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XBox (Games)

Halo 3 Beta Sign Up Starts Dec. 4th 36

aplusjimages writes "1up.com is reporting that Dec. 4th, will be when Bungie will start taking registrations for the Halo 3 Beta test. This is also the date that the new 60 second commercial will air on ESPN's Monday Night Football. There have already been sightings of gamertags playing Halo 3 Beta online." From the article: "'There will be multiple ways to get involved with Halo 3's public beta and next week's online registration is just the first way.' The registration program will be set up at Halo3.com and will give players a chance to be one of the 'select members to join the unprecedented Halo 3 public beta program.' If you don't get in to the beta via this method, relax, there will be numerous other opportunities to participate in the beta."
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Halo 3 Beta Sign Up Starts Dec. 4th

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  • Next Week (Score:5, Funny)

    by HappySqurriel ( 1010623 ) on Friday December 01, 2006 @11:23AM (#17065648)
    I am pleased to announce that Next Week I will be able to announce when we will make our announcment that the Beta for Duke Nukem Forever will begin.
  • I don't understand the clamouring to be part of a Beta test.

    Is it just so that you can brag you got to play the latest game before others? If so, I'd rather play the *finished* game rather than one which may well have a large number of errors and omissions.

    Perhaps it's so you feel like you are actually making a difference in the development of the game, but with the large numbers of people Betas tend to get opened to these days I cannot see how a single person can make that much difference.

    • With MMO games there is a large percentage of the population who wants to not just play the game but to be one of the top players on their server; if you're in a beta (even for only a couple of weeks) you can level at a much faster rate than someone who hasn't played it before.

      Also, in general many people want to be part of a beta because it is better than a demo at trying out to see if the game is any good.
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by YT ( 79213 )
      Well 90% of the people who sign up for BETAs do the following things:

      1. Brag about how they are the first to play it
      2. Complain that the game will suck and it keeps crashing. *It's a BETA you fool!*
      3. Never, ever give any kind of helpful feed back in the forums, email, bug reports. They just say "It crashed, fix it"
      4. Exploit the hell out of game bugs.

      There is usually a good 10% that do actual "testing", they report bugs with all the detail, they don't whine/complain. And for some companies they reward this
    • Ummm... how bout I just can't wait to play the freaking game?
  • I don't care about Halo 3 yet. Where do I sign up for the beta of Halo 2 for PC?
    • You could just buy an Xbox and Halo 2 for probably only slightly more than Halo2 on PC will cost ;p

      (Yes, this is an exaggeration)

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