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Carmack Talks Quake Live 36

CVG spoke with John Carmack about the in-development browser-based version of Quake III Arena called Quake Live. He discusses the development team's reasons for the new project and mentions that current mods will not work. However, he adds, "We're in no way shutting down the original Q3A scene, so anybody who wants to build things with the open-source code is still more than free to do so. That may even become a proving ground for moving things into Quake Live." Carmack also says Quake Live will be fully ad-supported to start, but "it's not out of the question that eventually we'll have some kind of a premium service. But we don't know what it's going to be yet, and we're certainly going out with the completely free-to-play model." We've looked at video clips from Quake Live in the past.
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Carmack Talks Quake Live

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  • Bad summary (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday September 06, 2008 @09:59AM (#24900261)

    in-development browser-based version...

    There's a difference between launching a game from a web browser and running inside one. Anyway, what are they using; flash, Java or .TRAP?

    • Trusting that this is Carmack we're talking about here, it's probably going to be a custom plug-in, thereby making the whole "in-browser" part largely redundant, except for integration with stats pages and so on. But if it had to be one of those three, I would guess Java, since id Software has experience with it after their expeditions into the cellphone gaming market.
      • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

        by sir_montag ( 937262 )

        Being a Quakecon attendee, I got in as a beta tester for Quake Live, and it's a plugin for firefox. It's basically Q3A running inside a browser.

        I haven't played it much though, as it crashes my computer halfway through most matches.

    • I'm guessing Shockwave. It supports rendering in D3D and OpenGL. There was an FPS made in it once that was pretty fun, you could only play with bots though. It was also time locked so it wouldn't work after a certain date but rewinding your clock to the date it specified worked.
      • I think it was called Alien X, I remember it being pretty fun.
    • Re: (Score:1, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Carmack is going to develop the engine entirely in VB Script. It already can run at over 78 FPS in any computer made ten years ago

    • Re: (Score:1, Flamebait)

      by Khyber ( 864651 )

      Last I checked they were going to use JAVA, which would take a game that used to require a P90 and 16 megs of RAM will now need 1GHz and 512MB of Ram to even work properly.

      Hooray for inefficient and bloated code.

      • Eh? This is Quake 3 Arena, right? Pentium 90 and 16 megs of RAM were Quake 1, not Q3A. Also, I don't think it's quite as bad as you think, having the thing as a plugin. Have you tried playing Off-Road Velociraptor Safari? Perhaps not, since there's no Linux version of the Unity Web player... Anyway I still expect that Carmack's built some similar (hopefully better) framework as a game environment.
        • by Khyber ( 864651 )

          Didn't the original Quake Live start out with a Java written Q2? Original requirements for that game were the same as Quake 1.

  • From TFA:

    We've tossed around the idea of taking the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game (which was actually always more popular than Q3A in the online space) and doing a similar treatment on it with the experience we've gained here. But no effort will be spent on that until we know whether Quake Live was a brilliant idea or if it was a dumb move.

    Can't say much about the revenue potential of this venture but ET was a megahit and there is no question in my mind that Quake Live is going to be huge, too.

    In terms of kudos, bar poor performance, you can only go up with a good free game.

    • Can't say much about the revenue potential of this venture but ET was a megahit and there is no question in my mind that Quake Live is going to be huge, too.

      But an Internet game like Quake Live is probably going to have to phone home, just like ET.

  • by Sark666 ( 756464 ) on Saturday September 06, 2008 @02:25PM (#24902445)

    I used to play quake 1/2/3 but my interest started to wane by the time q3 was out. But I still play enemy territory which I think would really benefit from unified stats so it could play matchmaker and put the more experienced players together. Of course not just looking at kill/death ratio but focusing the stats on how often the person follows the obj.

    They'd have to massage (and change what's tracked in) the stat data to get stuff like that, but for a game like ET it would be worth it (in that it's more important with this game to match appropriately than q3), and would then probably have a better chance at forming a good online community then quake 3 has.

    So I hope q3 does good enough to green-light doing it with ET, and carmack even mentions ET always had a bigger community than q3.

    But no one seems to know, what does this use? A custom plugin? Cross-platform? He mentioned mac in a video last year but nothing since. Hoping there is a linux client down the road.

    • There's a new Wolfenstein coming out (with multiplayer), so hopefully they'll integrate some of the matchmaking and other ideas. But the new title probably precludes a free version.

    • by Cheapy ( 809643 )

      Might wanna take a look at Quake Wars: Enemy Territory then.

  • Will I be able to use something like ioquake3 to play on Quake Live? It's so much more convenient for me than Java or Flash in the browser (Flash would be worse since I mostly run things on Linux).

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