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Sony PlayStation 4 Hits 500 Games Milestone ( 86

SlappingOysters writes: Finder is reporting that the catalogue of Sony PlayStation 4 games has just passed the 500 mark. The website has been tracking the install sizes of every PS4 game and in doing that, has been able to confirm that the mark had been reached. It's a significant catalogue advantage for the console, with the Xbox One currently offering 349 games, although the arrival of backwards compatibility on November 12 will change that dramatically. The site has also shown that the rate of releases is increasing over time.
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Sony PlayStation 4 Hits 500 Games Milestone

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Remakes and ports from the PS3?

    • Sounds like a great new generation. Still, 500 games are not a shabby line up. According to Wikipedia, Steam for Linux reached 1500 games already. Gamers rejoice!
      • by Mashiki ( 184564 )

        There's somewhere around 4k games on steam alone, so 1500 linux games is good. The problem with consoles is, a previous generations game likely won't work on the next generation of hardware. That was one of the reasons why my last console was N64, emulation on the PC is a really great thing though.

        • PlayStation game discs work on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 2 game discs work on early PlayStation 3 consoles with the SACD logo. Inability to play PS1 discs on PS4 surprised me.

          Nintendo has been good at keeping one generation of back-compat on its consoles from this millennium as well. Game Boy and Game Boy Color games work on Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance games work on Nintendo DS, GameCube games work on Wii, Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo 3DS, and Wii games work on Wii U.


  • I wonder how many of that 500 are PS4 exclusives though. Most Ganes this generation seem to be multi-platform (yes, Halo 5 I know - but there do see to be less exclusives that I remeber from previous generations)
    • Exclusives have been in decline for a couple of generations now and have indeed become very scarce indeed in the current generation. To understand why, you have to understand why games go platform-exclusive in the first place. The four main reasons are:

      1) Because the platform owner is developing the game themselves (sometimes as a loss-leader) or through a partly or wholly owned subsidiary, usually so as to grow the installed base of their platform and tempt third party developers to their platform.

      2) Becau

      • 2) Because the platform owner has paid a sum of money to a third party developer/publisher in exchange for exclusivity.

        Do console makers still subsidize "timed exclusives", where a game is exclusive to one platform for six months to a year while the third party takes the time to finish its port to other platforms?

        4) Because the platform in question has unique features that are integral to the design of the game.

        You mentioned 4a) games that rely on mouse and keyboard. These can be ported from PC to PlayStation 3 or 4, so long as the game also has a mode that works with the included DualShock controller. But I can think of a few more unique selling points of particular platforms, which can be considered subtypes of 4).

        4b) S

  • My computer didn't come with FreeCell, so I don't have any games installed.
  • by SuperDre ( 982372 ) on Friday November 06, 2015 @05:12AM (#50875547) Homepage

    if you count the BC on the xboxone, then you'll also have to count the games possible to play through Playstation Now, as that will let you play PS1/2/3 games through streaming...

    • That depends on how well Xbox One backward compatibility works for offline play. Even if a game requires an Internet connection to install, one can install the game on a high-throughput connection and then play offline. This helps deployed members of the armed forces, who can install games before being deployed. It also helps gamers in rural areas who use a satellite ISP, who are subject to harsh latency all the time and harsh caps most of the day but can bring the console into town or use unmetered early m

  • Probably more AAA titles though, and certainly more exclusives. Still seeing numbers like this seems weird when realising that even minor PC platforms have more games available, and most of them are not small casual games,but medium and indie games, with a bit of a gap for blockbusters.

  • it's an interesting coincidence that the backward compatibility is set for release just one day after the Steam Machines (and the steam link mind you) ?

  • I'm a Playstation guy. I've had every Playstation from 1 to 3. I will probably buy a PS4 as well when something comes out for it that is not available on PC and is worth buying a PS4 over. Basically, that will probably have to be Gran Turismo 7, because most every other major title is also available on PC.
  • by sad_ ( 7868 )

    500 games? That's about 1/3th of the games available for SteamOS, which hasn't even been release officially yet!

  • Darn, read the summary too fast.. I thought it was referring to some PS4 backwards compatibility I had not heard about yet.

    Nope, "just" the Xbox One backwards compatibility.

    As much as many people seem to think it's not important at all, the backwards compatibility (even if limited, like it is) has made me slightly interested in getting an Xbox One someday.. to play the various Xbox exclusives that are interesting. (Yes, I know, "slightly interested" isn't a big deal, but I bet some others are much more in

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