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Perplex City Alternate Reality Game Solved 26

Gamasutra reports that after almost two years of searching, the players of the Perplex City alternate reality game have found the cube. Discovered by Mr. Darley, of Middlesex England, it was turned over to the runners of the Perplex City game today in return for a check worth $200,000. A celebration is planned for the winner and other players on February 24th, somewhere in London. The discovery of the cube ends a long hunt for players of the game, who have been looking for the relic since the game launched in 2005. A second season is already planned, with cards due to be in stores on the 1st of March.
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Perplex City Alternate Reality Game Solved

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  • by macadamia_harold ( 947445 ) on Friday February 09, 2007 @12:35AM (#17944440) Homepage
    A celebration is planned for the winner and other players on February 24th, somewhere in London.

    Don't tell me they're going to make the players work to find out that location too.
    • by dexomn ( 147950 )
      No, they are going to pay in gil or some bullshit...
    • by Scud ( 1607 )
      Yes, however in this case the prize being a plate dinner and a beer.
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by makomk ( 752139 )
      Don't tell me they're going to make the players work to find out that location too.

      From the official site []:

      The specific location will be confirmed nearer the date. Honestly, it will. We're not going to make you hunt for it or anything. We jsut haven't finalised the party plan yet

      I think the organisers knew someone was going to make that joke...
  • MTG for nerds? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Aladrin ( 926209 ) on Friday February 09, 2007 @09:36AM (#17947064)

    Im probably going to get modded flamebait for this, but oh well...

    Ive always seen Perplex City as being MTG for nerds instead of gamers. You spend a ton of money on cards and spend a ton of time making a ton of plans. The next year, they release the new sets and all the time and money youve put in is nearly useless.

    Id like to know how much money the winner had put into this game. $50? $500? $5000? How about all the other players that didnt win? Sure, they had some fun playing it, but the massive amounts of money they put into it...

    I just dont have enough money to play games like this. I love brain teasers, and the game really really interested me... But theres no way I could afford it.

    • by Absolut187 ( 816431 ) on Friday February 09, 2007 @11:25AM (#17948372) Homepage
      Wait... MTG wasn't for nerds??
    • I agree with you on the money thing- it's a bit crazy.

      But once I figured out wtf "MTG" stood for, I have to say- that was a game for total, utter, complete nerds. Like the dungeons-and-dragons-in-mom's-basement kind of nerd, the one that works at the local gas station instead of going to uni and getting a degree, the kind that makes the rest of us geeks just look *BAD*.

      I'm a big geek myself, so I'm not going to throw any more stones, but at least my hobbies take me out of the house and let me travel a bit :
    • > I'd like to know how much money the winner had put into this game. $50? $500? $5000?

      In UK prices, about £200 for cards, mostly on eBay. Then about £150 on petrol for the three visits to the woods when I actually found it. More here: []
      • by Aladrin ( 926209 )
        Ah, very interesting. Can I ask how many hours you spent actually puzzle solving? I'd have hard a hard time justifying spending that much on the cards unless I had gotten like 500-1000 hours out of it... And I can't see it being that.

        Obviously, I'm starting from the principle that I'm as likely to win the lottery, and you can't just pour money in and know it'll make you win.

        -just read the journal-

        Wow. I'm not sure I didn't get as much out of reading it as I would have gotten from living it, though. Lot
  • by mbourgon ( 186257 ) on Friday February 09, 2007 @10:34AM (#17947572) Homepage
    "Reportedly, the Receda Cube itself was buried in Wakerley Great Wood, near Stamford, Northamptonshire."

    That being said: how'd he determine it was there? What clues? I'd love to know, since I'm still going through my first pack (some of those are damnably difficult), and I know some guys wrote a book just so they could get into a author-only database with a clue.
    • Can't claim credit for tracking it to the woods, that was a group effort. Once in the woods, one of the most commonly-available puzzle cards turned out be a 'turn left here, turn right there, dig where X marks the spot' set of directions.
  • well, son of a bitch!
  • Perhaps someone would kindly post a quick explanation of the context for this FP?

    I get the idea that "Perplex city" uses some sort of MTG-like gaming system, but how does that make it an "alternate reality" game, and where does this cube thing fit in?
    • by pelrun ( 25021 )
      PXC is a traditional ARG (look it up on wikipedia), but with a treasure-hunt attached. You didn't need to buy or see cards to participate in the ARG, but you definitely did if you wanted a chance at the treasure. The Cube was the treasure for both - the fictional item all the in-game characters are searching for, and the real-world hunk of metal buried somewhere (well not anymore of course) that the players were trying to find in order to win the cash prize.

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