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Sony's Tretton Sounds Off On E3 Leaks 37

An anonymous reader writes "Sony is hinting that previously released games might be able to use its motion sensor controller. Jack Tretton said it would be 'absolutely conceivable' that existing games could get a patch when the controller comes out next year — and implied that some of the games shown at E3 this year could ship with motion sensing built into them. The president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America is also not happy about the leaks that preceded the company's E3 press conference (for example, details on the PSP Go). Tretton says it has become impossible to keep a secret in the gaming industry because of third-party publishers — and he's worried about the ramifications that will have as the company develops the PS4." Joystiq's Law of the Game column has a related article questioning the value of NDAs now that the sharing of information has become so easy.
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Sony's Tretton Sounds Off On E3 Leaks

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