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GAME Australia Now Also In Administration 57

Fluffeh writes "Yesterday the Australian Division of GAME saw an email from their Marketing Manager confirming that the 95-store chain has gone into voluntary administration. PriceWaterhouseCoopers partner Kate Warwick said, 'Initially we will continue to trade all stores, operating these on as close to a "business as usual" mode as possible whilst we get a clearer understanding of the current state of the business and actively pursue options to secure its future.' It also seems that GAME is having a bit of a fire sale, with many titles, including quite a few new releases, now in a $5-$74 bargain bin. Ms. Warwick also noted that the company's customers hold various claims against the company under loyalty cards, gift cards and vouchers. She said, 'We are working on schemes aimed at giving customers some return on these claims if they are used to make additional purchases.'" This follows similar news from the UK in March.
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GAME Australia Now Also In Administration

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  • So for people who put down the $30 to pre-order or $50 to pre-order the collectors edition have lost that cash []. So I'd hardly say it's business as usual... My wife plans to pick up a few games from there but I'm still of the opinion that we should just get them from ebay or where it's cheaper anyway.
    • [] Blizzard announced in their forums they will be allowing people to get a refund of the preorder amount when ordering digitally. Doesn't really help if you really wanted the collector's edition but seems like a decent move on their part when they weren't even the ones who took your money.
  • mail order (Score:4, Interesting)

    by vlm ( 69642 ) on Monday May 14, 2012 @05:19PM (#39999389)

    Its interesting watching the journalist / news release re publishers solely focus on competition from download services and totally ignore mail order.

    Download took away all the "I want it on release day" and "I want it now".
    Mail order took away all the "I want it cheap" and "I've got metered/slow internet access" and "I want something unusual"
    That leaves retail stores with... gift sales? Apparently the book industry has given up on retail except for gift sales, and that works for them, but video games are too fast moving of a target.

  • Seems GAME AU couldn't get Diablo 3 because of financial problems, so customers who pre-ordered the game won't get the game and won't get a refund. []
  • Thanks for keeping me abreast of this News for Nerds, this Stuff that Matters, Slashdot!

  • the company's customers hold various claims against the company under loyalty cards, gift cards and vouchers.

    Nice to hear that they have some respect for the customers in that regard. When Blockbuster went under, they stopped accepting gift cards locally (gift cards that were paid for in cash) for the final sales. Seems Australia treats the customer better than Canada in such instances.

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