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One Billionth Halo 3 Game Played 50

adeelarshad82 writes "Bungie recently announced that Halo 3 has served its 1 billionth game. It's an important milestone which Halo 2 failed to reach. The billionth game was played at 6:36 PM PST last Saturday and lasted three minutes and 19 seconds. The total amount of active match time exceeds 64,000 years." Frank O'Connor, director of the Halo franchise, also made comments recently teasing future Halo games.
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One Billionth Halo 3 Game Played

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  • Mmm... sort of reminds me of fast food. One Billionth served... I wonder how long it took someone to eat the 1 Billionth hamburger?
    • by iYk6 ( 1425255 )

      Except that it makes sense that McDonald's is able to count how many hamburgers they serve. They can check receipt records. But there is no way that Microsoft can monitor every single Halo 3 game.

      • Something tells me you're not being sarcastic.
      • I assume that while Halo3 probably runs matches on one of the clients, rather than running a server, the lobby/game searching feature is probably centralized.

        Thus they don't have to monitor anything except some count made by the lobby server that keeps track of how many game match-ups it creates that get played.

        So like McDonalds can check receipts, I'm sure MS can check server logs, and probably this is automated for them.
        • by iYk6 ( 1425255 )

          I haven't played Halo 3, but according to the Halo 3 Wikipedia article [wikipedia.org], Halo 3 supports multiplayer via split screen or LAN, just like Halo 1 and 2. Assuming this is true, and I see no reason to believe otherwise, it would be impossible for MS to monitor every single game.

          • That's true, anything s/s or LAN would not be counted, I think people have pointed out that bungie did not try to include those games in their numbers, so they are celebrating the 1 billionth xbLive matchup..
    • So that's about as many man hours as it would take to build every skyscraper in the world.

      One is tempeted to snark something like "what a waste of manpower" but chances are those folks would not be puting that lost time to productive use but instead idle hands would find the devils work. So perhaps another way to say this is that something like a billion petty crimes were prevented.

      • So you say all people who don't work 16 hour days, 7 days a week are wasting time? People have free time, and what they do with it is none of your fuckin' business.
  • 3 mins 19secs (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Hecatonchires ( 231908 ) on Wednesday March 04, 2009 @01:18AM (#27061023) Homepage

    Isn't that how long most Halo players last in the presence of a woman?

  • Of course that CPU time could'nt have been spent on anything more productive...
  • 64,000 year eh. Even for /. that's pretty bad.
  • What could have been done instead in 64,000 man hours of focused attention ? I bet Slashdot has an even greater negative effect on our nation's productivity.

  • Stop talking like a farmer.
  • They gotta come out with some new games...
  • Aside from the obvious grammar error, that's more time than recorded human history by a factor of... I don't know, 12? 14? Whatever, I'm not a math major. Imagine if all of those people had done something worth a god damn instead...
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by N1AK ( 864906 )
      Like complained about all the time wasted posting and reading posts on Slashdot? People get born, live a little and then die. There is no secret formula to define true success, though some people will equate it with exploration and some others will equate it with living a satisfied life. If people want to use time (likely relaxation time anyway) to play games then so be it.
      • Halo does not = success in any way. I'll cop to playing a few games, but really, it gets old after a bit. And after they redid the ranking system, I think everyone I knew that played the game quit.
  • I'm sure HALO/2 reached this number through the sheer amount of LAN/offline matches played. Sure know my group of friends contributed significantly, anyway.
  • Of course Microsoft is too cheap to setup servers that actually run the game on their end, which would benefit everyone by having a more ideal point of contact for all players. The matchmaking service is only matchmaking. The game itself is actually Peer to Peer, which of course causes lag when the best peer isn't very good. Even worse, it's probably more like the best peer with the proper ports forwarded. And when the host leaves the game needs to iterate back through that process to pick the next best

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