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A Piece of Internet History Lost: Sold, Services To Shut Down 123

An anonymous reader writes "The former Illuminati Online domain,, has been sold, and all existing customers will lose all services associated with the domain. A 1990 Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games, then owner of the Illuminati Online BBS and later the domain led to the creation of the EFF and was an important milestone in the fight for online rights. While the domain has been sold in the past, the services offered to customers always remained unchanged. However, this most recent sale, to an unnamed party, will result in all services being dropped on July 1, and people will lose email addresses, web pages, and shell accounts that many have had for 15+ years." Bad news for me — was my first real ISP, and I was hoping to see if I could revive the account.
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A Piece of Internet History Lost: Sold, Services To Shut Down

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