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Man Kidnaps Son-in-law, Trades Him For Xbox 360 5

dbune writes "Two Tennessee men were arrested after they allegedly kidnapped one of the men's son-in-law over some stolen jewelry. The victim was beaten and finally freed him in exchange for a neighbor's Xbox 360. The victim was able to reach his mother-in-law and she spoke to a neighbor who suggested they trade his Xbox 360 valued between $400 and $500 in return for the release of the kidnapped victim."
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Man Kidnaps Son-in-law, Trades Him For Xbox 360

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  • At least they'll have the xbox in jail... whoops nevermind. Some people need to have some sort of common sense. Did the step dad talk with the mother? Did he talk with the son before steeping to this level? My guess, probably not. If he lives with the kid couldn't he just check his room for the jewelery (unless of course the kid pawned it off). Hamster must have fell off the wheel with Seal ;)
  • Better summary: Two men lock a family member of one of them in a basement accusing him of stealing some rings. They let him out when they receive about the same value back. Since this little family fight involved an Xbox, you get to read about it here on slashdot. Coming up next: Man found out about his wife cheating on him by reading her phone bill. Her phone is an Android!
  • $500 for an xbox? I wouldn't pay $5 for one.
  • If it was a JTAG then it might have been okay...

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