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DarkSeas Games Developing Spiritual Successor To Road Rash 77

Feast Huggston writes "Indie Dev Darkseas Games has released an early gameplay trailer (video) of Road Redemption, a modern reimagining of the Sega Genesis (and later 3DO/N64/PSX/PC) motorcycle combat-racing classic Road Rash. The project has been in development since early 2012 and utilizes the Unity 4 engine. It is currently slated for release on PC, Mac, and Linux in 2014, with a stretch goal of eventually reaching the major game consoles. So far, it has raised over $24,000 of its $160,000 pledge goal on Kickstarter. While Road Rash creator Dan Geisler recently stated that he was interested in making another Road Rash, he is apparently not directly involved in this project, although he has given it his blessing. I grew up playing the heck out of this on Genesis and PC and it already appears that for many, a rebirth of this franchise was long overdue."
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DarkSeas Games Developing Spiritual Successor To Road Rash

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  • Hrmmm (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Could have done without the head being cut off @ the end. I loved Road rash growing up, this looks like a rehashed GTA.

    Not that Road Rash was all that great but it kept things simple and it was fun.

    • Re:Hrmmm (Score:5, Insightful)

      by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <> on Sunday April 14, 2013 @12:43AM (#43444433) Journal
      That is what I thought when I saw gun targeting...NO, FUCK NO, you are missing the whole point, what made that FUN was that it was simple, you could grab a chain or a bat and whack the other guy or kick him into traffic, but because they kept it simple you could still just race and win.
      • by jo_ham ( 604554 )

        That is what I thought when I saw gun targeting...NO, FUCK NO, you are missing the whole point, what made that FUN was that it was simple, you could grab a chain or a bat and whack the other guy or kick him into traffic, but because they kept it simple you could still just race and win.

        Exactly. That and the 16 bit music were the best parts about the game.

        I spent hours playing Road Rash II on the Mega Drive with my brother and my friends and it was pure arcade action. If I wanted to play GTA or a shooter I'd play GTA or any number of shooters. Road Rash was something special.

        Also, damn you you Public Enemy! Made me Nitro right into a hidden cop car again!

        • I can't remember which one I had, may have been Sega CD, but the soundtrack caused me to wreck more than the enemies! It had Kid Rock before he became famous and a bunch of other killer tracks (The Kid Rock track was "Somebody's gotta feel this" which kicks ass at 110MPH).

          But what made it great was like I said, nothing to make you lose concentration on the road, you could switch music tracks, you could swing your weapon, hit the booster...that was pretty much it. This let you just lock onto the road and z

          • by jo_ham ( 604554 )

            That must have been the Mega CD version or the Playstation version. The original 16 bit version on the Mega Drive had purely midi music. It was one of the classic 16 bit soundtracks.

            • It may have been Sega CD, I was one of the dumbasses that were first adopters. I thought it would be used to make huge Phantasy Stars, fit all these huge games that would cost a mint to make in a cart, what did we get Marky Mark...yuck.

              But the soundtrack caused me more wrecks than the bad guys, it was the kind of music that just makes you want to drive full speed so my bike was full blast, just jamming to the tunes while peeling my butt off a truck...GREAT GAME. Man I hope they don't screw it up by making

  • by guises ( 2423402 ) on Saturday April 13, 2013 @11:30PM (#43444253)
    On the one hand I fully sympathize with people who are enthusiastically supporting projects like this. I wanted the Dreamfall kickstarter to make gobs of money and considered a Slashdot submission but held off, feeling that it was inappropriate. There are so many of these projects now that I'd hate to see Slashdot flooded with this sort of thing.

    As far as this particular project is concerned: I make a point of only donating to teams that already have considerable experience and who I know can do the job well and in reasonable time. These people are not that. It's otherwise a good idea, but I don't think bankrolling the dreams of some college kids is really the best use of Kickstarter funding.
    • Have fun donating your money to EA and other "established" piece of crap studios then. The whole point of kickstarter is to give people a chance who otherwise wouldn't have one. That they have a prototype this far along is already a good sign. How hard it is to donate a whole dollar? People like you need to stop bitching every time they see something someone else has made, and start helping instead.
    • by Chryana ( 708485 )

      A cursory glance at the project webpage would have shown you that their team has worked on at least a dozen game, and has a combined experience of 35 years in video game development. They also have made a demo which, in my opinion, looks pretty cool. I'm not sure that flinging names like college kids is deserved in this case. I am also curious as to what extra guarantees you would expect to give your backing to a similar project. After all, if the project succeeds, there will be no further kickstarter fundr

      • by guises ( 2423402 )
        They have ten people with a combined experience of thirty five years, that's nothing to brag about. They list a bunch of games that team members have "worked on," but give no indication in what capacity. These aren't established vets, like Brian Fargo or Tim Schafer (who have kickstarted projects to which I was happy to donate), these are... I don't know what to call them that doesn't sound insulting. These are people from whom I would be happy to buy a product, but not people to whom I wish to give a donat
    • I make a point of only donating to teams that already have considerable experience [...] not [...] bankrolling the dreams of some college kids

      If everybody followed a policy like yours, how would anybody gain "considerable experience"?

    • This being modded so high is typical slashdot. Sounds insightful until you realize half his post is actually bullshit.

    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 ) *

      I'm tempted to donate but they don't have any kind of timeframe or estimated release date on the kickstarter page. I know, it is very hard to estimate, but any project of this size by a professional team will have some idea of when it is likely to be finished.

      No promises, just a vague "hopefully this year" and some kind of estimate of the work that needs to be done would inspire a lot of confidence. Clearly they already have a fairly advanced game engine, if the video is to be believed... Although to be hon

  • I like this. i think it is the funniest part of the project. as since they are using unity to build their game, the source code is already open source. as unity only does AOT compile on the iOS platform. so weather you want to give it away or not. you did! look at any unity android game and open the apk yourself and you can use a c# decompiler to get back to original source (minus comments). I actually asked for AOT compile for all platforms on unity and was ignored.

    but thanks for "open sourcing" it. i gues

    • Decompiled code is really not at all like open sourced code. It is basically unreadable for a human when you have a large project like this. I mean, I guess every XNA game is "open source" as well then.
      • by musikit ( 716987 )

        you really havent used unity then i take it. as i have and have seen my code decompiled to basically my code minus my spacing. function names and variable names were preserved.

        • I've just never tried to decompile it because I don't make it a habit to steal other people's code. I have seen decompiled XNA code before though and it was a mess. Method and Variable names were not preserved. In either case though when it is open source you actually have permission to take it and use it in your own game. With a game as complicated as this you will also want to be able to use the associated assets as well. Also comments will probably be pretty useful to have.
          • by musikit ( 716987 )

            there is more then "stealing other's code" to decompile a unity program. like i don't know test how good it is at protecting my intellectual property. but i guess everyone who uses a decompiler is a thief. ohh wait you used a decompiler. you must be a thief.

            • My response was maybe a bit much, but you suggested I haven't really used unity because I have never tried to decompile someone else's code, which is ridiculous. I mean I could understand doing it to try to see how someone else implemented some particular feature, but it is still not great to be decompiling and studying other people's code without permission.
  • I submitted a great story about how they are building lots of their own tech, using mariadb and Linux on their back end etc with no love. Far more relevant than this

  • by skine ( 1524819 ) on Sunday April 14, 2013 @12:11AM (#43444377)

    Watching the trailer, it doesn't remind me that much of Road Rash.

    For one, you can see the cars before you hit them.

    • I'd be happy if they simply cloned the gameplay and just updated the graphics. That would be worth a $20 donation.

      Imho Road Rash was essentially perfect the way it was so it would be a shame if they messed too much with the formula. Flatout 2 was the same way; lots of fun just the way it was then another studio took over and tried too hard. The sequels never came close to the original.

  • As long as they get the unlimited nitro cheat in the game I will give it my blessing too. Oh and the realistic physics when you crash at 100mph, you fly through the air or one the ground for the next minute without stopping.

  • by UnCivil Liberty ( 786163 ) on Sunday April 14, 2013 @01:55AM (#43444617)

    Like the Playstation & PC versions of Road Rash []

    • by skine ( 1524819 )

      Soundgarden was great, back in the day when you didn't expect a real soundtrack in a game.

      However, I still love the music from the Genesis games.

    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 ) *

      The PC version was notorious for cheating. If you got far ahead the other riders would magically speed up and maintain a constant distance no matter what.

  • by Osgeld ( 1900440 )

    Whats this voodoo banshee game offer than breaking mechanics like guns? Gore!

    Not AL.. just pointless garbage a 12 year old would find Kewl

    before making a road rash omage, at least have some respect for the 16 bit games

  • I have fond(?) memories of lying in bed, popping pain-killers and playing Road Rash while recovering from a nasty motorcycle accident.

    As long as it stays true to it's 16 bit, cartoon violence core, I'm all for it.

  • []

    Saw it years ago and with my love of Road Rash really wished it would be turned into a game. Road Redemption seems like it's borrowing too much from FPV gaming with the shotgun etc. which detracts from the original Road Rash style of gaming where you go hammer'n'tongs at your opponents without having to worry about aiming or other such crap - just get close and press the hit & kick buttons like mad :)
    • Ked Connolly, who made this vid, and I(DanGeisler) have joined forces. But keep it to yourself.
      • Pardon the typo. That's Kev.
        • O_O

          I really really hope you can bring a new Road Rash to modern day hardware, that would be on my christmas list for sure :)

          BTW, small idea for inclusion into a new RR; Biker gangs. Play as a lone ranger or join a gang and fight other gangs (making sure not to beat up your fellow gang members)
  • Look, I grew up on Road Rash. I love the game.

    Genesis, Amiga, Playstation, fuck ya, I played the game. I mean, I played the game.

    If i want to relive the game, I got so many choices. That's why I'm not worried that the new game, Road Redemption, has added more on to it. So we got samurai swords and guns now. Sure, compared to the original game, it's different, but dudes, you can still play the original game. In fact, if this was just updated graphics of the original game, I'm sure people will be bi

    • I mostly agree; I don't think adding to it detracts from being Road Rash-like. However, I do have personal reservations with the use of guns. I definitely think the whole catch up and attack in gameplay is a bit more interesting because the guns put perhaps too much advantage into people behind you with no real way to defend yourself aside from driving spastically. If you add too much stuff like this, driving the race becomes less and less practical and becomes more about simply killing everyone until there

  • by DGeisler ( 2896567 ) on Sunday April 14, 2013 @01:58PM (#43446701)
    Hello Slashdot. This is Dan Geisler, and I want to confirm, that I am not in anyway connected with this project. However, I do support their effort. That being said this is not the vision for a remake that I have in mind. I wish them the best, but the spirit of the game remains in the souls of the original team, and due to popular demand, many of us old souls have come together again. Stay tuned.
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