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Notch Shows Minecraft Adventure Update 113

jjp9999 writes "Markus 'Notch' Persson, the creator of Minecraft, showed off some features of the upcoming v1.8 at PAX, which includes the long-awaited adventure update. The video shows off villages, which Notch says can usually be found near the player's spawn point, as well as improved graphics and a few other gameplay tweaks. Notch says he and his team plan to release the update soon, but may release it in increments, since 'there's so much we need to clean up.' Regardless, the next version of Minecraft looks stunning, with some much-needed direction to the gameplay that could rekindle interest."
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Notch Shows Minecraft Adventure Update

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  • As long as the crashes get fixed, I'm happy. I'm tired of it locking up when you go really far from your original spawn location.
  • I can get better video on analog cable then this sub cell phone video

  • But I wouldn't know. That was one big fucking blur.

    Seriously people: Stop shooting video on your cellphones. I understand if it is a spur of the moment situation, like there's an outbreak of violence and you are trying to document it. However when you are going to shoot something longer, like, say, this demonstration, get a video camera. They don't cost much and do a much better job. Also, for something like this, get a tripod.

    It isn't like whoever shot this didn't know it was going to happen, PAX is an eve

    • To be fair, phone cameras have become pretty decent [], but a tripod or steadicam is as useful as ever, and operator skill is most important of all.

      • It is true high quality phone cameras can do pretty well, for that matter they tend to record in a slightly modified AVCHD format. However they still don't compare to a real camera mostly for low light. Those tiny lenses just can't handle lower light situations well.

        I don't object to people using phone cameras, when needed. I've used mine both for still and video because there are times when you need it and that's all you have. However if you plan on going and recording a lengthy bit on something that matte

        • I cannot stand cell cameras. Like you said, tiny lens. Fixed focus too.

          WAA WE HAVE A 3MP LENS!

          Great! Now I can capture all the noise and blur in finer detail!

    • Not even that, do a screen recording which you can do with free software with little to no loss to visual quality... Just bring along a cheap mic

    • by KDR_11k ( 778916 )

      For the actual gameplay footage they should've used a screen capture tool, not a camera.

  • He generated a new world and there was a random village. That's it, no villagers. Villagers are what makes it "adventure" since they supposedly give out quests. It's nearly September now, about 10 weeks till release date. I hope he's getting his act together.

    • Minecraft is a sandbox game. It doesn't need NPCs to give the player quests. When NPC villagers are added, I'm hoping they just meander mysteriously and keep to themselves for the most part.

      • by poity ( 465672 )

        I get you, but my issue isn't about what the game was meant to be, it's about Notch's vision and whether the game can reach that in time. I mean, we ourselves can set the bar as low as we want, but if Notch lays out a grander goal then we should hold him to that promise.

        • by Lehk228 ( 705449 )
          i would rather he take his time and release what is ready rather than shoving it out the door "on time" half-assed fucked-over and broken, as is the typical way of many game publishers
      • by sjwt ( 161428 )

        Notch did say in that painfully to watch video that he is trying to keep "talking with the villagers" out of the official side of the release.

      • I'd personally rather the villages get taken out if they serve no real purpose other than being there and rotting. If I want to create an adventure, I'd rather make my own villages anyway.

      • by sjwt ( 161428 )

        Stuff that, i want grifers, they should be trying to steal your stuff, and to protect their own!

    • That village was decent-looking, but no villagers? I suspect whatever villagers he has time to make before release will be very passive. Certainly far from those of the Millénaire mod (, that expend their village, improve buildings, have children that grow up into various kinds of adults, trade with the player, etc.
    • Notch's own additions to Minecraft have been eclipsed several times over by the improvements available through the modding community. Most of his recent additions and changes have either been superficial or very underwhelming. Compare recent updates to some of the better mods or plugin packs like IndustrialCraft, Better Than Wolves, or Runecraft. The only things Notch is supposedly working on for MC that I'm even remotely interested in are the standardized modding API which has supposedly been in the works
    • by KDR_11k ( 778916 )

      I'm guessing making the world generator produce villages was the toughest part. NPCs wouldn't be that complex to code.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Regardless, the next version of Minecraft looks stunning

    *raise eyebrow*

  • Minecrack (Score:5, Interesting)

    by anchovy_chekov ( 1935296 ) on Saturday August 27, 2011 @06:20PM (#37230580)
    Man.. just release it so my kids will stop asking me "when will 1.8 be out". I woke up last weekend with my youngest's face about three inches from mine, saying "has Minecraft been updated?" We've had to ban discussion about Minecraft from the dinner table, it's just gets too much.

    But seriously, Minecraft has been an absolute boon for tech education in our house. My young kids now have their own hosted server for playing with friends, discuss the merits of Java over other languages and have generally replaced a "consumerist" attitude to technology with a much more investigative one. And the story of Notch kicking it all off by himself inspires them. It's all good.

    Now kids, go write a mod or something. Mummy and Daddy want to have a sleep-in.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Don't let them know Terraria exists...

      • I can't seem to enjoy Terraria for some reason. I'm not sure if it's the interface, the 2d graphics or what. I give it a meh.
    • My young kids now have their own hosted server for playing with friends, discuss the merits of Java over other languages and have generally replaced a "consumerist" attitude to technology with a much more investigative one.

      Quick, uninstall it before they discover redstone. They'll be at your bed at 6 AM begging you to come have a look at their redstone circuitry bug. Before you know it you're up to your neck in RS-NOR latches, flipflops and their twisted redstone equivalents in minecraft all for the sake having a fully automated trainstation.

      I'm not even kidding, QUICK! Save yourself man!

      • And don't let them try dwarf fortress, or they will soon be making water powered computers that catapult living (initially) kittens at invading armies.

      • Too late matey.. I've already had the explanation of the inner workings of my oldest (11yo) redstone circuit based combination locks do my head in. At least these kids are growing knowing what an XOR is. It's kinda sweet, in a geek-family way.
  • Come on, a person with last name Persson?
    • by Surt ( 22457 )

      They are not, I repeat NOT, aliens from another planet bent on making us spend more time sitting at a computer getting fattier and tastier. Does their name not make that clear?

  • by Kinniken ( 624803 ) on Saturday August 27, 2011 @06:46PM (#37230734) Homepage
    A little blatant self-publicity there, but at least it's very much on-topic: the Millénaire mod ( already includes NPC villages for Minecraft, with NPCs that expend their villages, trade with the player, have children who get new jobs, produce new types of food and items, etc. They have a wide range of possible buildings too, and players can easily add their own plans to the mod. NPCs currently to either medieval Norman or medieval (Asian) Indian cultures.
    • by josath ( 460165 )
      Can I plug it into bukkit yet? Can other players log onto my server without having to go through the hassle of loading up forum pages, opening up minecraft.jar, replacing class files, etc?

      That's the main problem with all the minecraft mods (besides bukkit ones), they're a hassle to install, and don't work on multiplayer (and the ones that do, require every single player to muck about with their client).

      Probably the built in NPCs wont be as good as millenaire, but at least I'll be able to easily use them
  • Never mind the graphics, the fact that it's completely open-ended is what makes it for me.

    Right now I'm working on the finished touches on my cross-map railway; I want to finish the "On the rails" achievement and do a long train ride before the update. Just doing a long rail ride isn't particularly fun, though, so I've been doing it "right",following the terrain properly, with a whole series of bridges, tunnels, passageways and so on along the line. That needs lots more iron and gold than just a simple stra

    • by sjwt ( 161428 )

      Maybe I dont play mine craft enough, ive only put in about hours sine the stats came in, I just hop on every now and then to put in an hour, i just dig off a main tunnel back and forth, and explore all parts of every cave system I come to, but with just having the main tunnel 60 long ( a tunnel that is 200 long splits off every 3 blocks, and I mine back tot he original tunnel from the end, so as to not waist walking backwards and forwards, so outside of digging my walking is limited to 60 blocks

      I have a por

  • I really do enjoy Minecraft, but my enjoyment of the game is tempered somewhat by the hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing, life-sucking hassle of administering an SMP server. When I first installed it, the server was so unreliable that I needed to write a bunch of custom "glue" just to keep it online. The server would crash constantly, so I wrote a shell script to restart it if it exited. But this proved insufficient, as sometimes it would simply hang unresponsively, so I wrote a more sophisticated watchdog timer

    • I run an SMP server on Debian and I've never had the issues you discuss... i did modify a script to download the latest version [], diff the jars and update if needed. That's it though. It's just me and a friend that play, but I'm going on two weeks now without a hiccup. The only reason I've shut it down was to update the command line options to play with different values for performance.

      There's nothing spectacular in the command line options I use...
      java -Xmx3072M -Xms3072M -XX:+AggressiveOpts -XX:Parallel

      • by Cbs228 ( 596164 )

        We use MineOS, but it is not something I'd recommend. It is based on a thumb drive/CD-R linux distro, and as such getting it to save system changes to the hard drive is like pulling teeth. It has RAM disk functionality for the world files, but we're not using it—that is most certainly asking for trouble. If it were my box (I just admin it), I would have installed a real, actively-maintained OS like Debian or Ubuntu Server long ago.

        They theoretically have a new version, MineOS CRUX, that is less full o

    • I run a small server out of my living room for a few friends, and I feel your pain. I absolutely dread update time because it means spending the next day wrestling with the various plugins trying to get everything working again. Power outtages and a former roommate who accidently unplugged the server a few times also meant some hair pulling moments with the worldmap. Just tossing this out there, but theres a pretty lightweight backup plugin available for bukkit which I believe is just called "Backup" it can
      • Full disclosure: I use McMyAdmin for the server I run for friends, but I have no other connection to PhonicUK.

        Consider McMyAdmin? It's got a freeware mode with the only limitations being that you have a max of eight players and it announces itself globally every half-hour or so, and a pro license without the player limit and global chat spam is reasonably-priced. It gives you a web front-end so you can remotely administer it, and it supports both vanilla Minecraft server and the rather popular custom serv
  • I never played Minecraft, but I think I should. I'd better watch exchange rates.

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