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Team Fortress 2 Stats Confirm Every Suspicion 110

Valve has released another round of stats, this one concerning all that Team Fortress 2 playing we've been doing. They have things broken out along a couple of different metrics, including lifespan, kills, assists, captures, and even just damage dealt. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun's commentary notes, the stats confirm every suspicion you've had about your fellow players. "Yes, there are more rushy-bastard Scouts than any other class. Yes, campy-bastard Snipers earn the most points. Yes, hitpointy-bastard Heavies get the most kills. Yes, hidey-bastard Engineers live longest. And so on. What's slightly odder is the breakdown of which side wins most frequently on each map. BLU has the edge in every killing field except Dustbowl and Gravelpit. Why? How? I thought we were all the same! Damn you for not being neater, demographics." We previously discussed Valve's stats release on Half-Life 2: Episode 2 .
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Team Fortress 2 Stats Confirm Every Suspicion

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  • Re:Hilarious (Score:3, Informative)

    by Ambiguous Coward ( 205751 ) on Tuesday December 11, 2007 @05:28PM (#21662685) Homepage
    I think you mis-read that map. The most deaths (the red spots) are just inside the entrance to each team's base, just before you head out the doors or wander into the courtyard. This is the largest choke-point both when a team is laying siege to your fort, and when you are doing the same to the enemy team.

    There is a slightly higher density outside the spawns. This is probably because a *lot* of scouts run over the bridge cover and meet sentry guns covering the courtyard right there. The same is true for soldiers and demos, and the occasional lost spy. Alternately, that density is actually on the level *below* the spawn, which is the space just before the courtyard. Not many people like to go the alternate route, as it's a long straight hallway with no cover or escape. So, they go the other way, which makes for minor skirmishes in that one room.

    If only they had this density map in 3 dimensions, we could tell what was *actually* going on. I have a hunch that the vast majority of those deaths are actually on the ground floor, rather than actually being outside the spawns.

    What's *really* interesting is that the deaths at the main entrance occur on the same relative side. That is, it implies people tend to go in the right door when attacking, or possibly out the left when leaving. I have a hunch it's the former, since that leads to more deaths (people die more when attacking the enemy base, less when leaving their own). But, again, we're trapped in this 2D map. I believe the sewer-room is directly below that red splotch, which would also make for a higher count on the map even though the two locales are unrelated.


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