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EA Unveils Two New Battlefield Games 54

Electronic Arts announced at New York Comic Con that the Battlefield series would be getting two more titles. Battlefield 1943 will be focused on multiplayer, and it's due out for download this summer. It will be available through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, and there will be a PC version as well. A website has been launched for the game, and it contains a trailer. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is scheduled for winter, and it will be available for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 also. Details for Bad Company 2 are sparse, though one exec said, "... it takes everything that players liked in the original and ups the ante — more vehicles, more destruction and more team play."
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EA Unveils Two New Battlefield Games

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  • "... it takes everything that players liked in the original and ups the ante -- more vehicles, more destruction and more team play."

    And a monkey or a pony - whichever you prefer more.

  • So what happened to that battlefield game they were going to release that would be free to play provided you watched the commercials?
    Since it is not on the list of 2009 games, and I never heard much of it, was it dropped?
  • I thought EA and Apple had a deal of releasing games concurrently for both Windows and Mac?

    • by lag10 ( 667114 )
      It appears that EA have broken the terms of that agreement.

      After all, would you honestly expect EA to adhere to their own announcements? They have a spotty track record for that sort of thing.
  • by Aceticon ( 140883 ) on Friday February 06, 2009 @07:52AM (#26750197)

    I've been playing the Battlefield series of games in the PC since the original Battlefield 1942 (from 2002) and the progression from the earlier games to the later games has been:
    - The more recent games have been released with more bugs than the earlier games
    - Even though they started with more bugs, the more recent games have received fewer patches, fixing fewer bugs and often the patches added more bugs than they fixed

    Certainly, for the later games on the series, EA seems to have moved most of the development team to new projects almost as soon as the game was out even though what was out in the shops and selling was pretty much Beta quality software.

    This is especially insulting because this was happening at a time when the rest of the Software Industry was improving their track record of releasing adequately tested and finished software.

    If you're planning on buying one of these for the PC, my recommendation is that you sit on the sidelines for one or two months, keeping an eye on the forums for report of problems with the games and checking if EA actually fixes the reported bugs.

    • - The more recent games have been released with more bugs than the earlier games - Even though they started with more bugs, the more recent games have received fewer patches, fixing fewer bugs and often the patches added more bugs than they fixed

      Battlefield 2142 was the worst offender, and the strongest indication that EA loves money and hates customers.

      This was a game released hot on the heels of a broken Battlefield 2. Instead of attempting to resolve the issues with Battlefield 2, they shipped a brand new game, using the same engine, with all of the same issues.

      ObCarAnalogy: That's like if Ford made a car with faulty brakes, but instead of issuing a recall, they made another car... with faulty brakes. And then sold it to the people that had

    • EA has always released rushed games with minimal support after release. The Crysis series is another good recent example of this.
    • by Siriaan ( 615378 )
      Your memory is scrambled. Battlefield 1942 was ludicrously buggy - there was a patch released two days before the game even came out and it then took several patches for it to really get up to speed. There are still many bugs and exploits in the game that will never be patched.
    • So much hate for Battlefield!

      I hate big greedy corporations as much as the next slashdotter, but I've been an avid player of both Battlefield 2 and 2142, and can say that while, yes, there are bugs, they were rarely bad to the point where the game experience is ruined.

      And even if an exploit is found due to bugs, the player community is good about policing themselves so that players who are using the exploits are kicked/banned from servers. Also, Battlefield 2 recieved a lot of patches over its lifespan.
  • I played BF2 for quite a while, enjoyed it immensly with my flatmates, however, we also got pretty much the same kick out of the Desert Combat mod for BF1942. Same setting, same vehicles (minus the turbo charged buggy) better graphics
    I didn't buy battlefield 2142 as the only thing that appeared to be different was the gimicky 'board the space ship and destroy it' mechanic. Now it appears with BF1943 they're going back in time, therefore there will be no spaceships and even that gimmick has gone.
    Churning out
  • "Battlefield 1943 will be focused on multiplayer"

    That'll be a welcome change. Battlefield 1942 was way too focused on who got to fly the plane, shooting down whoever go the plane before you, trying to park a jeep on the plane to see if it could take off with it, trying to do a bridge loop in the Market Garden level with the plane, winding up as a tail gunner in a plane and shooting the tail out for sheer spite, and trying to stand on the plane while it was flying.

  • I loved 1942,couldnt get enough of it. Then Vietnam came out.... played it for about 3 hours total... Never touched either since... But from what I do remember of 1942 some of the clips from 1943 looks like they are rehashing the same damn maps... Did I miss something? Is 1943 just a remake?
    • Did I miss something? Is 1943 just a remake?

      We can only hope!

      To be honest though, the South Pacific maps are not historically inaccurate. Wake Island, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, etc. all are somewhat accurate for shape so any map they did of those would be very similar. I believe the video was gameplay from Wake Island.

      If this was going to be a remake I'd prefer it include the European and Africa maps. There were more gems in there - Kursk, Battle of the Bulge, Market Garden, Stalingrad, Battleaxe - just to name a few. The variety was better too,

  • Maybe they'll finally support non 4:3 resolutions.
  • Okay, so maybe it's not that easy to do, but my friends and I like to play with the bots. Good Co-op would make this easier to sell to my group. COD really missed the ball on this, and even though the coop on Battlefield vietnam and 2142 and 1942 wasn't that great, it still made for decent gameplay. Oh, and MORE MAPS, please!
  • I played BF42 for years. When BFV came out, I played it up until BF2 came out. I played BF2 for a while, then walked away.

    Guess where I went? BF42. Even though the graphics are outdated and the maps lack any kind of resemblance of terrain, it's been the most fun of any of the games.

    The WWII mod for BFV was a huge improvement over BF42. The same game, but better. The only downside was the 3 maps. If BF43 is the same game, but with a better engine, I would pay for it. I just wish they would stop dicking aroun

  • I cannot believe this hasn't gotten coverage here and especially since it is a 'FREE GAME' provided by EA.

    That is right, EA is testing a new market and they are introducing a free Battlefield game. They will make their money off the game by buying stuff in-game like addons to your character, but you cannot buy gameplay advantages like bigger/powerful weapons.

    Not only is it free, but the hardware requirements are very low to the tone of even minimum XP requirements and this game will be a boom on small lapto

    • by sponga ( 739683 )

      duhhh I should have provided a link to the Free Beta that is about to start, so signup early.

      Also you can follow their development on Twitter

      Interesting how they use post it notes on some of their pictures to organize the project, I hear that is the best way to organize things like that with stickies on a big board.

    • I don't want to downplay how great it is what EA is doing but BF:Heroes might be way to cartoony for many, and a lot of BF diehards are worried about how arcade the game appears to play.

      I'm interested in trying it but I'm wary after seeing a video with players on the wings of planes, wearing kilts and weird hats. It's also not an FPS but is more of a third-person shooter.
  • ... was that you couldn't talk to everyone on your team to get them all on the same page. When you only have voice chat with 3 other guys, it's hard to coordinate your efforts if two of your squad members decide to go off and do their own thing. The game pretty much requires a high level of teamwork in order to be successful on offense, because there's no deathmatch or slayer game type.

  • What we know about BF1943:

    - Released for PC, PSN, and Live
    - Supposed to cost about $15
    - Only three classes (like Heroes), all of them designed to fight (no support classes)
    - Auto-healing over time
    - Unlimited ammo
    - Only three maps
    - 24 players (down from 64 in its PC predecessors)

    In other words, in every single way - save possibly being able to knock down trees - inferior to previous entries in the series. Fuck you, EA. Fuck you.

  • "... it takes everything that players liked in the original and ups the ante â" more vehicles, more destruction and more team play."

    More consumer restrictions with even stricter DRM!

  • Let's be blunt here. I've rarely seen a FPS game in recent history that is so cheater ridden as the whole Battlefield series. I especially loathe what happened to BF2142, which was definitly my personal favorite. But it's simply unplayable. Invariably, you'll have someone who cheats and you can't do jack about it. Since it's simple abuse of game mechanics and bugs and no external cheat tool, no anticheat catches it.

    Unless there's a reason to believe that the game is playable, especially with such a strong f

    • by MRe_nl ( 306212 )

      Have you tried Punkbuster?
      Not for bleeding edge competative FPS, but works well on "casual" Enemy territory/Quake. []

      • As I said, it's not cheating by aimbot or similar external tools that could be detected by PB. Cheaters in BF abuse game internal bugs like the ability to "fall" into buildings where they can shoot out but nobody can shoot in. Other cheats included drop capsule "surfing" that enabled the cheater to fly across the map during orbital drop (has allegedly been fixed but I think I've seen something like that recently) and some other map glitching that allowed players to hide inside unaccesable spaces "behind" th

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