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Overclocked ReMix Releases Xenogears Tribute Album 3

quintin3265 writes "Yesterday, the video game remix group Overclocked ReMix released its 15th album, 'Humans + Gears: Xenogears ReMixed.' The album highlights work from the PlayStation 1 role-playing game Xenogears. The soundtrack to Xenogears was originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, who also contributed to soundtracks such as Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Xenosaga. The two-discs of 'Humans + Gears,' which began development in mid-2006, include 33 songs mixed by 31 different artists. The collection is free to download in this torrent, and a trailer is up on YouTube that should bring back memories to those who played the game back in 1998."
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Overclocked ReMix Releases Xenogears Tribute Album

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  • I can't believe I got first post 2 hours after I saw this story. Is something broke? Does noone care about random videogame music?

    Getting sorta back on topic, Xenogears is one of my favorite console RPGs. Mindblowing story, I was floored by the complexity of it and themes. The second disc is a letdown though after 30-50 hours of buildup on the first disc.

    Why care about the music?
  • Pity it doesn't have a remix of the brilliant tune "Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People". I consider it one of the most memorable melodies written for a game. Here it is [youtube.com] for those who are curious to listen to it.

    Oh, by the way: here is [youtube.com] the youtube playlist of the original Xenogears OST. Enjoy.
  • ...it's always nice to see another OC ReMix release. Some of the artists on there do some really great stuff, and I've always enjoyed previous albums. Chrono Symphonic was fantastic and even though I don't know the original Xenogears soundtrack, I'll probably take a listen to this anyway just to see how it is.

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