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Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Mode Predictably Controversial 344

Gearbox Software has released some information about the multiplayer modes for Duke Nukem Forever, which is due out May 3rd (for real this time). In addition to standard deathmatch (called Dukematch), team deathmatch and a king-of-the-hill mode, there is "Capture the Babe," in which a typical CTF flag is replaced by a woman. Eurogamer explains it thus: "... when you grab the other team's babe, she sometimes 'freaks out.' The solution? Give her a gentle smack." Gearbox's Randy Pitchford, clearly understanding how politically incorrect this sounds, said, "You can get some things across in screenshots but not really. So we're kinda struggling with how we expose it so people understand what's there. The proof is in the pudding so to speak, so I don't want to talk about it too much."
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Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Mode Predictably Controversial

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  • by epyT-R ( 613989 ) on Tuesday March 22, 2011 @02:41AM (#35569192)

    if you're gonna complain about cliches, at least focus on the present. duke is the exception, not the norm these days. what's wrong with a bit of male-archetype cliche? there's tons of 'girl power' moments in the media, making them a cliche stereotype in their own right. hell there are whole shows devoted to showing women in power, running everything, while the males are either kiss-up-captain-save-a-hos, criminals, or, some kind of sex abusers. oh right, I forgot, according to the feminist, male assertion of any kind = 'misogyny', but when females do it to males, it's 'empowerment.' I'm wonderin if the relatively recent intolerance towards the duke character has more to do with increasing gynocentricity and less to do with the drama surrounding the game's development. I say this because in the last few years I've noticed a lot of 'male chauvinist' critiques as a reason to diss the game. sure, they've always been there, even back in the 90s, but today, it seems like the most common complaint. Everyone knows there are far more pertinent attributes that can make a game suck.

    The duke aint' PC.. that's what makes him cool. characters like this are the vaccine to the real-damage that the PC-shielding of ideology can do to society. it prevents critique of any kind out of "respect for others' feelings." I'm sure I"ll be modded down into oblivion for even suggesting this. oh well.

  • by VGPowerlord ( 621254 ) on Tuesday March 22, 2011 @09:25AM (#35571484)

    Everyone so far seems to be ignoring the most controversial bit in the multiplayer announcement.

    In 2011, Duke Nukem Forever only supports eight-player multiplayer. EIGHT PLAYER multiplayer.

    What does Gearbox think this is, the 90s?

  • by Stargoat ( 658863 ) * <> on Tuesday March 22, 2011 @10:59AM (#35573046) Journal

    Women under the age of 30 in urban centers make more money than men. [] More women today are graduating with college degrees than men. This has been happening for years. []

    Basically, in places where the average man doesn't burn out his body working on a farm or in construction, women are making more money than men.

    The feminist movement is over. They won. Women are now equal or superior to men.

    It is time to end Title IX. It is time to bring education standards back up so that we can make sure little Johnny gets the same education little Suzie does.

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