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Sony Wants To Put Your Game Saves In the Cloud 224

itwbennett writes "Sony may be planning to have three platforms (Android devices, NGP, PS3) running PlayStation Suite content and needing access to the same saved data stored in the cloud, says blogger Peter Smith. At last week's PlayStation Meeting, game developer Hideo Kojima said his 'dream' was to offer the same game on the PS3 and the new PlayStation Portable with saves in the cloud. If Kotaku has it right, that dream may be coming in firmware version 3.6. Also, in an interview with Engadget, Sony's Jack Tretton first said that PlayStation Suite games would work on the PS3. He then retracted that comment, but it's sounding a lot like Sony just isn't ready to talk officially about plans to bring Suite content to the PS3, says Smith."
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Sony Wants To Put Your Game Saves In the Cloud

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  • Re:Good idea (Score:4, Informative)

    by grumbel ( 592662 ) <> on Monday January 31, 2011 @01:48PM (#35058332) Homepage

    Would also be a great way to share saved games.

    Or it could be the exact opposite: Make it impossible to share game saves at all and only allow you to play the games as intended by the developer. Wouldn't even be a new thing, there are already quite a few games on consoles out that have copy protected save games (in the name of protecting achievements and other bullshit reasons).

    Speaking of save games in the cloud: Does anybody know how OnLive handles the situation? Do they allow any kind of save game sharing at all?

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