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Gaikai Drawing Interest With Low-Key Demo, Believable Claims 121

Earlier this week, we discussed news that games industry veteran Dave Perry had posted a demo of his upcoming cloud gaming service Gaikai. Now that people have had time to speak with Perry and evaluate the demo, reaction has been surprisingly positive. Quoting Eurogamer: "What struck me about the presentation was that there was absolutely nothing unbelievable in it whatsoever. There were no claims of streaming 720p gameplay at 60 frames per second — games were running in differently sized windows according to how difficult they were to compress, and video itself runs at the internet standard 30FPS. There was no talk of world-beating compression systems that annihilate the work of the best minds in video encoding today, the demo was using the exact same h264 codec that we use ... And finally, there was nothing here to suggest that we were looking at a technological breakthrough that would make our PS3s and Xbox 360s obsolete... just that this was a brand new way to play games in an ultra-accessible manner." By contrast, OnLive was received with much more criticism, in part due to their dramatic promises. While playing online games with Gaikai will naturally add some amount of latency, the article points out that single-player games need not lag more than you'd expect from a console controller. Meanwhile, unlike OnLive, Gaikai is not trying to compete directly with the major console manufacturers, instead trying to work with them in order to deliver their first-party games to new audiences.
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Gaikai Drawing Interest With Low-Key Demo, Believable Claims

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  • by 4D6963 ( 933028 ) on Sunday July 05, 2009 @06:43PM (#28589183)

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    by 4D6963 ( 933028 ) on Sunday July 05, 2009 @07:06PM (#28589299)

    Indeed. Actually I would have loved if Slashdot had been there since prehistory.

    The hot air balloon is invented : "Oh noes now the evil government will use that to spy on its citizens from above!"

    The telephone is invented : "Oh great, one more way for the government to effortlessly eavesdrop on our conversations!"

    The television is invented : "Pfft, as if newspapers and the radio weren't enough means of government propaganda!"

    Internet multiplayer games are invented : "Waaah waaah 500 ms latencies over my 33.6 modem"

    Mankind is invented : "Oh great, so now I can meet people who'll try to rob me, kill me, defraud me or have offsprings with me!"

    Romantic and sexual relationships with members of the opposite sex are invented : "If I wanted to coexist with living creatures who'd suck me and give me orgasms I'd get some leeches and stick porn on their backs"

    Basements are invented : "HOLY FUCK SHIT YEAH!!"

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    Whatever you say. Asscrack.

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