get real competition from by typing TIMETOLOSE, that is the single best racing game ever. Unlockables all over the place, infinite replay value, and cheats that are actually fun (two player adventure mode, for example).

    I only have one problem I want them to fix: Don't let people click Restart Race on the pause menu in multiplayer Tracks mode. My brother used to just click that whenever I'd get a decent advantage on him (almost always), and this mis
    • This was the best Kart racing game ever (until Mario Kart DS, which beats it mostly due to the amazing online multiplayer). Planes, cars, and hovercrafts - all different, all awesome. Great game.
    • ". My brother used to just click that whenever I'd get a decent advantage on him (almost always), and this misfeature has discouraged quite a few I know from playing at all."

      Heres the thing about console games and lans; They can get away with that kind of feature because it's implied that anyone abusing it is going to get a beat down. Sybling or not, you're supposed to smack whoever does that. (Or my personal favorite revenge, wait until they get up to get something to drink, grab their controller and hold
    • I've got to admit, the guaranteed presence of Diddy Kong Racing on the Revolution will make that console a guaranteed purchase for our household. It's one of the few electronic games my wife was ever interested in, and my daughter will be old enough to play by the time the Revolution comes out.

      Even today, I will be driving somewhere, and my wife will say "no, no, no - wrong way!" (yes, I'm a poor navigator).

  • Pokémon Snap! (Score:3, Insightful)

    by slavemowgli ( 585321 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @03:25PM (#14709456) Homepage
    What, no Pokémon Snap on the list? (Seriously, if you haven't played that, do give it a try. It's surprisingly addictive, and I don't even like Pokémon otherwise.)
    • I have to agree, pokemon snap was a very unique and addictive game. For those of you who've never heard of it, the premis of the game is that you are a photographer working for a scientist studying Pokemon. You ride around on a track in this little vehicle through this pokemon sanctuary, and your goal is to snap photos of various pokemon- or natural formations that resemble pokemon. Points are given for how good the photo is. The environments were incredibly detailed, as were the pokemon themselves. Th
  • Since we can assume that the big Mario and Zelda games are already on this list, here's my N64 pick:

    Mario Party (1, 2, and/or 3)
    Star Fox 64
    Harvest Moon 64
    Jet Force Gemini
    Banjo Kazooie
    Banjo Tooie

    There's going to be some problems with third party developers (and Rare) to get them on board. If they're offered a cut of the take, though, I think most developers would jump on the bandwagon, as they'd be able to take in even more cash for free. (Obviously, offering games for free would be great, but we ne
    • Most of the titles you listed were originally developed by Rare, which is now owned by Microsoft. Unfortunately, it's going to be unlikely that we see any of those titles on either Nintendo's or Microsoft's download platforms, since I'm guessing it'll require getting both companies to work together even though they have competing services. It would be cool, though, if they can work something out and we see the games available for BOTH.
      • Since Rare was, if I recall correctly, a second party developer, I'm not sure where liscensing rights fall. Obviously, they were able to take creations such as Perfect Dark and Conker to the XBox, but Nintendo may still have distrobution rights to the games made on the N64.

        Besides, Zonk didn't mention that the wanted lists had to be realistic. :P
        • Yeah, it'll all depend on how the licensing contracts were signed and such, and I'm guessing only a handful of people in the world have that knowledge. :)

          I was thinking about my own list, and came to the realization that most of the games I'd like to see are 3rd party titles. Why? Well, most of the 1st party games from Microsoft are pretty much franchises and have several sequels already. Smash Bros 64 was great at the time, but if I wanted to play that again, I'm guessing they'll have a Revolution version.
          • Well, most of the 1st party games from Microsoft

            Ack. I meant to say Nintendo, not Microsoft. MS doesn't even have any franchises as popular and historic as Nintendo's. (And no, Halo doesn't count ... much too new)
    • Dont stop at Sega consoles, how about arcades (from Sega or otherwise)
      Imagine being able to play the arcade version of Outrun or Afterburner or Daytona USA directly through accurate emulation on the Revolution or XBOX 360 or PS3...
  • A nice list... (Score:3, Informative)

    by Cutriss ( 262920 ) on Monday February 13, 2006 @03:49PM (#14709719) Homepage
    I've played six of the seven NES games (never played Zombie Nation), eight of the ten SNES "games" (didn't try the Strike series, didn't have any desire whatsoever to play a Robocop game), and, oddly enough, only two of the N64 games, those being Pilotwings 64 and Blast Corps.

    I bought Blast Corps before I even got an N64 because I knew I wanted that game whenever I finally did buy one. How's that for loyalty?

    StarTropics would be an interesting one. It has the distinction of being one of the few games Nintendo developed exclusively for the US market - there was never a Japanese release for it or the sequel. Similarly, even though the arch-villian of the series makes a cameo appearance in F-Zero X, it's only the case in the US version, and his craft is just some generic racer in the other releases. But yes, it was a really good series, a bit like Zelda but with more of an action angle. I didn't care for the sequel as much, but the original was and still is pretty good.

    I remember being rather disappointed to find out that the sequel to Blaster Master went to the Genesis, since I never had one. In the end, though, I believe the sequel ended up being not so great, and the Game Boy port (Blaster Master Boy) wasn't too good either from what I remember.

    UN Squadron was great. I think I played the arcade ROM a bit (Area 88), and the console adaptation was really fun. I particularly enjoyed some of the bonus areas where you'd take a craft and make diving sweeps in a valley trying to bomb particular targets. A great was to make cash to buy that expensive EF-2000 and have some fun at the same time. In some ways, the game reminded me of Bionic Commando - not so much the whole 2D-action aspect, but the map system and plot development.

    Legend of the Mystical Ninja - Ganbare Goemon IV, if I remember right, was a fantastic game. The 2-player mode was neat, but it got to be really frustrating at times to work together with your partner since it was pretty easy in the side-scrolling stages to cause your buddy to fall in a pit. The mini-games were great fun and the graphics/music were fabulous. It was just outright wacky and fun. Unfortunately, the next game Konami brought to the US was the 3D adaptation put on the N64, which history showed to be a less-than-forgiving system for 3rd parties, and the game itself wasn't so as our punishment, we haven't seen another Goemon game in a long time...

    EVO was pretty good, but historically a bit overrated I think. Enix made some great RPGs at the time (ActRaiser is a fabulous game), but EVO I think gets a lot of attention because of all the evolution-based RPGs out there, it was the only one that was ever any good, even though it had its flaws.

    It was nice and nostalgic and all to see this article, but really, it was nothing more than a "games we like" list, and I don't think that's newsworthy to be honest. Now, if they tell me that Capcom and Konami and Square-Enix have stepped up to the plate for Way-Backwards Compatibility, THEN it is most DEFINITELY news.
  • Mischief Makers was one of those incredibly random platformers that tries to invigorate the stale genre with some new quirk. With MM, you shake things. Lots of things. EVERYTHING. You start hearing Marina's happy "Shake! Shake!" in your sleep if you play it enough.

    Grab, shake, throw. Sometimes things explode. Sometimes they get bigger. Sometimes YOU get bigger. Sometimes you grab them to fling yourself up 1000 feet in the air. Whatever happens, it's often a unique event.

    It's quality fun, though

  • It's a cool idea they've got letting you download games with a subscription. . . anyone know if they'll let you download home-cooked games/mods?
  • I don't play video games that much and never owned a gaming console, but the rumors about the new Revolution are enough to make me seriously consider getting one. If I do, there are just a few N64 games I've played that I would definitely want to see on the new system (whether emulated or ported):

    Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    Super Mario 64
    Mario Golf
    Mario Kart

    Of those titles, Monopoly is the one I've played the most. I enjoy games that don't have a large learnin
  • Little late here, but gotta weigh in.. That game was super fun, especially the stunt mode.

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