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Mass Effect 2 Announced For Early 2010 72

Bioware has confirmed rumors that development for the sequel to Mass Effect is well under way, and they're planning on a release in early 2010. They mentioned PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game, but no information was given about a possible PS3 version. CVG has a write-up of what we know about Mass Effect 2 so far. Quoting: "In the shooting department the developer's official announcement promises 'intensified combat' and 'expanded weapon options.' We're hoping some of the work goes on improving the game's shooting mechanics, which were solid enough but could certainly do with some polishing to meet 2010 standards — especially in the cover system department. As for 'expanded weapon options,' we can only assume this refers to the in-depth gun tweaking and customisation options available in Mass Effect 1."
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Mass Effect 2 Announced For Early 2010

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  • Re:Sequels (Score:5, Informative)

    by theArtificial ( 613980 ) on Friday March 20, 2009 @12:27AM (#27264985)
    Or trilogy in this case...
  • Re:Sequels (Score:5, Informative)

    by zombietangelo ( 1394031 ) on Friday March 20, 2009 @12:32AM (#27265011)
    Agree with your sentiment, generally, but Mass Effect has been planned to be a trilogy since its conception.
  • Bioware announced Mass Effect as the first part of a Trilogy at the 2006 E3.

  • by Elrond, Duke of URL ( 2657 ) <> on Friday March 20, 2009 @02:23AM (#27265451) Homepage

    One of my biggest complaints with the first game were the entirely generic weapons and mods. There were differences between types of weapons, but that was it. The routine eventually comes down to:

    1. Kill and collect everything until inventory is full.
    2. Equip best X for each party member.
    3. Sell entire inventory except for best anti-personnel and anti-armor mods.
    4. Repeat.

    There was never any reason to break from this pattern and this essentially made the weapons generic "loot" to collect. If that was all they were intended to be, just automatically give the player credits instead.

    Named and unique weapons would go a long way towards fixing this. I think only few times during the whole game did I actually scavenge a useful weapon. All of the others were bought in stores. The situation is almost identical for mods, except that I did acquire more useful mods via scavenging.

    The weapon mods also had the addition problem of being almost entirely useless. All enemies fit into two categories: organic or mechanical. Simply equip the appropriate mod to boost your organic or mechanical damage bonus and fire away. I rarely had to stray from this model. When you get the ability to equip two weapon mods things open a little, but that happens rather late in the game.

    Armor mods fared slightly better, but only a little. In general, I found the best way to operate was to equip most part members with the best shield boosting mods available. Makes everybody much harder to kill.

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