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New Fable II DLC Coming May 12th 26

Lionhead Studios today announced that their next section of downloadable content for Fable II, called See the Future, will be available on May 12th. The new content will include new quests, monsters and items, a Colosseum, and alter egos for the player's dog. Peter Molyneux also hinted at a connection to the next Fable game, saying, "... it would be pretty poor to say See the Future if it didn't have some connection." Further details are available in the latest in Lionhead's series of developer diaries.
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New Fable II DLC Coming May 12th

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 30, 2009 @02:01PM (#27776069)

    All the stuff they couldn't fit on the smaller than last gen 360 7 gigabyte disc format for extra money.

    No thanks.

  • by Clandestine_Blaze ( 1019274 ) on Thursday April 30, 2009 @02:52PM (#27776863) Journal

    I think they made the ending for Fable II open-ended. I'm just guessing that there would be a DLC to give you a "proper" ending.


    For instance, if you choose family as your ending to get your dog back in Fable II, you end up receiving a letter from your sister Rose. The letter itself is extremely vague as to her whereabouts, but it does signal that she is, indeed, out there somewhere.

    Of course, if you chose to sacrifice it all for the people who died making the tower, then I guess your dog and sister stay dead, which is a country song just waiting to happen! :D

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