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Return of the Game Development Ninjas! 19

simoniker writes "After being exposed in 2006 as 'the biggest game developer you've never heard of', with over 1,100 employees at the time, Executives from Tose have been speaking to Gamasutra about their recently 'blown cover'. The interview explores how this has affected their business working on 'stealth' game development for hundreds of titles (recently including Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime), in which the publisher takes the credit for the end product. They seem a little conflicted about it, to say the least, as Tose's Masa Agarida notes: 'Actually, I have tried to expose us more in the US than in Japan, but right now, everybody's getting to know us more than before. Right now I'm thinking of going back behind the scenes again.'"
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Return of the Game Development Ninjas!

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  • A secret? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 20, 2007 @12:57PM (#18813339)
    I wonder if the reason they want to keep it secret is because American's particularly want to know where their entertainment products are produced? I think we actually need a law which requires that information to be disclosed so that we can make informed decisions when we buy games and want the money to go back into our own economy. That information should never be kept secret from the consumer...in fact, I believe we already have some kind of requirements that products be labeled with their country of origin.

    Enough of outsourcing is done at levels that we have no control over in large corporations, but with entertainment products we do have full control over whether we buy US-made products or buy outsources products from US companies. I encourage everyone to investigate the games you buy and be aware of where the money is going. There is NO shortage of extremely capable US companies looking for software publishing deals. We have extremely capable companies lining up for deals and being turned away. When I read that publishers in the US are making secret deals for outsourcing, I call foul.

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