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Computer Scientists Invents Game-Developing Computer AI 103

MojoKid writes "Over the past few years, short game writing 'jams' have become a popular way to bring developers together in a conference with a single overarching theme. These competitions are typically 24-48 hours long and involve a great deal of caffeine, frantic coding, and creative design. The 28th Ludum Dare conference held from December 13 — 16 of this past year was one such game jam — but in this case, it had an unusual participant: Angelina. Angelina is a computer AI designed by Mike Cook of Goldsmiths, London University. His long-term goal is to discover whether an AI can complete tasks that are generally perceived as creative. The long-term goal is to create an AI that can 'design meaningful, intelligent and enjoyable games completely autonomously.' Angelina's entry into Ludum Dare, dubbed 'To That Sect'" is a simple 3D title that looks like it hails from the Wolfenstein era. Angelina's initial game is simple, but in reality Angelina is an AI that can understand the use of metaphor and build thematically appropriate content, which is pretty impressive. As future versions of the AI improve, the end result could be an artificial intelligence that 'understands' human storytelling in a way no species on Earth can match."
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Computer Scientists Invents Game-Developing Computer AI

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  • Re:Absurd (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 06, 2014 @03:29AM (#45876313)

    it's 2014 you idiot

  • Re:Absurd (Score:5, Funny)

    by wonkey_monkey ( 2592601 ) on Monday January 06, 2014 @04:10AM (#45876425) Homepage

    If it makes the front page of Slashdot in 2014, it has by definition already made the front page somewhere else in 2013.

  • by eyenot ( 102141 ) <> on Monday January 06, 2014 @05:00AM (#45876525) Homepage

    In A World
    where one programmer

    *keys clicking*
    *CRT fixed-width reflecting on eyeglass lens*
    *sudden black screen and gasp*

    who relates more closely to computers than to people

    *boy and a girl walking side by side*
    GIRL: "think you'll come to the party tonight?"
    GUY: "do you think computers like Titanic?"
    GIRL: "excuse me?"
    GUY: "I can show you the world!"

    decides enough is enough

    GIRL: "I don't think we can see each other."
    GUY: "do you think computers have feelings?"

    *people dying*

    and retreats into his basement to create his own entire world

    *guy guzzling 2-liter*

    GUY: "I'm going to add the airborn mine cart explosion that can send a dwarf flying through the air and landing in another mine cart today"
    OTHER GUY: "you got rent?"

    follow us into a world where reality is all topsy-turvy

    GUY: "The computer isn't just playing the game. The computer is LEARNING."

    *record scratch*

    OTHER GUY: "You're telling it what to do."
    GUY: "Yeah but I'm telling it it's called do_learn(token).... what? Jeez, shut up!"

    and where dreams become reality

    GUY: "I can actually make the game program itself, now."
    GIRL: "Wow, that's so cool. What's that symbol mean?"
    GUY: "Oh, it looks like the game thought it would be a good idea to make itself be about elephants humping with a quest goal of finding a lost abacus."
    GIRL: "I have to go. I hear my mom. LET ME GO."

    this spring, get ready, to re-define your entire sense of what creativity means

    OTHER GUY: "You can't have a flight sim that's about penguins and walruses absorbing blocks of gelatin through their bellies and shooting skyscrapers out of their mouths"
    GUY: "It -- it wasn't me. It was THE GAME!"
    OTHER GUY: "Yeah but it's stupid."

    from the same people that brought you Unsolvable Sokoban, Endless Sudoku, and Eliza

    GUY: "It's like it's thinking. It's really thinking."
    OTHER GUY: "No, it's like you've been awake for 68 hours"
    GUY *hoarsely* "Ith tho amathiiiiiinnnnng"

    Starring that guy who played Corky from Growing Pains or whatever the fuck that was

    GUY: "I'm just like normal people you know."
    GIRL: "Normal people don't think randomly splashing paint on a canvas is creativity."
    GUY: "I'm just like Manhattan people you know."

    And that girl that never mind

    And the other guy who's more successful in life because he isn't completely deranged

    OTHER GUY *drooling and staring at tv static*

    Rated R for:
    * conceptual challenges
    * a complete lack of experimental control
    * we're pretending being retarded is normal
    * the film was computer generated. creators cannot be held liable for what might appear in front of you.

  • Re:Absurd (Score:5, Funny)

    by smallfries ( 601545 ) on Monday January 06, 2014 @05:18AM (#45876581) Homepage

    And that somewhere else was probably also slashdot.

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