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Blood Frontier "Beta 1" Officially Released 103

qreeves writes "Here it is, for the whole world to try out — the official Blood Frontier 'Beta 1' release. Compared to our last release, 'Alpha 2,' the game has taken a dramatic turn from the slow and clunky 'third-person' shooter it was. Based on feedback from the community (which we take very seriously — no idea is too big or too small) we refined, polished, and extended our gameplay to what we consider to be the most fun Free and Open Source First Person Shooter out there. Many may think it does not compare, visually, with some of the other shooters out there, but what we lack in art, we more than make up for in gameplay. So, give it a try, play against our new and improved Artificial Intelligence, which is giving even the most seasoned of players a run for their money now. Or, hop on our master server at play.bloodfrontier.com, where there is usually someone either playing, or watching from our IRC channel in #bloodfrontier on irc.freenode.net (yes, IRC chat support is built right in!). More information is available at our website."
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Blood Frontier "Beta 1" Officially Released

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  • Graphics (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Ugh, reminds me of UT99...on the PS2: jag city. I'll still try it, though. Hopefully it plays like UT99...on the PC, of course.

    • by Acord ( 1463157 )
      huh? I'm not sure I get the jag city comment. It seems like you are actually judging the game from the youtube video. Depends on your vid settings. Either that or you're running it on a really, really, really weak machine.
  • More Information. (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Zephiris ( 788562 ) on Thursday February 26, 2009 @04:00AM (#26994909)
    It's a good thing the website (allegedly) has more information, because the post contains absolutely no useful information if you've never heard of whatever this game is or is supposed to be.

    Is it bad to ask how it got on Slashdot's front page, when it's basically a cut-and-paste advertisement, rather than descriptive and useful information?

    Apparently, you're some kind of android, and have to go around killing zombies. ._.
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Zephiris ( 788562 )
      Actually...it IS [bloodfrontier.com] a cut and paste advertisement (see first two paragraphs).
    • Is it bad to ask how it got on Slashdot's front page, when it's basically a cut-and-paste advertisement, rather than descriptive and useful information?

      Blood Frontier was mentioned a short while back on Slashdot (1 week? a month? I forget). But, I think the underlying question you are asking is, [b]"Why is this news for nerds?"[/b], and what differentiates it from the myriad piles of shovelware games that come out every month?

      - It's open source.
      - It leverages OpenGL and is intended to be multiplatform.
      - It

      • No, the underlying question was, literally, "why is a cut-and-paste advertisement here?". Since Slashdot accepts advertising space, that's where it should go.

        The advertisement also had no pertinent information about the game, its plot, gameplay elements, or anything else useful.

        Responding to my shock at it being a blatant cut-and-paste advertisement, with no information, with yet another advertisement, with no further useful information, is not helpful, and quite frankly, is rude. Did you/they learn h
        • Wikipedia says it's on a modified Cube2 engine. It doesn't seem to have many single player features (I think single player is just like multiplayer, but with AI bots). There doesn't seem to be much depth to the story (if any). As to modability? It's open-source. It is, by definition, infinitely modable.

          Why is a cut-and-paste advertisement here?

          Because the ad space is for paid ads? How many developers of free games will actually *pay* for ad space? A game like this *is* news to some brands of nerds. It's a relevant story. To point out the obvious...

          • by Acord ( 1463157 )
            Getting the multiplayer and the AI up and running was actually the bulk of the work. Since we now have AI that works online and (hopefully) have balanced the gameplay fairly well, the next phase is actually not single player - it's more like online co-op.

            Since we have a fairly complex AI up and running now with relatively little effect on the bandwidth, then a couple hundred monsters in a level with two or three players on the same team shouldn't take so long.

            I won't promise cut scenes or FMV, but the
        • I'll be honest and say I was trying to find the best couple of paragraphs from our release announcement to share. As we had already been mentioned on Slashdot previously I did not think it was wise to rehash information people would already have known - but I'll keep this in mind in the future. If you had clicked either of the links in the O.P. you would have found out more and I think you're just nitpicking for lack of anything better to do. I do appreciate your response though and will make a better effor

          • Only the top website had any useful information, and I did say I looked there. Neither post on Slashdot had any information whatsoever about what the game was, or about. All it mentions are arbitrary features/improvements to previous versions, not plot, setting, let alone any information about how it differs from the pack (aside from the features, which are admittedly paltry even compared to Icculus community improvements to Quake 3).

            That must well be a lie, too, considering it was a simple copy and past
            • Geez, I wasn't even being rude, I merely said I thought you were nitpicking a little over an inconsequential detail and accepted the fact that I made mistake; what more do you want me to do? If I had to wager a guess it is you who are incapable/unwilling to read, then again judging by your attitude I don't see why I should care either.

      • - It has an IRC client built-in? The only other game I've seen be that nerdy was Uplink. (I could have misread the summary on this fact.)

        I've posted this further down the thread, but Tribes had an IRC client built-in. Nobody used it. Tribes 2 had even more 'community features'. Nobody used them. Ever. That's not a "game feature" that's a "waste of implementation time that distracts from game features."

        The fact that these guys aren't learning from Tribes' example (especially considering that Tribes is, by fa

        • by Acord ( 1463157 )
          I'm glad you're sure you're right. But the fact is we are using it. We get feedback as players are playing and can provide instant tech support if they need it.

          If the people who made tribes are too retarded to see what IRC could have been purposed to, that's not our problem.
          • Writing a FPS game without having played Tribes is like directing a movie without having seen Citizen Kane. Or painting a portrait when you have no clue what the Mona Lisa is. Calling the creators of Tribes retarded is an insult to the entire industry, just as calling Orson Welles retarded would be an insult to the film industry.

            If you want to add chat, add chat. Don't add IRC; IRC is a usability nightmare, and you're missing out on tons of opportunities for integrating the chat into your game. Just off the

            • by Acord ( 1463157 )
              There's quite a bit of the tribes spirit alive and well in Blood Frontier. Try double jumping and impulsing. Basically, the direction you impulse in in the air is determined by the direction you are holding and the direction you are looking.

              No, there aren't any big wide open maps. The average amount of players right now is varying between 6 and 8. Once the game picks up momentum, it'll be worth it to make big maps. Until then, it's not.

              As far as arcane slash commands and whatnot, it's a beta - there's
              • There's quite a bit of the tribes spirit alive and well in Blood Frontier. Try double jumping and impulsing. Basically, the direction you impulse in in the air is determined by the direction you are holding and the direction you are looking.

                Uh, Tribes doesn't have that, and I don't see how it's in the Tribes "spirit." I don't know what "impulsing" is, since there's no tutorial or help of any kind in the game, and I don't know what "the direction I am holding" is, but it doesn't sound like anything in Tribes

    • The article can serve as a good demonstration of horrible web design, and why never to ever use Sourceforge.

      For example, what's the point of this entire exercise if the download link doesn't work!? You click download, and it takes you to the exact same release notes you were at before. (And not just the Windows download, every platform's download link is broken.)

      Well, I can't download the game, let me hit the "Help" link at the top of the page and see if it has instructions for how to make the download link

      • Oh, another thought: once the download link works, you might want to actually put up some screenshots that are:
        1) Of the most current version, instead of the Alpha version
        2) Are bigger than postage-stamp size.

        This: http://sourceforge.net/dbimage.php?id=181100 [sourceforge.net] simply ain't gonna pull in the players.

      • Oh, hey, I found it. To download the game, instead of choosing "Download -> Windows" from the website's menu (you foolish person!*), you have to actually select "Browse All Packages". You then get to a scary-looking table of... things, where you need to click "Blood Frontier Beta 1". Then you get to another scary-looking table with two "i386" downloads and one "Mac Universal" download. I can only assume one of the "i386" downloads is the Windows version, but even as an advanced computer user I have no cl

  • here we are again (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Acord ( 1463157 ) on Thursday February 26, 2009 @05:18AM (#26995299)
    We do take user feedback really seriously - so feel free to make suggestions you've always wanted to see in an FPS. This version is much more bug free than the last release, and we now have MAC BINARIES available for download as well as the usual tasty Win/Lin flavors.
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by drinkypoo ( 153816 )

      We do take user feedback really seriously - so feel free to make suggestions you've always wanted to see in an FPS.

      How about a webpage that works without javascript? I can't even download your game without potentially compromising the security of my browser. I don't know you from adam, and I'm only even willing to try your game because I'm having a less-paranoid day.

      Websites which require javascript and then don't actually have any features which require javascript were obviously made by idiots, assholes, or the unscrupulous. Which one is your webmaster?

      • by ndazza ( 1395385 )
        I agree the website has some rough edges. Insulting the devs won't fix that though :)
      • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

        by c0rdawg ( 1485613 )
        https://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=198419 [sourceforge.net] There you go, a download without javascript. And I'm sorry about your paranoia with javascript, that will probably become a lot more difficult as more and more websites move to "web 2.0" and fill themselves with javascript/ajax...
        • Yeah, like this very website. Slashdot uses JS/AJAX to thread comments. It's a strange remark to make in a Web 2.0 world, and totally off topic.

          • There is a difference between using JavaScript to enable spiffy features and having a website that won't even show the main content unless you enable JavaScript. As such the GPs opinion remains completely valid, if somewhat offensive.

            And even on slashdot, I expect I can turn off JavaScript and mostly everything will keep working, only somewhat less convenient. In fact I will try that out in a moment.

            • Yep, I took the feedback and reworked the website to use redirects instead - this gets around the SF.net broken-ness for now. Thanks for the useful and friendly feedback.

      • The webmaster is me; a guy who works 18 hours a day doing everything from community management, to coding, to improvising the website. I'm not a web developer, but when nobody else is putting up their hand to make a better one I had to make use of what was there.

        Good luck using the internet in the future, you're gonna need it.

        • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

          by quadrox ( 1174915 )

          The GPs insults notwithstanding, he does have a point. A web page as simple as yours does not require JavaScript. There are times when I decide that I just won't unblock a given website because it's not worth the hazzle and security risk. This is especially true if I'm not even allowed to get even a glimpse of the websites content before turning on JavaScript.

          Of course, people like me and the GP are probably a minority, but still...

          I would appreciate an explanation of how your site came about to require Jav

          • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

            by qreeves ( 1363277 )

            Quite happily, I certainly don't mind responding to an intelligent question. A quick glance of the source code should even fill you in.

            I have had to bring a bunch of non-contiguous Sourceforge apps into a consistent interface, something which they still keep failing to do adequately. So I use a bit of javascript to dynamically resize the frame based on the browser's dimensions and provide a bit of feedback as to what is happening in the blurb bar.

            The other part I guess would be Piwik, but it has a non-scrip

            • ... A quick glance of the source code should even fill you in.

              This is slashdot. Trying to find out answers for yourself is forbidden ;) Anyway, thank you for the explanation, I had considered that sourceforge could be a problem, I just didn't see how.

          • Seriously, how likely is >open source website x to infect your computer with something? Is it really worth the hassle to be so paranoid all the time?
            • Open source website x is probably not very likely to infect my computer, especially as I run linux instead of windows. Nevertheless, a certain risk exists even then.

              The main reason for being so 'paranoid' however is simply the experience of a webbrowser WITHOUT NoScript. Annoying popups and other malicious behavior more or less all the time. No thank you.

              In case you didn't know, NoScript blocks ANYTHING by default, and it is up to you to decide whether you want to let the scripts on some website work or not

        • The webmaster is me; a guy who works 18 hours a day doing everything from community management, to coding, to improvising the website. I'm not a web developer, but when nobody else is putting up their hand to make a better one I had to make use of what was there.

          By "make use of what was there" you mean "create a website that requires Javascript for no reason.

          You say you are using Javascript to resize a frame. What is stopping you from specifying a reasonable size for the frame to begin with?

          What most people do in this situation is don't try to merge sites that don't want to be merge. Sourceforge is ungainly to say the least. Creating a less-usable website doesn't help anyone.

          When I am trying to spend some money and get to a website that requires Javascript, I go lo

          • Well, I love how it is assumed that I "stole tricks" to create the website. While I may not be officially a web developer, I was fully aware of both the XHTML and CSS standards required. The point is moot anyway, had you double checked I took the feedback seriously and redesigned the website accordingly. Stop trolling and find something more useful to do, like - y'know - making something constructive?

      • by Acord ( 1463157 )
        You are probably correct. But you're awfully damned rude, so don't be surprised if you get ignored or resented.
      • You aren't paranoid. They really are out to get you. Watch your back, or the Javascript monsters will eat your brains.
  • No no no no (Score:3, Insightful)

    by RenHoek ( 101570 ) on Thursday February 26, 2009 @05:20AM (#26995305) Homepage

    I would love a nice open source FPS, but why do they all look like Quake 1? Have you seen recent shooters? I don't want the whole "a million shades of brown" anymore.

    • You are right! It needs a mario-kart themed level!
    • by wisty ( 1335733 )

      A million shades of brown? So it's the Ubuntu of FPS?

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by zaf ( 5944 )

      Colors aside, why do they all have to play like Quake 1? How about some fresh ideas like we've seen from Valve recently.

      It looks like you guys have done good with getting the engine running, now bring out some creativity beyond "futuristic shotgun, futuristic rocket launcher, futuristic plasma gun" and put some interesting mechanics that really give people a different experience.

      • by Acord ( 1463157 )
        If it plays like quake, it's because you're playing it that way. If there were people moving like ninjas and you couldn't seem to hit anything, then you're doing it wrong.
    • I don't remember Quake one having realistic water, but I haven't played it in a while.
      Besides, isn't the gameplay the most important part of a game?
  • Good fun (Score:2, Interesting)

    by ndazza ( 1395385 )
    I've had a lot of fun playing this since the last slashdot story, if you're an open source FPS player you really should check it out. (If you're a "regular" FPS player, one more game on your PC won't hurt either. Hey, it's free!)
  • I've noticed quite alot of misinformation and negativity from the users of Slashdot, and I must say that I am quite disappointed by it. Geeks are supposed to be intelligent people with thought out answers and responses, and it seems to me everyone who comments either did not bother to try the game at all, or find some other off-topic fault to complain about.

    I have worked in Open Source for a decade now, and this is the reason most developers become jaded and rude to their users - nothing else. You all want

    • I'm willing to try it. but based on your comment replies to others, it sounds like you don't like the feedback of 'DO NOT WANT' or 'rather play quake.'

      this is SLASHDOT after all. no one is going to play nice just because you're giving them something free.

      make a free windows game. people will ask 'does it run on linux?' make it for linux. one person will ask if it runs on macs (without bootcamp/windows). make it run on all 3 platforms. people will complain about level design. include a level de
      • Thank you for your intelligent response, it is a breath of fresh air. I am well aware of the types of behaviour people exhibit, and to be honest it is all water off a ducks back. The type of people who make rude and off-topic comments are not the type of people I care to work with, I've just simply made it a point to try and steer the conversation toward something more constructive (and failed, but eh). As I said, I've been doing this a long time and know full well what to expect. The *good* people who don'

        • well, I wasn't trying to make it seem like all /.ers are bad people. just take everything with a grain of salt and expect complaints about things that don't even matter.

          also realize lots of people don't RTFA. imagine them giving you hints on what to do with your game before they even go to your website ;)
        • Okay, here are my real takes.

          1. The servers were down, so I had to create a localhost match. No problem, it's still early in the morning on a Sunday.
          2. For some reason, I get 14 FPS even though I'm running a dualcore computer with a 512 MB videocard. Okay, but at least I can play the game. I try turning off basically everything and adjusting the res. I wish it didn't require a re-start of the game to change res. Quake 3 Arena and UT handled this well by popping out to desktop then launching back in
          • 1. The servers were not down, there were four people playing on the master server when you joined the IRC channel. I don't appreciate misinformation.
            2. As far as I know this is an OpenGL context problem on Windows, destroying said context destroys all OpenGL data, so you'd need to reload everything anyway. Then again, I didn't write the engine or the libraries it uses.
            3. You are playing in a non-DM mode, you can't do damage in Editing/Lobby/etc.
            4. Hold the key as you run over the weapon, you'll pick it up a

            • And I've just realised that the only people who leave comments on the Slashdot article are the ones who haven't given it a chance. From now on I will not be responding to Slashdot comments, if you want to talk to us, you can use our proper support mechanisms (IRC and Forums) and be held properly accountable for your words (or be educated by someone instead of remaining ignorant).

            • 1. I doubt you'll read this now, but when I clicked 'update' for the servers, it said 'THE MASTER SERVER IS DOWN.' I tried about 4 times before I created the localhost match [as in update and refresh].
              2. I did try other maps besides overseer, and still no one had died, so that's why I made that gripe.
              3. I didn't know about holding the key in. I'll give that a try next time. That, you got me on.
              4. I came onto the IRC briefly to see if anyone was there. seeing that I didn't see you or acord there, I fi
              • Maybe I was being a little over-defensive because of the way others commented without even trying (or downloading, or investigating) the game, and yes as a result I have support burnout. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and I hope you can accept my apologies.

                Your first issue is actually quite valid, it seems with more players the setting for "serverupdateinterval" is too short to accommodate the lag between people geographically far away from the server. (I've since increased the default for that

                • it's all good. at least this ended in a civil manner. kudos to neither of us going insane and creating a huge flamewar.

                  and as I said, I can understand your frustrations. best of luck on the project, and I will be interested in the (more) final version once it comes out. I might even give the beta another go-round and see what it's like once I get hooked into the server. thanks for adjusting that for us non-aussies =)
      • by Acord ( 1463157 )
        Don't forget red and blue :) Seriously though, I will try to be more colorful. I don't mean for everything to turn out brown, but much of the time it's the trade off for moody lighting.
    • The download link on the website doesn't work. It took me 15 minutes to find how to download the game, and that's only because I was deconstructing how terrible the website actually was (so I could talk about it to some co-workers.)

      In short, what did you expect would happen? You couldn't be bothered to test whether your own website works, and it's *our* fault you're seeing negativity.

      • You're still not providing any useful feedback. I can only test it on so many configurations considering my limited access to everything under the sun.

        • Dude.

          The download link, on the website, does not work. The website. It's HTML, it's the same for every platform. It doesn't work. Does. Not. Work. Clicking it does not begin a download, instead it takes you to the release notes. Every platform's download link does this. If you think the download link works, you're living in some bizarre fantasy-land full of flowers and daisies. How is that not useful feedback?

          It took me something like 15 minutes to figure out how to download the game. But since I did, WTF,

          • by ndazza ( 1395385 )


            The download link, on the website, does not work. The website. It's HTML, it's the same for every platform. It doesn't work. Does. Not. Work. Clicking it does not begin a download, instead it takes you to the release notes. Every platform's download link does this. If you think the download link works, you're living in some bizarre fantasy-land full of flowers and daisies. How is that not useful feedback?

            Scroll down... :)

            • Oh wow. It's like 18 miles below the fold. That doesn't change my opinion of "does not work", since there's no way a normal human being would scroll down that far after hitting the link. Thanks, though.

          • 14:17.19 * Blakeyrat (n=Blakeyra@pool-71-113-17-244.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net) joined
            14:24.31 [+bfbot] Blakeyrat has joined the game
            14:28.36 [+bfbot] Blakeyrat has left the game
            14:28.36 * Blakeyrat (n=Blakeyra@pool-71-113-17-244.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net) quit ("Blood Frontier, It's bloody fun! www.bloodfrontier.com")

            Yeah buddy, you really gave it a chance.. So no, I am not happy; your feedback is done with malice and spite. While you make valid points; for a beta you are just nitpicking. You made no attempt

            • Wait, I played, according to your IRC log, 11 minutes on an EMPTY SERVER (a server with NO OTHER PLAYERS), and I didn't give it a chance? What's the typical user behavior when joining empty servers? Sticking around for an hour? Three hours? What's the cutoff for me having "given it a chance?"

              Look, I'm trying to test a multiplayer game, there's no players. It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to download the damned thing. As pointed out in the issues I brought up, which you apparently don't care about des

              • While I may have responded in kind, I took your feedback seriously and fixed both the website and a myriad of the bugs you submit into upstream SVN. My point is that you are a troll, you have no empathy or care beyond your own sad little life, and you're exactly the type of person that drives open source developers to become jaded and rude. Thus ends the conversation, I won't waste another moment of effort on an ungrateful person such as yourself.

                • If you need a troll on Slashdot to point out errors like, "the website doesn't work" or "changing resolution in the game doesn't work," I think you might be in the wrong business.

    • I can't remember where I first heard about BloodFrontier. (it may have been slashdot, not certain)
      So far, I've been really enjoying it. It doesn't work as well on my slower, less powerful laptop, as Quake 3 does, but I expected that. I suppose turning off the shaders and stuff would speed it up.
      On my desktop it's been really nice to play. My only complaints were that the bots were to easy to beat (and you've fixed that), that there isn't some sort of melee attack, and that if you got to close to someone
      • Wow, thanks for the awesome feedback! In alot of cases I totally agree with you :o) About "android vs. cyborg" - I asked the same question to the other developers when I read it, they didn't see the issue, at least now I have some backup, hah.

        We've been toying with the idea of a melee attack, but for the moment we have tried to keep a nice balanced set of projectile weapons to get the multiplayer up and running smoothly - this will definitely become more of an issue as we start writing the (singleplayer) ca

  • Tips:R to reload, E to pick up weapons(unlimited ammo in most cases), Q to switch to frags, spacebar twice to do ninja stuff, shift to crouch
  • Are the computer AI bots too hard? Are they too easy? Speak out guys! You actually have a chance to affect a game's development for once!
    • I played for a small amount of time today, and couldn't shake the feeling that I was hobbling around with a pea shooter, whilst the bots ran around with real guns. Everything I did felt ineffectual, but the bots didn't seem to have any trouble killing me.

      • by Acord ( 1463157 )
        I think we've actually set the bot skill too high on the server. We've tweaked it down quite a bit - see if you still get the same impression.
  • Are the weapons balanced, or are some too powerful/useless? Why? I wanna hear your opinion!
    • They're... ok, but none of them particularly grab me. I really, really dislike the way that you have to stop and press an action button to pick up a weapon - it might be intentional, because in the small amount of time I played, it seemed like the inventory was very limited. What really killed that mechanic is the way that picking a weapon up also switches to it. Realistic, arguably, but incredibly awkward when you pick up a grenade, for example.

      Not sure what to make of the flame thrower. Nice visual ef

      • by Acord ( 1463157 )
        Part of this is intentional. You have unlimited ammunition, but the tradeoff is that you need to be very good at evasion while you reload or simply find a place to hide for a second.

        Some guns, like the rifle and the shotgun, are loaded one round at a time, even if they can hold up to 5/8 rounds. This is because, used well, they're one hit one kill weapons. The rifle only needs to score a bullet to the skull, and getting hit nearly point blank with the shotgun splatters everything.

        Other things, like th
  • We are essentially a three man op, with some well meaning people who offer us great help and contributions every once in awhile. We didn't focus heavily on the web site. We're too busy with the whole developing a game thing. So if you're a WEB DESIGNER with some CHOPS and some FREE TIME drop us a line.
    • I have some free time and I'm a fairly competent web dev. If you don't mind me helping, I'm sure I could build you something. Besides, I think BloodFrontier is the greatest FPS I've played in a while. :D
  • Although I never figured out why the hell it did. In Tribes 2, they went a step further and added an entire non-Internet browser system to the game which I don't recall ever using, or ever seeing anybody use. And which was probably being the cause of that game's completely unfinished release, as they spent so much time developing some weird forum/browser thing that nobody used instead of, say, getting the vehicle physics right.

    Anyway, point is, don't be proud of features that other companies have already tr

    • The point was it was implemented in the server, so you can get real time help if necessary. We're hardly saying we're the first to do it (Even UT had a builtin IRC client), just that it is simple and quick to get help if you need it. I'd say this was more a troll than feedback.

    • by Acord ( 1463157 )
      It also gives us a great way to listen in on what players think. Feedback is important to us, we take it REALLY seriously, and most people - like yourself, don't really bother giving useful feedback, so spying from IRC is the best we get.

      If you can't build anything, try tearing something down. It still won't help your self esteem. On the other hand, that Bacon wrapped chorizo looked great.
      • I'm not "tearing it down." You asked for bugs, I'm giving you bugs. I give you bugs, your team (greeves) ignores them because I didn't stay on an empty server long enough. I can't give you what you're looking for, because I don't know what it is, and frankly: I don't care. The fact that there were only 3 functioning non-me server seems to tell me that nobody else cares, either.

        The first step is making people care. A working website, for example, might go a long way towards this. Fixing the blatantly obvious

        • by Acord ( 1463157 )
          resolution switching works - if you're on linux. If you're on win, you have to pick your resolution and restart. It's a limitation of the libs we're using.

          And yes - you are tearing it down. You've been nothing but mean and vindictive, and haven't offered any specific criticism until prodded. You were criticizing it before you even played it. If you don't like getting called out for acting like a jackass, then don't act like a jackass.
          • I don't like having my time wasted.

            "Hey, here's this great thing you should try! You like FPS games! And it's free! Download today!"

            "Ha ha, sucker, turns out it's impossible to download, the game is broken in many fundamental ways, and the UI is unreadable and confusing. Also nobody's playing, so even if you look past all those flaws, it's not fun at all."

            It's a classic bait-and-switch. Why wouldn't I be upset? Why wouldn't I be a jackass?

            • by Acord ( 1463157 )
              There are 12 year olds who can download it with no trouble? You can't see past the menu system(which is the last thing implemented in any game) or read a manual? (protip: we've called it README) You sit here spouting ignorance and bile because outside of making a less healthy chorizo sausage than normal you seem incapable of creating anything of value on this earth, so you want to tear our work down to make yourself feel better?

              Basically, the way you are acting only highlights the fact that you are full

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