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Spielberg Working on Wii Exclusive 36

GameDaily is reporting on comments made to them by EA Los Angeles General Manager Neil Young, stating that Steven Spielberg is working on a Wii title. Spielberg's relationship to the games giant is well known; we discussed it last year during E3. The site promises a more thorough interview next week, but for now just offers the promise of a Wii title with Spielberg's storytelling magic. "The first one, what I can tell you is what you'd expect, sort of, from a Steven Spielberg production. Steven's stories are intimate stories that take place around huge, world-changing events... sort of, big stories shown through the eyes of a small group. Doug Church is producing it... The second project is something Lou Castle is producing, one of the great producers in this industry, and that's one of the products we're building for the Wii. Very exciting and interesting..."
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Spielberg Working on Wii Exclusive

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  • Wii ET (Score:5, Funny)

    by rlp ( 11898 ) on Friday March 09, 2007 @09:32AM (#18287872)
    There goes the remaining landfill space in New Mexico.
    • In the Wii version of ET, you're an FBI agent that's chasing the kids. The Wiimote acts as your gun^H^H^H walkie-talkie.
    • I through my controller across the room on the original ET. The Wiimote doesn't stand a chance.
    • Shouldn't that be WiiTii?
    • by hal2814 ( 725639 )
      Talk about projectile controllers. At that point where you have your arm raised to make ET float and then have to whip it down in about 2 nanoseconds to keep ET from falling back in the pit, there are going to be a lot of Wiimotes thrown. Spielberg was recently telling Roy Scheider about the idea and Schieder said, "You're gonna need a bigger wrist strap."
  • The Dig (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Devir ( 671031 ) on Friday March 09, 2007 @09:55AM (#18288058) Homepage
    A long lost Speilburg game that was produced and distributed by Lucas Arts. It was a great adventure game with a wonderful story, and really good sound effects/music for its day.

    The tale was about a "killer" asteroid heading to earth, and the space shuttle crew sent to blow it to pieces. It ended up being a ship sending them to a far off planet, where they discover an ancient race that is seemingly extinct.

    The game while short was compelling and well laid out. THe story was well told and it lacked excessive "fluff" to make the story longer than it should be.

    • Whoah! I remember playing this game. Great game, I agree.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by (A)*(B)!0_- ( 888552 )
      Come on! Could you give a spoiler alert next time??? I've had that game sitting on my shelf since the mid-90s and this weekend was going to be when I opened it up and started playing it. Of course, now it's ruined - thanks to you!
      • by ifrag ( 984323 )
        Meh, you find all that out within almost the first 15 minutes of game-play (perhaps a bit longer if reading the book). The real spoiler would be to reveal what actually happened to the aliens.
    • by popo ( 107611 )
      I hope it is the Dig. I absolutely *loved* that game. The voice acting was first rate. The music was amazing, and the plot was fantastic.

      The ending was a little 'blah' but its one of the few adventure games that hasn't pandered to teens, gone 'cutesy' with graphics, or been afraid of telling a great sci-fi story in cinematic style.

      I'd play that game again in a heartbeat.
    • The Dig was one of my least favorite Lucasarts adventures, but I really love them so that's not as bad as it sounds. I don't remember it being particularly short, but then again if you don't ever get stumped by puzzles most adventure games would probably come out short (excepting Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis). In those days, it wasn't easy to snag a walkthrough, and I remember occasionally calling up Lucasarts' pay-for hints line when I really got stuck. It cost a bit of cash, but it sure beat
  • Whip with Wii ? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Rastignac ( 1014569 ) on Friday March 09, 2007 @09:58AM (#18288086)
    An Indiana Jones game, using the wiimote as a whip ?
    • Nice! I would definitely buy this along with the inevitable star wars sabre simulator ... let's just hope it's better than red steel.
    • George Lucas might get upset if Steven Spielberg started making Indiana Jones games with EA. But a clever idea nonetheless.
      • It's okay, they can just call it "Illinois Johns", named after his cat, and he can use a cattle whip in stead of a bull whip. Unfortunately the wardrobe differences need to be more subtle. He'll be wearing dusty pantaloons and a bonnet.
        • by eboot ( 697478 )
          Hell if you want a whip simulator game why not something like CastleWaynia, where you have to kill an evil vampire called Wayne who lives in a castle. And if anyone got pissed off you could call it a 'parody' game. I wonder if that could fly in the gaming world...
    • by Fozzyuw ( 950608 )

      An Indiana Jones game, using the wiimote as a whip ?

      Hmmm... I'll take out stock in TV and Window companies before this comes out. There might be a 'surge' in new TV purchases or repairs. =P


    • by Zeussy ( 868062 )
      It has to be a Star Wars Game.

      Wiimote as a sabre. It even has the speaker for the proper vroooom, vrooom, crack, vrooom, pishk, vroom.

      Then Thrustmaster or whoever they are can come-out with the Light Sabre Wiimote attachment thing, so we can have a whole new tedious set of YouTube videos about playing it, etc. And probably a whole more set of broken furnitue and black eyes. But hey, it's progress.
  • by gatzke ( 2977 ) on Friday March 09, 2007 @10:18AM (#18288264) Homepage Journal
    What a useless summary. Something big and great. No clue what genre the game would consider, nothing to even dream about. How about "a game about mutant monkeys" or maybe "space pirates" or something.

    PS, if you have a Wii, get orb.com to stream media to your Wii browser. Not a perfect solution, but mostly works for pics, video, games, TV, etc.
    • I was looking into Orb the other day and came to the conclusion that someone has to ask Nintendo/Opera to ensure that their browser has a way to hide the navigation bar ...

      As for the game, most publishers are going to be announcing Wii products (over the next 3 months) in order to build anticipation for these games at E3.
    • by Hitto ( 913085 )
      I tried out orb, and while it has its strengths, my personal preference went to Weezo.
      Oh, and I'm *still* waiting for a god DAMN lightsaber game.
  • Tintin? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by bmcage ( 785177 )
    Could this be related to the news yesterday that Spielberg bought the rights for a Tintin movie (or even a trilogy?), see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Tin tin [wikipedia.org]

    Definitely aimed at younger people, people who probably won't buy a PS3/XBOX 360.
    • Spielburg has been working on a couple of games for some time - I think the bigger announcement was that he was working with EA, and that there were three of them in the works, one to be a Wii exclusive. I'm pretty sure the two are unrelated.
  • ...sort of (Score:4, Funny)

    by the dark hero ( 971268 ) <adriatic_hero&hotmail,com> on Friday March 09, 2007 @10:50AM (#18288584) Homepage
    That summary, in an exxagerated sense, only mockingly, was informative...sort of. It tells of something vague, but only just enough...sort of.
  • by JimTheta ( 115513 ) on Friday March 09, 2007 @01:58PM (#18291298) Homepage

    Will Spielberg's game soundtrack have plenty of french horn at the parts where I'm supposed to feel emotional?

  • If this is true and actually happens, it could turn out to be a great game with a good story!

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