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Fallout 3 Gets Leaked, Goes Gold 249

Fallout 3 is due to be released in a few weeks, and Bethesda recently announced that all versions of the game have gone gold. They provided the systems specs for the PC release as well. Unfortunately for them, the Xbox 360 version was leaked onto torrent sites almost three weeks early. Bethesda is "looking into" how the game was distributed. In preparation for the launch, game director Todd Howard spoke at length with Gamasutra about the scope of the project, and the differences from their previous games, such as Oblivion. CrispyGamer recently ran a three-part series detailing their four hours of hands-on time with the game. We've previously looked at some gameplay videos for Fallout 3, and discussed the fact that no mod tools will ship with the game.
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Fallout 3 Gets Leaked, Goes Gold

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  • by revlayle ( 964221 ) on Monday October 13, 2008 @02:55PM (#25359443) Homepage
    Going with Bethesda? Bethesda BOUGHT the Fallout franchise from Interplay (which has gone down the shitter near 100%) 3-4 years ago. In fact, the IP Interplay is using for the Fallout MMO (that they are supposedly working on) had to be licensed from Bethesda to use after the sale of said IP.
  • by revlayle ( 964221 ) on Monday October 13, 2008 @02:59PM (#25359489) Homepage
    Ready means they are ready for the packaging and distribution process. When something goes GOLD doesn't mean, it's ready to be on the shelf the next day. It means it is ready to duplicate CDs, make packaging (luckily the packaging aspect may have a bit of lead time), send to distributors and retailers. Also when GOLD, any online distributing (which may not be available for F3) deals can be finalized. Even if online distribution was an option, there is no way they would break the release date online and step on the retail outlets toes, as most sales still come from brick and mortar locations (or locations that ship physical product to your door).
  • review copy (Score:5, Informative)

    by socsoc ( 1116769 ) on Monday October 13, 2008 @03:03PM (#25359555)
    The leaked 360 version isn't retail, but is a review copy. The interwebs have given a lot of flack [pastebin.ca] to SEED4ME about their releases.
  • by revlayle ( 964221 ) on Monday October 13, 2008 @03:10PM (#25359673) Homepage
    Interplay WAS working on a Fallout 3 back in 2003. Then the project was canceled and the entire Black Isle Studio team was laid off. In addition, most of those employees had to legally fight to get their pay that they were owed. Most employees didn't get a settlement until a few years later. Interplay went bankrupt (chapter 7 style). Basically, Herver Caen (the CEO), since he took over the company in the early 2000 (do I have that right) basically took the company for a Titanic like ride and pretty much gutted it for anything worthwhile. The Fallout franchise sale was a probably a way to liquid assets it had to cover legal and back-pay costs they were racking up. While Beth may not make the best F3 game in the world, honestly, could have been a lot of worse companies to give it to (I'm sure a few better ones could have been thought, also).
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 13, 2008 @03:33PM (#25359987)
    Don't be too harsh with him. Highly intelligent people that are far too smart to be duped by religion don't have time to differentiate between silly things like Christmas and Easter.
  • by f()rK()_Bomb ( 612162 ) on Monday October 13, 2008 @03:34PM (#25360005)
    bethesda have said the only drm will b something small, like oblivions, i.e. a cd in the drive check
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 13, 2008 @03:38PM (#25360057)

    Getting pirated games running on a 360 involves the kind of hardware modification that is beyond the level of the average user and, in any event, makes the machine unusable on Xbox Live

    The Xbox Live part was true for the Xbox, but not the 360.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 13, 2008 @04:29PM (#25360815)

    Not true.

    I have a modded 360 and I have a copy of fallout.

    Since I've started playing fallout I haven't connected to live because they do search people's accounts to if they played the game (achievements and such.) Before fallout, I've played copies of guitar hero and halo 3 online. (I do own the retail copies of these games.)

    Usually this isn't a problem but since it was released weeks early, hiding is the best course of action.

    Btw, the game is complete. Achievements, endings, story lines... I don't see anything that's missing.

  • by chaim79 ( 898507 ) on Monday October 13, 2008 @04:54PM (#25361215) Homepage

    The two I know about are PS3 only:

    • Ratchet & Clank, Future, Tools of Destruction: approx 25gb (stayed single layer, just barely)
    • Metal Gear Solid 4: approx 50gb (pushed limits of dual layer)

    I'm not sure of others, though I've heard that Resistance 2 is also nearing 50gb (another PS3 exclusive).

    The only thing I've heard from the multi-platform crowd is that Oblivion used some more space for better textures on the PS3 version of the game, but beyond that tidbit there was no news about what the size difference was. I for one would be interested in more details on that type of stuff, but very few developers are so open about their games (the reason I know so much about Insomniac games is because of their podcast).

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 13, 2008 @04:56PM (#25361243)

    Getting pirated games on a 360 involves:

    1) Opening the 360.
    2) Taking the DVD drive out.
    3) Connecting the DVD drive to your PC.
    4) Turning on your PC.
    5) Running a program on your PC.
    6) Turning your PC off.
    7) Putting the 360 back together.

    That's a "hardware modification"?

  • by lgw ( 121541 ) on Monday October 13, 2008 @06:05PM (#25362053) Journal

    Diablo was a Nethack clone (or at least a rogue-alike), not a Gauntlet clone. This was more obvious in the frst Diablo where everything moved at the same speed. D1 was turn-based in early development, really just Nethack with graphics, but at some point the devs saw the light. (Then the devs went on to found Flagship Studios and become the laughing stock of the industry, but that's a different story.)

  • by Jherek Carnelian ( 831679 ) on Monday October 13, 2008 @06:15PM (#25362145)

    Firmware is just software stored in flash memory. It is not generally considered a hardware mod to upgrade a cell phone or a dvd player or an ipod. Supertusse's definition is the common usage, your definition is not.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 13, 2008 @06:18PM (#25362189)

    Bioshock isn't free of that nonsense on the STEAM version. STEAM clearly labels the games with the extra DRM when they're there.

  • by khellendros1984 ( 792761 ) on Monday October 13, 2008 @06:22PM (#25362223) Journal
    A firmware is a piece of software, which runs on hardware. This is similar to how the OS runs using hardware. This is still a modification of software, but at a lower level than most software mods are applied. *Refrains from throwing around insults*
  • by rtechie ( 244489 ) * on Monday October 13, 2008 @07:06PM (#25362671)

    No, you have to open the case. There are add-ons like the Xeno Top Gear that insure you only have to open the case once, but open it you must to flash the firmware on the 360.

    Contrary to what you're being told, Microsoft DOES ban consoles with modded firmware on Xbox LIVE. Not all consoles all of the time (certain older consoles are unblockable). However, my understanding is they'll kill your Xbox Live Gold account (cancel it with no refund), so you'll want to keep the modded hardware off XBOX Live. This means, as a practical measure, many people will need 2 360s and if you want to play games online, you're probably going to have to buy them.

    BTW, The are reasons for banning other than piracy. Some people use firmware hacks to cheat in online games, notably Halo 3.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 13, 2008 @07:06PM (#25362687)

    Getting pirated games running on a 360 involves the kind of hardware modification that is beyond the level of the average user and, in any event, makes the machine unusable on Xbox Live.

    A) Flashing the DVD drive on most older Xbox 360s involves nothing more than plugging the drive into the computer. It is beyond the level of the average user, but not beyond the average user's geeky friend who they can convince to do things.
    B) Flashed 360s are totally usable on Xbox Live. I think maybe you're thinking of the original Xbox, which indeed had no easy, publicly available way to play burnt games on Live until recently (when what amounts to a backport of the 360 drive hack was released).
    There was a period when Microsoft tried to detect flashed firmware and ban it on Live, but it was easily circumvented by new firmwares and resulted in a lot of false positives / bannings, so they've laid off.

  • by rtechie ( 244489 ) * on Tuesday October 14, 2008 @03:28PM (#25373139)

    There is absolutely no evidence to prove that people who have flashed their drives on their xbox with the latest firmware will recieve a live ban. Hence why no firmware update for almost a year now.

    But XBOX Live updates HAVE blocked users with modded firmware in the past. It's just a fact. There haven't been many XBOX Live updates for the past year due to all the effort put in to the new XBOX Live Experience (with avatars and other crap) due out in November. That update will possibly affect current modders and if not, there is noting to prevent Microsoft from pushing out new updates. We certainly can't say that Microsoft has "given up" on

    Flashed drives can only play exact replica games not ones moded for cheats.

    This is simply wrong. Flashing drives breaks the "locking" that requires you to have an exact boot image. You can boot altered game images for this reason. I've seen modded copies of Halo 3 with different menu screens, so I have to believe you can make other changes. Though, as you pointed out, chipping defeats even the limited anti-cheat measures.

    But why chip? Only losers would really be that bothered about cheating online, a flashed drive is free

    I'm not recommending cheating in online games, I'm just saying that it's possible. And to be blunt, I'm virtually certain many of the players on the Halo 3 leaderboards are cheating with a combination of mod chips and XFPS keyboard/mouse adapters.

    And I point out in my other posts, there are good reasons to go with a chip. A chip is a lot cheaper than a new console if yours gets banned.

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