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Open-Source GPU Drivers Show Less Than Ideal Experience For SteamOS/Linux Gaming (phoronix.com) 109

An anonymous reader writes: Phoronix's recent 22-Way SteamOS Graphics Card Comparison showed that NVIDIA wins across the board when it comes to closed-source OpenGL driver performance. However, when it comes to the open-source driver performance for Steam Linux gaming, no one is really the winner. A new article, "Are The Open-Source Graphics Drivers Good Enough For Steam Linux Gaming?" answers that question with "heck no" by its author. While AMD is generally regarded as having better open-source support, their newer graphics cards still can't run at their rated clock frequencies due to lack of power management support, the lack of enough OpenGL 4.x support means many AAA Linux games simply cannot run yet, not enough QA means regressions are common, and other issues were noted when it comes to testing a number of modern graphics cards on the open-source drivers.
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Open-Source GPU Drivers Show Less Than Ideal Experience For SteamOS/Linux Gaming

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    So what?
    The closed-source drivers run on Linux and they run fine. I don't see what's the problem with switching to them while gaming - the games aren't going to be Open Source either, for the most part.

  • What does licensing have anything to do with performance? If NVIDIA released an open source driver for their hardware, then open source drivers would win the performance shoot out. Their drivers will always be better than reverse engineered drivers (open source or not). The question really is, if you care about licenses and gaming performance, what hardware will fit the "good enough/open enough" requirement?
    • What does licensing have anything to do with performance?

      Nothing. Learn to read: "A new article, "Are The Open-Source Graphics Drivers Good Enough For Steam Linux Gaming?" answers that question with "heck no" by its author." The question isn't "Are Open-Source...", it's "Are The Open-Source...". HTH, HAND.

    • Bad logic, NVIDIA could release an open source driver that is inferior to their closed source one. They could even release a driver inferior to reversed engineered one. Plenty of companies do similar, release an open source product as advertising for their closed source one that costs money and has more features and capabilities.

    • With nVidia alone maybe the argument is that they won't release open source drivers just because they are dicks. Ok, yet AMD has thrown in with open source, however they still have a faster proprietary driver. Why? Perhaps the licensed code has something to do with that. They license various things they can't open source, and those things are some of what help make it faster. AMD didn't just release the Catalyst source because they can't. It contains code they paid licenses for and can't open up.

      The situati

    • NVIDIA and AMD cannot release complete open source drives. There's IP within their closed drivers that's been licensed from third parties. Everyone would have to get on board and that probably won't ever happen.
  • not enough QA means regressions are common

    Regression testing is borrrrrrrrring! I wanna do the fun happy path stuff!

  • So? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by kuzb ( 724081 ) on Thursday October 29, 2015 @04:35PM (#50828069)

    Is there anything stopping me from just using the drivers that actually work? When the OSS drivers catch up we can revisit them - until then I'll use what works.

  • Preamble:

    Just started using linux Mint - with no internet connection only one CUBE runs well on http://itsfoss.com/cube-lets-i... [itsfoss.com].

    Long story short Charter.com hacked me, keylogger (firewall caught that one) and much more
    all because they thought I owned them $100 (I had auto payments setup). Cell phone number was reused and flagged.

    Turned off the system and now in the process of using linux chntpw capturing what they did, and will send it to the appropriate people.

    My windows era is over.


    Haven't played any

  • by Anonymous Coward

    The Free Code purists in the Linux community are so dedicated to their cause that they intentionally make it hard for the average user to use the proprietary drivers.

    They place hooks in the OS that may only be used by open-source code - yeah, they check the code to see if it's open source and if not this extra junk code added to the kernel refuses to cooperate..... so much for "freedom" for the end-user.

    They do not place easy-to-use buttons on the install screens to let the user select to install a manufact

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