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Turbine Responds To DDO Community Protest 57

Zarrot writes "Turbine has listened to the community and backed away from the partnership with SuperRewards that we discussed yesterday. Quoting: 'Based on your feedback, we're stepping away from the "Offer" category for now. We'll keep exploring alternate ways for players who want points to get them. We'll also continue to innovate in pricing and accessibility because that's who we are. As of today, the Offer Wall is coming down. We'll collect all the feedback we've received over the last few days and will use it to guide future decisions.'"
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Turbine Responds To DDO Community Protest

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  • by dschl ( 57168 ) on Wednesday April 14, 2010 @02:55PM (#31848184) Homepage

    Thank-you Turbine, for bringing down the Wall so quickly in response to customer concerns, and for apologizing to DDO players. That helps immensely.

    Apologies are few and far between these days, and it is refreshing whenever a corporation actually says they are sorry.

    I enjoy playing DDO, and I hope that the apology will help mitigate the harm to the game caused by this incident, and I also hope that the game population will continue to grow.

  • by Impy the Impiuos Imp ( 442658 ) on Wednesday April 14, 2010 @03:28PM (#31848562) Journal

    Yes, you can buy points to buy premium content (pay2play zones or power ups or items), or you can pay the monthly fee like the good old days and get all the zones (and some bonus points per month).

    That's not the point. The option should not involve scammery or even the appearance of scammery.

    I still don't want WeatherBug anywhere near my computers even though it's been legit, apparently, for years.

  • Apology Accepted (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Jaysyn ( 203771 ) on Wednesday April 14, 2010 @03:31PM (#31848612) Homepage Journal

    Apology Accepted. I really did need to clear off a little space on my hard drive, but I'll probably reinstall DDO eventually.

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