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Psychoanalyzing Resident Evil and Silent Hill 67

The Game Career Guide site has up a piece doing a psychological examination of horror games. The uber-successful series Resident Evil and Silent Hill go under the microscope, giving readers a look at the psychological archetypes the games elicit, while also discussing the titles from a gameplay standpoint. It is the author's contention that the RE series is the 'standard' for the genre, while Silent Hill games shake up the gamer's viewpoint with 'avant-garde' elements. An interesting, and thoroughly academic look, at the modern face of gaming horror.
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Psychoanalyzing Resident Evil and Silent Hill

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  • Article (Score:5, Informative)

    by Turn-X Alphonse ( 789240 ) on Tuesday February 06, 2007 @06:50PM (#17913970) Journal
    I like the concept of the article but when I get to the first picture and see

    A, Resident evil 4 (an action game more than survival horror)
    B, A complete and utterly incorrect comment

    I have to wonder if I want to read an "indepth" article by these people. I mean how difficult is it to get that Resident evil 4 has ZERO Zombies? There are NO Zombies in RE4.

    If you're going to do an indepth article at least make a note that the living dead tend to be... well dead.

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