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MOD Summit at 19

Ford Prefect writes "One of the biggest things to happen to PC games in the last decade is the rise of the mod - the free modifications produced by fans. There's no denying their influence on future game development, but what do the developers of the original games think?'s MOD Summit has the answers, interviewing major games developers, past modders who've made it big, and some of the current mod authors who make it all a reality. (Disclaimer: I was one of those interviewed!)"
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  • ...or is lars g. not coming off as the brightest light on the string here? his responses are so consistently several levels of sophistication below that offered by his fellow interviewees that it almost seems like he's dumbing them down, but that's giving him an awful lot of credit.
  • Wow, I try to get to that and can't. It's already slashdotted and yet only three people have commented on it. It strikes me that Slashdot needs to have it's own internal caching system.

    Anyway, I have to admit I'm particularly interested in what the designers think about it. Some games, such as Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights to name a couple I've played a lot recently, show that the devs honestly want to see their product become something bigger that what it started as. Morrowind, NWN, and many other s
  • There's no denying their influence on future game development

    The whole bit goes:

    Even if you don't appreciate mods, there's no denying their contribution to future game development. True American icons!

    (sorry sorry sorry... the blurb just put this into my head and I couldn't resist posting..)

  • (Disclaimer: I was one of those interviewed!)"

    I'd just like to say how happy I was today when I saw a reader at Eurogamer had pointed out that there's a release date for the next chapter of Minerva. The first was the most fun single-player mod I've ever played - hands down (and also one of the shortest, you seem to understand quality over quantity).

    Gary's Mod is a good laugh, but Metastasis had me hooked and waiting in earnest for the next chapter.
  • For a second there I thought the title of the article was MOD PARENT UP! God I hate when people say that.
  • No wonder nobody's gotten modded up the past few days. GD mods are all on vacation. Back to work mods! We don't not pay you for nothing.
  • If every company realized that modding is GOOD for games (generally, there are exceptions to the rule though), maybe we would have better mod support.

    For example, better mod support for the Command & Conquer line of games would be GREAT.
    As would better mod support for Rollercoaster Tycoon.

    Some companies totally "get" modding (like ID Software, Epic and Valve and to a large extent Microsoft) and some sort of "get" modding e.g. Electronic Arts which kinda supports modding in Battlefield and The Sims and d
  • I've said this before, but it bears repeating. Those double underlined adverlinks have to go. I will not even read your site any further, let alone click your ads, if I see them. They are a blight on your content: invasive, irrelevant and obnoxious. Please get rid of them. Thank you.

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