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Does a Game Have To Fail To Get a Real Ending? 178

After the closure of Tabula Rasa over the weekend, the Opposable Thumbs blog asks if that's what it takes for a game to have an actual ending these days. Quoting: "It's no surprise that most games hope for a sequel, as it's the easiest way to get some of that money back while taking advantage of the staff, engine, assets, and other advantages you've banked while creating the first title. The problem? This has lead to a generation of cliff-hangers at worst, and endings that hedge their bets at best. ... As all the game's characters die, as the servers are shut down, as the data is erased or backed up and then boxed or whatever happens to MMO data once the game is done, it's hard not to be a little sad. The sights and sounds of the world of Tabula Rasa are gone, forever. All the memories written into those ones and zeroes will quickly be forgotten, and no one will walk those grounds again." Massively put together a few screenshots and videos to commemorate the ending of the game.
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Does a Game Have To Fail To Get a Real Ending?

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  • by codeButcher ( 223668 ) on Tuesday March 03, 2009 @08:53AM (#27049921)
    I play Solitaire, you insensitive clod.
  • by hal2814 ( 725639 ) on Tuesday March 03, 2009 @09:22AM (#27050091)

    Ooooh, surveys! We're getting so MySpace these days.

    "When was the last time you went to the cinema to watch a major release that didn't end with a blatant hook for a sequel?"


    "When was the last time you saw a TV show end without some form of cliff-hanger?"

    Off the top of my head, Life on Mars which is extremely ironic since the TV show has a sequel and the sequel is actually pretty decent once you get past the first two episodes.

    "And yes... when was the last time you saw a game end without a plug for a sequel?"

    Mario Galaxy (also ironic since there will no doubt be a sequel)

    "Can you imagine if Hamlet never came to an end (ok, if you've ever sat through a bad student production, it might have felt like that) but instead ran on for 17 plays, with 8-12 comprising the little-loved Finland arc, play 4 introducing a new love interest who got written out in play 9 and then the whole thing stopped abruptly after play 17 because the Globe burned down?"


    "How many modern TV stories have been ruined by this kind of thing? The X-Files? Lost? Buffy?"


    Now pass this along to 6 other friends or you will be cursed forever and your wang will fall off (if equipped).

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