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Dungeon Siege III Being Developed by Obsidian 84

Square Enix has announced that it will be publishing Dungeon Siege III, which is in development at Obsidian Entertainment, makers of Alpha Protocol, Neverwinter Nights 2, and the as yet unfinished Fallout: New Vegas. Obsidian will be receiving input from Gas Powered Games, the developer behind the first two installments in the Dungeon Siege series. No release date has been set, but the game is planned for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, and it will include a co-op mode.
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Dungeon Siege III Being Developed by Obsidian

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  • Another game to be butchered by SE. Supcom 1 was a great game. Supcom 2 sucked hardcore.
    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Don't worry, Obsidian will be the ones to develop it. So it won't be bad because of square enix, it will just be a buggy unfinished mess with unsatisfying combat and a camera that hates you.

    • like the publisher has everything to do with the development of the game.

      If you want to blame somebody for Supcom2, blame Gas Powered Games.
    • Super Prize for Gas Powered Games/MS for having Dungeon Siege 1 have DRM that is not Vista compatible(Wait there is a patch if you use Vista SP0)
      Yes, the patch wont install if you have SP1

      Here is thanking the person that wrote the NoCD crack that gets it working(in Vista any SP)
  • Is this giving Uwe Boll more fodder for another movie?

  • by Lord_of_the_nerf ( 895604 ) on Tuesday June 08, 2010 @02:05AM (#32492816)

    Innovative/rich storytelling. Lacks polish. Story-killing bugs will be corrected in a future patch. Expansion coming in 5-8 months.

    Not that I'm cynical.

    • Who cares about story anymore? You've got DLC to buy, you cheap customer!
    • Come on, name ONE game they made which had story killing bugs!

      1) (Intelligence)You're right, I can't!
      • Come on, name ONE game they made which had story killing bugs! 1) (Intelligence)You're right, I can't!

        In Vampire: Bloodlines on a certain main story mission the next level would fail to load when it was supposed to. Thankfully, the workaround was to open the console and enter a command to load it manually at the right time. Still, having to google a workaround to progress is bad. I know, Bloodlines technically was developed by Troika. Still, mostly the same crew.

        • by 2megs ( 8751 )

          I know, Bloodlines technically was developed by Troika. Still, mostly the same crew.

          Not really. A few people from Troika went to Obsidian initially, but not many stayed long. At this point the biggest concentration is probably at Carbine Studios [] under Tim Cain, followed by Turtle Rock [] where experience with the Source Engine paid off in the making of Left 4 Dead. If you take a look at a recent L4D blog post [] you can definitely see how much the early screen shots looked like Vampire -- not surprising consid

          • Does anyone own the Arcanum IP?

            I'd love to see a good sequel to that someday.

            • by 2megs ( 8751 )

              I believe the rights to the IP belonged to Sierra, which like Blizzard was a division of Vivendi Universal, and thus is now a part of the Activision-Blizzard empire. I could be wrong, my guess is Arcanum 2 isn't a priority for Bobby Kotick. :-)

              • Couldn't a smaller studio approach Activision about developing Arcanum 2 for Activision?

                They could point to Fallout 3's success and show that even if the original property didn't sell like mad, you can still resurrect an older franchise and far surpass the original's sales.

                Steampunk is all the rage right now.

              • At least Activision saw fit to release Arcanum here []. It's possible they re-released it to see if there's enough interest to develop a sequel. Wouldn't be the first time an old game has been released to get people interested in the sequel. See Star Wolves and King's Bounty for examples.
      • KotOR2

        Patch of steam near the beginning that freezes your character
        Being saved by a destroyed(killed) party member(after they have been killed)
        Making impulsive-Revan a good guy?

        Should i carry on?
    • Re: (Score:1, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Also: In 2 years a fan patch will come out, fixing almost every known bug and restoring majority of cut content.

    • Sadly this is true. I was really impressed with NWN2 as a game I bought it just recently and there was still a bug that prevented me from finishing the game without a console command workaround. I was interested in Alpha Protocol till I heard about about it having the typical Obsidian "polish".
      • by Jaysyn ( 203771 )

        Let me guess, you couldn't get back to Maztica / Athkatla after a certain point in the quest?

        I eventually finished the game, but that was the bug that stuck in my head, especially with the Devs on the forums poo-pooing multiple people having the same issue.

        • by afidel ( 530433 )
          The biggest bug with that game was that even a top end SLI setup couldn't keep above 15 fps even after the big "performance" patch. Todays cards can probably play the game smoothly but I doubt any card can get phenomenal framerates.
  • by Dahamma ( 304068 ) on Tuesday June 08, 2010 @02:45AM (#32493008)

    Obsidian: we'll take your hit game and make a sequel that's half as good!

    • Re: (Score:1, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Obsidian's games tend to be flawed, but that's still a bit unfair.

      Speaking only of the official campaign, BioWare's NWN is not even comparable to what Obsidian did with NWN2 (the only real appeal of the first game was the multiplayer.) It's also worth mentioning that MoTB is among the best RPGs of this "generation", easily hanging with the likes of Dragon Age.

      KOTOR2 I'll give you, though Lucas Arts rushing the game out the door when it was yet unfinished also factored into that. Had Lucas Arts given them ti

      • by Heed00 ( 1473203 )

        Obsidian's games tend to be flawed, but that's still a bit unfair.

        Speaking only of the official campaign, BioWare's NWN is not even comparable to what Obsidian did with NWN2 (the only real appeal of the first game was the multiplayer.) .

        The problem with your analysis here is that NWN's was something very much more than the official campaign -- from the get go it was designed to be a tool for people to make their own adventures and play together. The OC was only supposed to be little more than a demo of what might be done. When Bioware lost the Baldur's Gate franchise through the legal battles with Interplay (parent of Black Isle who's remnants are now Obsidian) they had to scramble to try to turn it into something also that served the play

    • NWN2 is light years better than NWN1.

      Fallout: NV looks much better than Fallout 3.

      KOTOR:2 has a better story than KOTOR:1 and some nice new game mechanics (including the Influence system) but I admit it was a buggy mess that Lucas shipped way too early. That really isn't their fault.

      The bar for surpassing Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 is VERY LOW.

      But these are also the guys who took the Infinity Engine from Bioware way back in the day and then delivered Planescape Torment, perhaps the best PC title of all time. The

      • by Dahamma ( 304068 )

        Well, I was in large part just joking. But (IMHO of course)...

        NWN2 was just more of the same to me. After playing NWN (which I don't think was that great) NWN2 couldn't hold my interest for long. Never tried MotB, heard it was interesting but really buggy. Besides, they kind of screwed themselves bothering to make good expansions to a largely uninteresting base game.

        I really liked KOTOR2, actually, despite the bugs - until it just ENDED. Sigh. I feel for them, but it's still their game and their reput

        • KotOR2 ended - by forcing the player to run into a brick wall.
          Prize for closest Light Side/Dark Side endings for a Star Wars game goes to ... KotOR2
      • KotOR2 better than KotOR1 for story telling?

        What version of KotOR2 did you play? The still in progress Comunity Expansion Pack?
        KotOR1 took the best bits of the Star Wars Trilogy, and reorganised them to make something just as epic and fun
        KotOR2 was more like "How ccan we make the plotline deep and meaningful, without adding anything?
        The box art villain had to be killed before he was named
        And the whole cutting Jedi off from the force?
        KotOR2 suffered from a bad case of post-credits-WTF-happened-Read-W
    • If Obisidian wants to make a sequel no one was asking for from an RPG franchise, why not contact their buddies over at Bioware and make a Jade Empire sequel?

      Jade Empire was a great setting and concept, but the actual finished product was too simple and very short. I think there is potential for a much improved sequel.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Awesome, another console port designed to be used with a controller.

    • Agreed, nothing worse than a PC game where the tutorial tells you to press the blue X button on your controller to continue and you have to hammer around the keyboard trying to find it. Half assed console ports have done far more damage to PC gaming than piracy ever could.
      • by Yvan256 ( 722131 )

        And then the same company goes the half-assed way of porting their game to Mac OS X by using Cider and wonders why nobody wants to play their games.

  • Over hyped much? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Itchyeyes ( 908311 ) on Tuesday June 08, 2010 @07:33AM (#32494234) Homepage

    Hooray! Two of the most over hyped developers in the industry team up with the most over rated publisher to make a sequel to one of the most over rated franchises!

    • by CoryD ( 1813510 )
      Over Rated?! DID YOU PLAY Space Siege? Oh, wait. I see your point now.
      • Over Rated?! DID YOU PLAY Space Siege? Oh, wait. I see your point now.

        A MetaCritic score of 60 is "overrated" for this game? Wow, it must really suck...

    • by hitmark ( 640295 )

      i kinda enjoyed the first game, but mostly because it had a multiplayer map that was seamless (you could take shortcuts between places if you knew where to look and could dodge or kill the nearby enemies), and didnt have long forced story sequences. Sadly they dropped that in the second game, instead just making the main story optionally co-op.

  • After the complete fuckup that was Knights of the Old Republic II I am never buying anything that Obsidian creates again.
    • Obsidian was given 12 months for that game, which is a very short timetable. Many AAA titles have 3-4 years of development. Except Lucas shipped the game after 9 months, not 12.

      Even worse, Lucas freaked out at the last minute about how dark the game was, and lopped off most of the ending.

      You can download content restoration mods that restore much of the cut content that was left on the disc. In the end, it really is a better game than the first, despite almost no development time.

      • You know, people make this excuse for KOTOR 2 all the time. The only problem is, both NWN2 and Alpha Protocol were unfinished technical nightmares too, and neither of those games had anything to do with Lucas Arts. I'm sure LA had a role in KOTOR 2's problems, but it's also clear that Obsidian is a developer that has major problems finishing their games. Just because one of their three f*** ups may not have been entirely their fault, doesn't mean they continue to get the benefit of the doubt every time t

        • I've read some reviews that Alpha Protocol is buggy at launch, but I never read those reviews for NWN2.

          Meanwhile Dragon Age was buggy as hell and unplayable for tons of players. Read those forums some time. There is a massive memory leak that last time I checked, is still unresolved, that leads to 10 minute load times when you change maps.

          Fallout 3 is still practically unplayable even after the Game of the Year release and final patch. The vanilla game crashes every 30 seconds to 5 minutes for me. I have to

          • Strange, I played the unpatched versino of Dragon Age with maybe 2 crashes in the entire 80+ hour game.

            And neither of them was game breaking
            As for the "KotOR 2 was rushed, pity the Devs", more importantly, pity the people that bought it. The storyline was a mess filled with philosophical Mumbo-Jumbo. Was worse than trying to read Dune:Messiah(Okay, maybe it was a tie)
    • Hear Hear

      Mod Parent Up

      Down with Obsidian...
  • Hopefully they will do a more competent job than on Dungeon Siege 2 [].

    • That was GPG. Completely different from Obsidian

    • Frankly, given how utterly boring Dungeon Siege 1 was, I'm amazed it got a single sequel, much less two. Seriously... people enjoyed that game? I only even finished it because I felt like giving up on the snorefest would be a waste of money.

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