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Sony Puts Ads Back Into Wipeout HD 7

An anonymous reader writes "After fan outcry over ads that were patched into Wipeout HD (after it was already purchased, ad-free), Sony removed them. Now, Sony has quietly added them back in with patch 2.10: 'The 2.10 Update makes some small improvements to front-end functionality and addresses some minor issues with the audio. In addition, small issues that could affect gameplay or scores in the Eliminator and Detonator game modes have also been corrected. Changes have also been made so that any adverts shown during loading screens will not adversely affect the loading times of the title. As many of you know, the functionality to display adverts during loading screens was first introduced in the 2.0 Update and originally didn't function as intended, leading to extended loading times in some areas of the game. This issue has now been resolved and we understand that a new advertising campaign in Wipeout HD is expected to launch across a number of European territories soon (no word yet on what is happening in North America). In the meantime, a range of PlayStation-specific ads will be making an appearance in the coming days.'"
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Sony Puts Ads Back Into Wipeout HD

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  • by CaseM ( 746707 ) on Sunday November 15, 2009 @04:06PM (#30108292)

    This is just another step in a long, long train of rights-withholding by corporations in this generation of console gaming. DLC that can't be shared or otherwise resold; new games that have part of the content withheld and unlocked via codes (thus denying buyers of used games from getting the content without buying it); now Sony inserting advertisements into games I've already purchased. I'd be irate it it weren't so ludicrous to begin with.

  • They should change the name to reflect the new "content" better.
    Wipeout Ad
  • Well Sony has no incentive in installing a PS3 rootkit... so they have to find somthing else to bug you with... I mean how many options do they have?

  • I guess Sony's strategy paid off. I complained when they first suggested this, but didn't expect to be just one of many - and the uproar caused them to change their minds. I didn't renew my subscription for their pathetic "video magazine", Qore, because despite paying for it I still had to sit through Burger King ads every time I clicked anything. Even M$ don't pull stunts like this... they give 1 Vs 100 away for free, and it is ad-supported... I accept that. But when I've paid for a game, and paid for DLC

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