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Vendetta Online Lets Users Create New Game Content 54

Incarnate-VO writes "Multi-platform space MMO Vendetta Online is now allowing users to create missions and submit other content for use in the game via their new 'Player Contribution Corps' system. Any game subscriber can join the PCC and gain access to a web-based mission editor, permitting them to build and test new missions on Vendetta's test-server. Once the player believes the mission is ready for prime-time, they submit it to the greater PCC community for testing and feedback. The community may then sign off on the mission and push it up to the developer staff for final oversight and propagation into the game."
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Vendetta Online Lets Users Create New Game Content

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  • Re:Ok. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by darthflo ( 1095225 ) on Sunday October 19, 2008 @02:19PM (#25432721)
    So it's basically Web2.0 applied to an MMO ;)
  • Sounds like CoH (Score:3, Interesting)

    by MortimerV ( 896247 ) on Sunday October 19, 2008 @02:45PM (#25432993) Homepage

    City of Heroes/Villains is going to try something like this out. They've delayed it because it's proven to be a bigger project than they anticipated, though. http://www.cityofheroes.com/news/archives/2008/08/letter_from_pos_1.html [cityofheroes.com]

    The angry players isn't something I thought about before, but even if your map isn't approved for general distribution, you can still play on it yourself or with friends, so I don't think it'll be a big issue.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 20, 2008 @05:24AM (#25438651)

    I used to play Vendetta, but the monthly subscription is not good for anyone who isn't regular gamer. I have asked on their forum whether they are going to support pay-per-hour system (so I won't loose money if I happen to play just one day in a month or so), but it seems that they aren't interested in that.

  • by Reapy ( 688651 ) on Monday October 20, 2008 @01:37PM (#25443453)

    Community is a double edged sword.

    The first thing is that now that games are so popular, the community is HUGE. You don't really see the same faces that often online gaming. A small mud, or any small online game, you see the same faces, and bump into each other more often, which creates the community you know.

    EQ maintained some of that because of the forced grouping aspect. When I leveled it was like Oasis, then to the kunark area to the uh lake area (forget zone) then eventually on to dreadlands and so forth. You would go there, form a group, walk by all the camp areas and find a spot (seeing familiar faces in the camping spots) and start leveling up.

    In something like wow, there are a ton of players. You don't really see the same people that often. Around 70 if you start pugging raids, you will start to see some familiar faces, but leveling up, its just random people's alts, or you are just off on your own.

    I like wow for that aspect, but miss the community. I guess that is what the large guilds are for though, to create that psudo community.

    I had the same sort of experience playing warcraft 2 on a small online service way back (kali), moving on to battle.net where there were a bajillion people and you never played the same guy twice unless you set it up.

    I don't know. I like the variety with large populations and the freedom (more people to find), but miss the large scale community aspect of the smaller games. It might be also the form of the games are getting away from needing a community. Certainly a small MUD with a political system of some sort is going to have a way different landscape from an all instanced rpg game.

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