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Mainstream Coverage of Manhunt 2 39

Now that Manhunt 2 is out (and garnering little enthusiasm from gamers) the mainstream press is having their say on the title. Joystiq has a look at what ABC and CBS has to say about the latest assault on our nation's children. "'What sets this video game apart is that the player can become physically involved in the acts of violence,' Couric says. 'Rather than just pushing buttons, the player actually wields a knife, an ax, a glass shard -- to stab an opponent.' Ummm, no. Don't know who writes the copy over there at that ratings powerhouse, but that's just plain wrong. Although the PS2 version would be about pushing buttons -- unless CBS has discovered some new feature -- we're currently unaware of the Wiimote's ability to shape-shift into any of those items described allowing a player to "stab an opponent." Couric then says that research shows violent games cause children to accept violence as an every day part of life."
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Mainstream Coverage of Manhunt 2

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  • Saw CBS (Score:5, Informative)

    by MBCook ( 132727 ) <> on Wednesday October 31, 2007 @03:07PM (#21187265) Homepage

    I saw CBS's piece last night, not knowing it would be on. It was just as fair and balanced as I expected.

    They basically considered it a murder simulator. They pointed out that while violent games existed, this took it to a new level because you act it out. They did the "while there is no evidence yet linking games to causing violence, violent people often like games" kind of thing. They had a few little points that were good (like pointing out the game was rated M/17+, and that the Wii has parental controls).

    But by and large the piece was terrible... as I expected. They talked about the game, but never mentioned that it was a sequel (that was up to you to figure out). They mentioned that it was banned in Britian, but not that many consider it tamer than the previous game. They pointed out it was from Rockstar who made the GTA games. They showed the movements you make with the Wii controller, but it's just flailing like in Twilight Princess... not "murder simulating" like they tried to insinuate (note: not a quote).

    They didn't mention it was toned down. They didn't mention that it just isn't a very good game (have you seen the reviews? 40%-70%). They didn't mention it's a bit of a one trick pony (once the violence stop shocking you, there isn't supposed to be much there). They showed the game to some 20 somethings and said they were all shocked by the violence. They had a clip of someone saying games like this shouldn't be made.

    They said that this would make the Wii more hardcore and less family friendly.

    But they didn't put anyone pro-gaming on. If they interviewed me, I know what I'd say. It's violent. It's disturbing. It's a good thing someone made it. It's interesting. Someone should make something other than the Carnival Games and Wii Play. There is no great reason this shouldn't be available if someone wants to make a game like this. I have no interest in it, maybe if the violence was in another context. But I think this kind of game should be available. There no way kids should get to play it, but if you buy it for your 8 year old that's just you being a terrible parent.

    It could have been worse. They could have shown someone saying WiiSports made their kid violent, and they had to ban their kid from playing Boxing in WiiSports (I've seen that, try telling your kids not to punch other kids... see if that helps).

    Now to put things in context... they fear monger. Other stories included the terrible wild fires, how thousands of Iraqis were terrified about the damn that was in imminent danger of bursting (truth: hardly inspected, not in good shape, but not imminent danger of bursting).

    CBS and the other guys like to fear monger. They have slanted stories with incredibly slanted titles. That's just how they work. It's sad, it's pathetic, it's true. My news comes from NPR, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and the web. NPR is mostly neutral (slight bent), but don't fear monger much at all compared to the mainstream media. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are fake... if they have a bent on a story it's obvious and usually funny. The web gives me many viewpoints, on issues that the mainstream media doesn't cover (for various reasons).

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