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New Final Fantasy XIII Details, Website Launched 78

Square Enix has launched an official website for Final Fantasy XIII. At the moment, it contains screenshots, game music, and brief character bios written in Japanese. Square also launched a site for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, though it doesn't have any content on it yet. A fan site has translated new details about the game from Weekly Famitsu, including information on the battle system. "Players select the 'Action' (the five buttons near the bottom left of the screen) they would like to use, which is then moved to the Command Stock slots (three slots above the Action buttons) to be executed in turn. Some 'Action' buttons seem to have several layers behind them, which means you'll have more than five actions to choose from. Each of the 'Actions' has a number attached to them; this is the 'Cost' or the number of slots that particular 'Action' will take in the Command Stock. For example, you can have three Fire commands in the list since its 'Cost' is only 1, but you can only use Firaga, which costs 3, if you have three empty slots in the Command Stock."
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New Final Fantasy XIII Details, Website Launched

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  • Pretty art (Score:2, Interesting)

    by n dot l ( 1099033 )

    You know, I never really did care all that much for the whole JRPG play style, but, damn I love the artwork they put into those games. It's something I have trouble finding in other genres (though I don't game that much so maybe I'm just not looking in the right spots). Most of the other stuff I see tends to go to either Star Trek Wannabe Universe #45342, Medieval European Haunted Castle Town #342847, or Gritty Contemporary City Streets #342721. It's just nice to look at something that's different every now

  • Final Fantasy (Score:4, Insightful)

    by ZekoMal ( 1404259 ) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @09:03AM (#26406809)
    I've only played 3 of the Final Fantasy games, but here's what I gather character wise:

    One character will be excessively whiny and obnoxious (like Tidus whining about getting sucked into a kickass adventure with people like Auron and Wakka, AND getting a girlfriend out of it; or Vaan going from somewhat bearable to not knowing why he's even there and being an obnoxious brat). This one will possibly be blonde, and most likely be the 'main' character.

    One character will be hilarious, like Wakka.

    One or more inherently cool guys, who do awesome things in cutscenes.

    A slew of women that tend to annoy (Yuna wants to die reallyreally bad, Ashe wants power, Penelo is a sidekick to the sidekick).

    Main character should have little to nothing to do with the other people. Either fell outta the sky, or is not a leader/soldier but gets dragged in anyway. I know that earlier Final Fantasy (AKA before 10) games don't follow this, but since they've released a few games following this pattern, I'm thinking that'll be this.

    Even so, I'm sure it'll be a cinematic masterpiece. The story is always awesome, and the graphics are always spectacular. The battles are fun, if not repetitive, and the game will probably have a toooon of little goodies to go get.

    • Main character has AMNESIA and needs to go on an epic journey in order to recover their lost memories instead of seeking clinical help.

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Nick Ives ( 317 )

      One character will be excessively whiny and obnoxious [...] This one will possibly be blonde, and most likely be the 'main' character.

      VII & VIII. Squall in VIII had dark hair but was the most annoying lead character I've ever had to control in a video game. At one point his romantic interest (Rinoa) near enough came out and told him straight how she felt and he was a total dick to her. Cloud in VII was a dick too.

      There was a line in the IX intro sequence which consisted of your lead characters gang, a travelling theatre troupe, having to kidnap a princess under the guise of performing a play. The play had a line that many believe is a

    • by tzhuge ( 1031302 )

      I think you only described the three FF games you played: VII, VIII, and X? Of the newer ones, IX, XII, and X-2 aren't really like that, and XI is right out. Like you said, the older ones don't really fit that mold either.

      • Oh dude, don't even get me staaaarted on X-2.

        And...which XII did you play? Did you miss Vaan, Penelo, and Ashe being from that game? Or did you mean XI? Roman numerals means 2 'I' after X = not an odd number.

        X-2 had a whole new problem: sacred summoner transformed into Britney Spears. In the opening sequence, they transformed the blitzball arena to a pop idol singing stadium, where we see a fake Yuna touching herself. Of course, we find out that Yuna does this all the time now with pop singing. If you w

    • yeah true for 8,10,10-2,12 .... not true for 1~7,9,11. So we'll wait and see.

    • "like Tidus whining about getting sucked into a kickass adventure with people like Auron and Wakka, AND getting a girlfriend out of it;"

      Nevermind the fact that everyone he ever knew is LONG dead, even Auron as far as he knows.
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by IorDMUX ( 870522 )
      Okay, your comment inspired me to throw this together. Behold, a review of the characters and character portrayal in each Final Fantasy!

      FF I -- 0/5 - Your characters don't really have... "characters". Personality had not yet been invented.

      FF II -- * To be honest... I never played this one.

      FF III -- 3/5 - Even without individualized personalities, both PCs and NPCs manage to come off as quite lovable and entertaining in this NES classic, though it gets awkward when Princess Sarah expresses her love
      • You forgot the sequel to FF X; FF X-2. FF X-2 was heralded as a truly great game; I have been hard pressed to find someone who hated the game that wasn't a swear mongering moron...buuut....

        Final Fantasy X-2 was paaainful. If you haven't played it or seen it yet.... That pretty well covers it.

        • by IorDMUX ( 870522 )
          Yeah... I ignored that for a reason. I chose to rebuke the demons of FF XI, but X-2? It warrants not a mention.
    • One character will be excessively whiny and obnoxious (like Tidus whining about getting sucked into a kickass adventure with people like Auron and Wakka, AND getting a girlfriend out of it;

      Tidus wasn't whiney! By the end of the game he figures out that finishing their mission is going to cause him to *cease to exist*, yet he tells no one! He just accepts it!

  • I'm really looking forward to this game, but I'm not looking forward to buying a Playstation 3 in order to play it. Given their recent history of releasing games only for the Playstation or handhelds, I doubt we'll ever see this come to the PC. I've been a fan of the Final Fantasy series since the beginning. I'm a happy owner of Final Fantasy VII and VIII for the PC and I've played them both several times. I was never interested in getting a Playstation when it came out. After Super Nintendo, I got a c
    • They are of course bringing it out on xbox 360 as well, but not sure how that will work out given the 9 gig max dvd size... Could the game spawn 5 discs...
      • Well, they'll just have to not have the video raw, or on the disc twice.

        None of the 360 JRPGs by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi have had a problem with disc length. :-)

    • by KDR_11k ( 778916 )

      It's been announced that the game will be on the 360 as well. Probably not more interesting to you either, the impression I'm getting from the two HD consoles is that when you have a gaming-capable computer you can get pretty much everything they have for that.

    • As it turns out, I bought a slimline PS2 a few months after they had hit the shelves. Until this day, the Final Fantasy games and Dragon Quest games are still the ONLY games I own for the PS2.

      You should really, really pick up Suikoden III and Suikoden V. Also, the Crono Trigger PS1 re-release and Crono Cross, if you don't have them.

      Avoid Suikoden IV; it's horrible.

      • I'll second the suggestion to pick up Chrono Trigger. I spent countless hours on that game when I was a kid and had my SNES, only to spend countless more when I picked it up for PS1. To add to the horror, they've now re-released it AGAIN on the DS and I'm still pouring hours there. Chrono Cross, OTOH, I didn't find as good. It was still palatable and I did finish it, but it never saw the same investment as Trigger.
      • by Arivia ( 783328 )
        And Persona 3 and 4, to say nothing of the other SMT games. Mitsuru's probably the best RPG character ever.
  • am i missing something, here? if it's the "final" fantasy, how come there's eight of them?

    • by Fumus ( 1258966 )
      Because the first game was to be the last game before the company went bankrupt or sth. And surprisingly, the game gathered so much interest that the company went on creating other games.
    • by KDR_11k ( 778916 ) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @10:17AM (#26407081)

      1. The joke has been tired for decades already
      2. You need to learn how to read Roman numbers again.

      • I've always felt that the US release of Final Fantasy III was possibly the most misnamed game in existence.

        * It's not final.
        * It's not actually fantasy.
        * Technically, it's not really #3 either.

        • * Technically, it's not really #3 either.

          This isn't as bad as it sounds. I've played all the Final Fantasy games released for NES/SNES, and of the three not released in the US, only one is passingly decent (FF3).

          FF2: It seemed like I was always going back to the same castle time-after-time whenever a quest was complete, to get my next quest. BORING. The "use it or lose it" stats system was also incedibly annoying, because Square hadn't embraced useful batttle concepts like GUARD - imagine your wizard LOS

      • by lkcl ( 517947 )

        ahh, but not by me :)

        X... V... oh _god_!!! ha ha :)

    • by morari ( 1080535 )

      Because they have nothing to do with each other. Square-Enix should really learn how to use subtitles instead of increasing digits. Digits imply sequels, whereas none of the games relate to each other in any conceivable manner. On the off chance that they do, you end up with utterly retarded sounding titles like "Final Fantasy X-2". Yeaaah...

    • by sqlrob ( 173498 )

      8? There's a hell of a lot more than 8, and more than the 13 the number indicates. There's the tactics games (at least 4 of 'em), X-2, the expansion packs for XI, Crisis Core, Cerebus, Dissidia, XII Vs., and probably more that don't come immediately to mind.

  • Seriously?

    Or a WoW server with an enforced age requirement? I stopped playing WoW because of the other players, not because of the game... I wish Blizzard would release a home server already.

  • The ones I've played (Score:2, Interesting)

    by rxan ( 1424721 )

    I started playing FF at 6, and played each one through until 10 (and regrettably, 10 two). I also partly played 12.

    7 had great gameplay for the time and also a great story with lots of twists.

    8's gameplay wasn't as good as 7 for me. The story was a drag until this second disk, when it actually started to get some substance.

    9's gameplay I absolutely loved. I loved how you gained abilities from the items by gaining ability points. The story was uninteresting though.

    10's gameplay and story were both g

    • It could just be that you're no longer a part of their target audience, tastes change over time. I couldn't bring myself to play FFX past one of the earlier underwater sections (I think it was just after meeting a female sidekick) for much the same reasons that you abandoned FFXII; it was a drag. Completely uninteresting to me, yet others (like you) rave about how fantastic it is. When it was FFIX, I was the one raving about how fantastic it was and other Final Fantasy fans were saying it was terrible.
    • I started by playing VII, then went back and played 4-6 on SNES emulator (they weren't available for sale at the time, I've since bought IV for the DS). I played up to X-2, and I've also recently tried X1, so here's a bit of fill-in:

      4 had a good but pretty standard good/evil story, spells were gained purely by level-up or plot, with very little ability to customize characters. Had an annoying tendency to kill off the characters you were using or have them leave, but a good game.
      5 used the "job" system, esse

  • The FF series was always my favorite as a teenager; I played every version available to me all the way through FF9. As soon as the new wave of consoles started coming out though it got too hard to pick a console to stick with because of game diversity so I lost touch with the series. I love the stories, trite and very typical of your standard Anime, and enjoyed the games tremendously. So I hope they will see the success of the FF MMORPG and make a port of this game for the PC. I don't buy consoles and I cer

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