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Super Smash Brothers Brawl Controls Detailed 55

Ars Technica notes that, as more information leaks out from a recent Nintendo event, the control scheme for Smash Bros. on the Wii is now available for your examination. You're pretty much going to want to use the 'classic' controller for this one: "Holding the remote sideways like an NES controller, the d-pad is used for movement, A is used for taunting, B for guarding, the minus button for grabbing, the 1 button for special moves, the 2 button for the standard attack, and a combination of buttons for the "Smash Attack" ultimate moves." You can hear a detailed description of the control scheme in last week's 1up Yours podcast, starting at right about 13:40.
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Super Smash Brothers Brawl Controls Detailed

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  • interesting (Score:5, Funny)

    by User 956 ( 568564 ) on Friday October 19, 2007 @02:59PM (#21046209) Homepage
    Super Smash Brothers Brawl Controls Detailed

    Comcast [] has already gotten a preview of the game.
  • Umm.... (Score:1, Troll)

    This information was released several days-- of not a week-- ago.

    It was posted on the Smash Bros. Dojo website (the official SSBB news source). Why is it that it is just now making Slashdot? Most of the people that care should probably already know this.

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by Tetsujin ( 103070 )

      This information was released several days-- of not a week-- ago.

      It was posted on the Smash Bros. Dojo website (the official SSBB news source). Why is it that it is just now making Slashdot? Most of the people that care should probably already know this.

      The news posting on the Dojo site is dated two days ago - Wednesday the 17th...
  • Any option for a gamecube controller? It seems more suited for a game like smash bros.
    • by Faylone ( 880739 )
      Yes, you will be able to use a gamecube controller.
    • It should be mentioned that if you use the the wiimote alone, it is physically impossible to do certain things you can do with the Classic or Gamecube. It may not mention this on the dojo, but thats the word from reliable sources at E for All where it is currently being played. The Classic Controler and Gamecube controller will allow full use. No word on Wiimote + Nunchuk, but I expect it'll be between Classic/GC and Wiimote. So, yes, the GC is allowed and better suited for smash.
      • It should be mentioned that if you use the the wiimote alone, it is physically impossible to do certain things you can do with the Classic or Gamecube.
        Any examples of this??

        I mean, when you come down to it, it's true that the remote isn't the right controller for this game. But my impression was that the controls using the remote only were still fully functional - and hopefully even reasonably worth using...
        • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

          by 7Prime ( 871679 )
          - Only one taunt (Four on GCN/Classic)
          - no uncharged smashes (C Stick Smashes)
          - A host of other maneuvers that are just too slow and combersomb to perform on the WiiMote

          The bottom line is, while they may have included all the neccessary moves, they haven't done them in a way that will be as accessable as on the GCN/Classic controllers. Lack of C-Stick smashes, for instance, is going to seriously handicap WiiMote-only players. Even smash champions use C-Stick smashes because the timing is just so much more p
          • I know for a fact you can't short hop (although I don't know why, there's no reason the wiimote couldn't do it the same manner as the GCN/Classic) in the demo. An example I'd give from speculation (I don't have it confirmed yet) is that uptilting would either be impossible or extremely hard - you can't "slowly" press up on the dpad, or "partially" as you could with a thumbstick. Also, wavedashing is out irrelevant of controller; you can't aim where you airdodge as you could in Melee.
            • by 7Prime ( 871679 )
              True, also, keep in mind that the dpad is NOT velocity sensitive, that's what separates it from analog sticks. it's a simple on/off switch, so there's no way in being able to tell how hard or fast you've pressed down a direction. However, I don't see how this would effect mid-air dodging, mid-air dodging wasn't velocity sensitive even in Melee, it was like throwing, as long as you tapped a direction, the action was simply carried out in that direction. Therefor, Wave Dashing is probably possible with the Wi
        • I know for a fact shorthoping is out with the wiimote, although I don't understand why; it could be implemented in the same manner as it is on the GCN/Classic controller. Although I don't have this confirmed as I do with shorthoping, I speculate that uptilting would be either far more difficult (requiring setup) or impossible with the wiimote. You can't "slowly" or "partially" press up on the dpad. I think Nintendo's pushing it because it's simpler and may attract a new crowd. If you want full functiona
  • Oddly disappointing (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Verteiron ( 224042 ) on Friday October 19, 2007 @03:05PM (#21046301) Homepage
    It's a shame, I was hoping for more tactile interaction with the Wiimote. Shaking it to the left or right to dash, for example. They missed a golden opportunity, too...

    Those of us who were around when the original Super Mario Brothers came out all got to experience it: that moment when you know you're going to miss that jump and fall down the bottomless pit. So what did we do? We tipped the controller sideways, as if we could somehow push that chubby plumber over just the few pixels needed to bring him out of danger. I did it, my parents did it, and all of my friends did it, at least once or twice. Of course, it never worked.

    Now, though, with each character in Brawl having a "save" move that can bring you back out of the pit, it would have been a perfect time to bring a response to that motion and tie it to the "save". Alas, it seems it's not to be.
    • From what I understand, motion-controls will be enabled if you have the nunchuck controller attached.
    • There is something to this effect in Super Smash Brothers Melee, I believe those in the know call it 'Directional Influence'. For example, if your character is flying off the left side of the screen, you have a better chance of not dying if you hold right the whole time. I guess one problem with using the motion sensing controls too much for Brawl would be that at the upper levels of play, there is the need for extremely accurate timing. For example, wavedashing (an advanced technique that allows the pla
  • Good call (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Monkk ( 551177 )
    It is actually good to see a Wii game which isn't completely tied to the Wiimote. The Wiimote is a fantastic controller, and incredibly fun for many games, but I hate to see developers getting tied to the motion controls at the expense of usability. Smash Brothers has always been one of those fast paced, frenetic games that an input device which uses gross movements would be unsuited for. (Ok, ok, Wii Boxing is fast paced but in a different way. :P) Knowing one's weaknesses is just as important as knowi
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by ditoa ( 952847 )
      I couldn't agree more. This is fantastic news. I was getting a little worried it might be wiimote only which would not have interested me but being able to use my classic controller (which, IMHO, is a fantastic controller and should be used in more games) is superb :)
  • I'm not absolutely positive, but if you can use the classic controller you should also be able to use the GCN controller. A lot of the N64 games for virtual console say "classic controller required" or something similar, but the GCN controller works just fine. I don't think they would disallow use of a controller that has already proven itself to be perfectly suited for Smash matches.

    • by JoshJ ( 1009085 )
      What annoys me is how Star Fox 64 requires the classic controller in order for you to start the game. Seriously, what the hell?
      • No it doesn't. I play SF64 with the cube controller all the time and I never have to connect my classic controller to my wiimote to start it.
  • Misleading (Score:3, Informative)

    by Telvin_3d ( 855514 ) on Friday October 19, 2007 @03:33PM (#21046787)
    I think this thread is somewhat unintentionally misleading. What is presented here is not THE control scheme for Smash Brothers. It is one of four options available to players. []
    So, you can use the Wii Remote. Or the Remote+Nunchuck. Or the Classic controller. Or the Gamecube controller. Some are obviously more ideal than others. The one that is being focused on here, the Wii Remote by itself, is obviously the most limited of the four to design for. I suspect that few people will play with just this, but I think it is neat that they have built in the option.
  • The Wii translates the actions for either the old controllers into the new forms, or the new controllers into the old forms.

    It's not a big deal.
  • I want to get an arcade stick for this game. I have troubles tapping in the right direction for the smash attacks on thumbsticks because of my useless PC gamer thumbs. I see there is one [] coming out for the Wii this November. A GameCube stick might be better, but they seem hard to find.

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