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New Details For 2.0 96

The folks over at combed through information from Blizzard employees about the revamped that is slated to debut with Starcraft II. New features will include Achievements for various old and new Blizzard games, improved communication and community features, and better replay and spectating functionality.
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New Details For 2.0

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  • by Slow Smurf ( 839532 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2008 @10:36PM (#24854127)

    Characters were stored on the realms( even in diablo 2. This was the "Closed Realm" option. "Open Realms" let you play your character in single player etc, and were trivial to hack, by design.(the file was entirely plain hex values for hp and so forth)

    For the most part, the only "hack" on the closed realms was duplicated items.(though to quite an absurd degree at times) There were not many hacks other than a map hack, which wasn't THAT good.

  • by AlphaGremlin ( 878335 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2008 @12:21AM (#24854925)

    Not necessarily backwards as they are overcome some of the slowness of the old LAN days. Doesn't anyone else remember having to install IPX to get Starcraft to work? :)

    Having to install IPX hasn't been a problem for years, so that argument doesn't even make sense any more.

    We frequently have LAN parties with World of Warcraft with a single cable modem connection and can all play easily without a hitch.

    Not everybody has a decent connection like that. Plenty of people are stuck on ADSL, where you're lucky if you have 256kbps upload. I'm sure I'll be thanking Blizzard for dropping LAN play when I've saturated my connection and suffer horrible lag, not to mention the lag we already get here in AU when playing on US servers.

    The downside is having to have an internet connection, but the fact is internet is so ubiquitous these days it shouldn't make a difference.

    Not every situation where you'd want to play games includes an internet connection. I've been to many LAN games held in halls and schools with 200+ people where there's not an internet connection in sight, and that's exactly the sort of situation where you'd want to load up a game and have 8 or more people roll over the legions of hell. No LAN play makes it impossible.

    And this completely ignores the other benefit of LAN games, and that is hackable characters.

    If someone else wants to join a LAN game that is already in progress, you can simply copy your existing character, rename it and free up the skill points so they're all ready to drop in and start playing in minutes with all the quests and waypoints set. Or to make the game quicker we'd create an amulet with the maximum number of bonuses you could place on an item.

    Being able to edit the characters was one of the things that made it fun. We had competitions on who could hack up the best level 1 Hell-Difficulty character! Or we'd amp up the useless skills until you had level 200 Teeth and could one-shot bosses. It was stupid, silly fun, and that's part of what made the game last long after it should have gotten boring.

    Granted, allowing local characters online was foolish, and they should have never had open Battle.Net. But dropping LAN play will mean that I, and a lot of my friends, won't be buying it. It'll be just like Hellgate:London.

  • by DeliciousChickenSoup ( 1356427 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2008 @12:30AM (#24854975)
    I was going to buy Diablo III, until I heard that it did not contain LAN play. Thankyou Blizzard, I will just pirate it instead now.
  • by devman ( 1163205 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2008 @09:29AM (#24857997)
    I think your argument of hoops is really a stretch considering the fact that has always been free, you just need a valid key, and it's not like you need to sign on to to play single player. There are a bunch of reasons why LAN play might have been excluded piracy could just be a side effect, not having to bother coding or testing it is probably a bigger cost savings.
  • by Nathanbp ( 599369 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2008 @02:24PM (#24862649)

    WoW passwords are case insensitive as well. (Really, I'm not joking, they are.)

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