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Every PlayStation 4 Gets HDR This Week With System Update 4.00 ( 41

Sony announced today it is rolling out a new system updated -- dubbed Shingen -- to all the PlayStation 4 to bring High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. The new update, in addition, also brings Spotify integration, LAN data migration transfer, and tweaks to interface. From a CNET report: Other refinements to the system's interface include a redesigned content info screen -- the thing you see when pressing down after highlighting a game on your home screen. Similarly, the What's New screen has been updated with a new layout. 4.00 also adds support for HDR to all play PS4s, something Sony announced last week. This will be an option located in the Video Output Settings menu for existing PS4s and the new slim PS4, as well as the PS4 Pro. Those who get a Pro when it launches in November will also find support for several new features added in this update. As we learned recently, the system features 1080p streaming for Share Play and Remote Play (but only to PC/Mac and Xperia devices, not Vita), as well as 1080p/30 FPS streaming to Twitch and 1080p 30/60 FPS streaming to YouTube.
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Every PlayStation 4 Gets HDR This Week With System Update 4.00

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    turning Japanese!

    I really think so!

  • Are there really HDR monitors or at least coming soon? I've missed this "development", so if somebody could explain. Mainly, is it just a gimmick, i.e. we start calling monitors with a very good color gamut and contrast "HDR", or is there really a significant leap in display technology and we are talking about something visibly different?

    • by radish ( 98371 ) on Tuesday September 13, 2016 @04:06PM (#52881153) Homepage

      There are many HDR TVs on the market right now, it's certainly "visibly different" but isn't some amazing new tech. The standard basically calls for high contrast and much higher than usual maximum brightness - most LCD panels achieve this with a version of local dimming/addressable backlighting.

    • by hattig ( 47930 )

      There are HDR TVs.

      What they do is increase the max brightness level of the TV from around 300 nits to a higher level. LCDs seem to get 600 nits, OLEDs seem to get 1000 nits.

      HDR movies are mastered with metadata that says what the max brightness means in terms of nits. HDR10 has 10-bits per channel, and a typical HDR10 movie is mastered with 1023=4000 nits (but 1000 and 10000 are also used). The encoding is non linear to prevent the issue of blacks being distinguishable.

      Dolby have their own HDR standard, whi

  • I have a ps3 and ps4, and use the ps3 much more b/c the remote is 100000 times better for watching TV and video content via the internet. So, I kind of don't care about this upgrade... I'll still only use the PS4 for the 2 games I bought for it. :(

    • Do you have a really old/cheap TV? If not, you can probably enable HDMI-CEC (known as "HDMI Device Link" on the PS4) and then just use your TV remote to control the PS4. As the logic for this actually happens in the TV itself, you can use whatever universal remote you want.

      It sure is better than having to have a separate remote for your TV and PlayStation. In some of the older firmware revisions I recall that some of the video apps supported this while others didn't, but that seems to have been a thing of t

      • Do you have a really old/cheap TV? If not, you can probably enable HDMI-CEC (known as "HDMI Device Link" on the PS4) and then just use your TV remote to control the PS4.

        Doesn't work with my TV, which is a little known brand called SONY.

  • Makes all bright games look like pastel neon trip. I switched it off. Until SONY comes up with better algorithm for displaying HDR, I'll keep this function switched off for the remaining time.

  • the users FLAC support like they've been begging for for years? I'm sure the three people who asked for HDR are thrilled, though. Thanks, Sony.
  • Anyone care to comment on how "HDR" will affect those of us who havent splashed out on 4k TV's yet? What is HDR ? Does HDR work on normal 1080p TV's ? Will it need to be supported by Games and Apps such as Netflix and Fallout 4? Nick
    • You need an HDR-capable TV (with HDMI 2.0), no matter if it's 4K or 1080p. Unless your TV is relatively new, it won't matter for you.

      And yes, obviously the software will need to support HDR as well. Netflix already supports it.

    • by hattig ( 47930 )

      HDR makes pictures more real, as in bright light emitting objects will finally look like bright light emitting objects. Nuclear explosions in movies will actually blind you. Etc.

      HDR needs a HDR supporting TV (HDMI 2a). This appears to mean a TV with a 10-bit panel (or 12-bit panel), and the ability for individual pixels to be displayed at very high light output levels (500 - 1000 nits).

      Theoretically a 1080p TV could be sold with HDR capability, but so far it's being bundled with high-end 4K TVs. I expect it

  • HDR has been around for over a decade! Why the wait?
  • No mods for Fallout 4 that is. Farming Simulator 17 gets them, but not Fallout 4.

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