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Sony Develops a Universal Game Console Controller 62

Go Rumors has discovered that Sony recently applied for a patent on a "universal game console controller." According to the patent filing, the controller "includes a hand-holdable housing and a touch sensitive liquid crystal display (LCD) on the housing. The LCD is caused to present, depending on what type of game console a user has selected, a controller key layout for a first type of game console or a controller key layout for a second type of game console. A key layout includes plural keys selectable by a user to input commands to a game console."
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Sony Develops a Universal Game Console Controller

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  • Just don't let MadKatz get any licensing.
    • It depends. If they want to, they can make something that no other manufacturer can touch outside of individuals making their own. The SF4 Tournament Edition stick [] is often heralded as the BEST stick you can buy, as it uses Sanwa parts and is laid out in a very logical manner... not to mention it's user moddable.

  • Oblig (Score:1, Flamebait)

    by daveime ( 1253762 )

    And I suppose even that will come laden with DRM, so that it can only be used with the console you purchased it with.

    You want to go over your friends house and play 2up, you'll have to buy another controller.

  • by Kong the Medium ( 232629 ) <kongstew@googlemail. c o m> on Saturday February 20, 2010 @03:53AM (#31208544) Homepage

    Everbody says the same about these newly fangled "touch"screens and their inputschemes: Give me back my haptic feedback.

    As long as the screen does not press back I will suck at the input. I need some input from my fingertips to show me that I am over "the" or at least "a" button. If it's on a screen I have to look at the screen to see if my fingers are positioned correctly.


    Don't get me started on Sony last "new" input scheme, the Sixxaxis. In theory it's great, in reality the missing "weight" feedback destroys every immersion and fun in using the controller like e.g. a valve or a steering wheel.

    • Agreed. I've got a jailbroken iPhone but when I got it, the various retro emulators were USELESS because of the control scheme. I can't enjoy a game if I'm constantly looking away from it to make sure my fingers are over the right buttons.

      The day they made a homebrew Bluetooth stack and started added Wiimote support to the emulators was the day retro games (other than RPGs) became playable.
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      I agree.

      Here's a blue-sky idea that could help.

      Ferrofluid touch interface []

      Another idea that could help is having analog buttons and joysticks with tiny OLEDs mounted on the keys/buttons/sticks (like the Optimus keyboard). Perhaps even the physicals components could be reconfigurable like the Rubik cube.

      Also wonder if it would be possible to build constructive interference with several piezo sensors to generate feedback

      Anyway, here's to ideas and i

  • God no (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Tromad ( 1741656 ) on Saturday February 20, 2010 @03:53AM (#31208546)

    Sony controllers have the worst layout, with the analog sticks in a horrible position, with a form meant for girly hands. They should just give up and use the 360 controller and replace the d-pad with the one from the NES, and there you go, the perfect console controller.

    • by Renraku ( 518261 )

      The only appreciable difference between the PS3 controller and the 360 controller is that the analog/digital location is switched. I do agree, though, that the 360 controller d-pad should be replaced with a Nintendo one. The current one feels about as awkward as the d-pad from the NES Max controller.

      • I like the Sixaxis, simply becasue ive been using that layout since PS1 and its comfortable to me, but when i first held the Xbox 360 controller, i said to myself "this is the final evolution of the form, anything else we add onto it will be tangential." I DO miss the on-controller screen from Dreamcast though, that was a stroke of genius.
    • by soupd ( 1099379 )
      I couldn't disagree more, I'm 6'2" with fairly big hands and the PlayStation controllers is way more comfortable, both for short and long-term play, than the 360 one. Though I guess if you have short thumbs for the thumbs sticks then it may be more of a problem.
    • by V50 ( 248015 )

      *Shrug* I personally prefer the PS3 controller (own both systems). The 360 controller still seems big and bulky to me, and the d-pad is pretty much worthless.

      The 360 one probably has a better layout, in theory, but for some reason (the two above don't fully answer it), I still prefer the PS3 controller. Not by a huge margin, but, yeah...

    • Everybody likes the same thing, huh? I much prefer the symmetrical layout and flatter profile of the PS3 controller. I just wish Sony would fix the rubbery triggers (and MS would fix the damn D-pad).

      What really annoys me, though, is that the aftermarket controllers all try to use the same basic design of the official controller. Why are there so few XBox-like controllers for the PS3, and so few PS-like controllers for the XBox? Surely such a crowded market would welcome another niche. Or, is the design

  • Coming Q4, 2010

  • Useless (Score:2, Interesting)

    by DeKO ( 671377 )

    Somehow I doubt the LCD could stand the amount of pressure a typical controller button receives. And who would be able to play without feeling the button? I don't want to have to look at the controller only to make sure my finger is over the correct button.

  • by Sycraft-fu ( 314770 ) on Saturday February 20, 2010 @04:24AM (#31208638)

    Part of the problem is tactile feedback, since you need to locate buttons by touch during a game. However I think durability might be an issue. People tend to be hard on their game controllers and I can't see a touch screen holding up to the same kind of abuse as buttons.

    I like the idea of a reconfigurable controller, I don't don't think we have good tech for it yet.

  • ...And the D-pad will still suck harbles. /I'm looking at you too, Xbox360

  • by Stan Vassilev ( 939229 ) on Saturday February 20, 2010 @04:48AM (#31208702)

    When Nintendo announced their new console, they hinted that the way we use the controller will surprise us. Various amateur 3D concepts popped up around the net, and most of them displayed a Nintendo controller with a touch-controlled LCD display, controls would change depending on the game.

    Now we see Sony applying for a patent on the very same idea, a bunch of amateurs came up with in their free time few years ago.

    Obvious patent is obvious.

    • Not to mention that this has been done with TV controllers for, what, years ?...
      I already had an application to turn Palm PDAs into such controllers back in 2000.

    • by 3vi1 ( 544505 )

      >> Obvious patent is obvious.

      And wouldn't there already be prior art, considering you can use the DS to control some Wii games in this manner already?

  • by mykos ( 1627575 ) on Saturday February 20, 2010 @06:41AM (#31209048)
    In fact, plenty of phone emulators and games have on-screen controllers that do this already.
  • mistitled (Score:3, Interesting)

    by argStyopa ( 232550 ) on Saturday February 20, 2010 @09:17AM (#31209592) Journal

    Wouldn't this be better titled "in another desperate attempt to control a marketplace, Sony is developing new controller which they will tout as 'universal' but in actuality will be used by less than 5% of their own console's owners because it sucks so bad"

    • by soupd ( 1099379 )
      Damn right cos if you want to get more out of the PS3 you have to buy Sony HDDs, Sony memory and Sony bluetooth remote/headsets. Oh wait, no you don't, you can use anything you like.
  • I read "universal" as "works on all consoles." In which case, all modern controllers could already be considered universal. They all use USB and Bluetooth.
    • by soupd ( 1099379 )
      Are you sure? I know the PS3 controller is bluetooth but as far as I know the 360 controller uses a proprietary wireless technology. Furthermore, just because something connects over bluetooth or USB that does not mean a standard bluetooth or USB profile is being used.
      • by Khyber ( 864651 )

        360 uses a microsoft-rebadged form of bluetooth

        • by soupd ( 1099379 )
          Any idea why? I'd like to use the PS3 controller with the 360, likewise I have friends who'd like to do the opposite. Given there are more similarities than differences, the fact you can't is somewhat annoying.
          • Money.....i mean really its that simple. Why let johnny use his Xbox controller on his PC that has bluetooth when we can charge him $20 for an official MS branded dongle? Microsoft lost their ass on Xbox 1, so they nickel and dime the shit out of you for everything on Xbox360.
  • I think a multi-play controller in general is a good idea, except I think they should just make it so all controllers work with everything. As for one I think it's retarded how despite the xbox controller & ps3 controller both having x, circle, triangle, square, r1/r2, l1/l2, dpad & 2 analog sticks they for no apparent reason 'Can't" work with the other console. Well obviously you'd need a bluetooth dongle for the ps3 ones with xbox but yeah...standard buttons should work together.. That way I coul
  • Good news for owners of the other consoles.

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