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Crytek Open-Sources Their 'Renderdoc' 3D Debugger 20

An anonymous reader writes "Game studios now seem to be forming a habit out of opening up their debugger / development utilities. After Valve's notable VOGL debugger, Crytek has now decided to open source their Renderdoc debugger. Renderdoc had been available for free use since earlier in the year but now they have posted an MIT-licensed version of the code to GitHub. Renderdoc builds on both Windows and Linux but for now just targets the Direct3D 11 graphics API while OpenGL support is being expected later."
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Crytek Open-Sources Their 'Renderdoc' 3D Debugger

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  • I've seen something like this before. It's very useful to a debugger, because it's easier to experience the world of code through visualisation. Temporal-spacial debugging can indeed become an automated debugger in time, given the advances made in Artificial Intelligence... We will have to wait and see...

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