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Studio Behind 'Little Big Planet' Confirms Next Title Coming To PlayStation VR (roadtovr.com) 12

An anonymous reader writes: As the company's first title, Little Big Planet was a breakout hit for the studio Media Molecule. The franchise saw three major games across the PS3 and PS4, two mobile versions (for PSP and PS Vita), and a number of spinoffs. But now Media Molecule hopes to make lightning strike twice with the forthcoming genre-eluding title, Dreams, which enables players to create and animate inside of the game world using the PlayStation Move. After several months of question dodging following the game's initial announcement, the studio has finally confirmed at Paris Games Week that Dreams will support PlayStation VR.
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Studio Behind 'Little Big Planet' Confirms Next Title Coming To PlayStation VR

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  • I only played the PS Visa version. Is the PS3/PS4 version any better? I felt like it looked pretty, but there was very little challenge. The levels had infinite lives and I'm not one of those people who go back for 100% completion. There just didn't seem to be anything special to this game.

    • by dsyu ( 203328 )

      The PS3/4 games aren't particularly challenging either -- the difficulty, if any, mostly stems from wrestling with the floaty controls. They don't have infinite lives, but you get a set number of lives per checkpoint, and there are enough checkpoints that you'll rarely, if ever, fail a level. There's also multi-player sections of levels, and special challenge levels.

      Also, there's the level building features of the games that many people probably spend the majority of their time. Oh, and user-created levels

    • The game levels are just a small part of the experience. All the games have comprehensive level creation ability (although it gradually unlocks features as you play the game, to encourage a gradual learning curve).

      Wiring up sensors or buttons to other objects is very easy in the level editor. LBP2 introduced circuit boards with logic gates if you need to do some thing more advanced.

      The story levels last a few hours, but the level creation (and exploring published levels) provides open-ended depth.
  • We're 2 years past the PS4's launch and we don't know specs, details, final form factor, price, or launch date for Project Morpheus.
    What we do know is that if it comes out it'll be half-baked, poorly supported, and wheeled off the stage when the PS5 launches alongside the updated version.

  • by MindPrison ( 864299 ) on Saturday October 31, 2015 @01:19PM (#50838289) Journal
    ...to play as Sackboy immersed totally in VR.
  • Is this really the confirmation that the game will run on Morpheus?

    It all seems to stem from one tweet: "Dave is really pissed off with me for all the 'vr confirmed' angles but hey Dave it would b cool and you're not on Twitter so: VR CONFIRMED" which sounds to me like someone winding up a colleague because they have a running joke about VR support.

    Not that I've seen any retraction either, it just seems a very odd way to announce such big news for Sony's VR.

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