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Microsoft Announces Xbox Game Pass, Netflix-Style Gaming For the Xbox One ( 33

Microsoft today announced it is moving into the world of Netflix-style game subscriptions with Xbox Game Pass, a monthly service coming this spring that will give you a selection of games you can download and play on your Xbox One for $9.99 a month. From a report on Polygon: The service will include "over 100 games," including Halo 5: Guardians, Payday 2, NBA 2K16 and SoulCalibur II. "One of the best things about Xbox Game Pass is that you can discover and download the full titles directly on your Xbox One," the official post states. Any game you buy through the service will be sold to you at a 20 percent discount. An alpha preview of the program begins today with "a very limited" number of games, and Xbox Live Gold subscribers will get first crack at the program this spring. It also sounds as if the service may be available, at least in part, on the PC.
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Microsoft Announces Xbox Game Pass, Netflix-Style Gaming For the Xbox One

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  • I'm certain this scratches a certain itch for some of their customers but the only reason any console is allowed in my house is because of the stupid exclusive games anymore. And you know, I'm not all that upset at it. Used to be, but it's too much energy to be angry at that stuff. I'd rather be putting that energy into having fun playing the games.

    So, you know, hope someone has fun with this. It's not the best deal but it's better than nothing.

  • Sorry but.. (Score:1, Insightful)

    I like playing games on my home made computers. I don't need something made for me... Thank you.. no. (Every day in every way, they take a bit more of what you can pick and control.)
  • There's a word for that in English: "rental".
    • by vux984 ( 928602 )

      Nope. The word rental applies to what we used to do at blockbuster... where we'd take a game home for a few days and then return it. Pay-per-view is a pretty similar model, though not sure you can do it for games anywhere.

      'Netflix-style' is a fairly specific model
      a) its subscription based
      b) you have access to the 'catalog' as long as you have a subscription
      c) the catalog changes over time, new games added, AND existing games removed

      I assume this service has all t

    • Actually no, the word is "subscription". Netflix, O'Reilly Safari, and similar services where you have access to anything in the catalog at any time all for one monthly fee.

      Under the old rental model, one game would cost you $x, and if you wanted another game it was also $x, even if you returned the first.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    There was a time when Microsoft had a coding support system for game developers, where they provided support for developers in regards to coding their games and finishing them.
    There was a time when Microsoft subsidized game developers to help them finish and bring games to the desktop computer, to Windows. It wasn't like the Publisher relationship but a pure "we give you money and you do whatever you can, we won't command you how to make your shit, just fucking do it how you imagined it and finish it!"

  • One of the many reasons I'm not a console peasant anymore is because after the XBox 360 faded away, no one was able to hack or mod the XBox 1 or PS4 firmware to allow "backups" (read: piracy) and I'm not going to drop $60+ on new games. So the gaming rig I built for myself works fine, if there's a truly great game that relies heavily on multiplayer, I'll buy it, but that's about it. With this model. I might consider picking up an XB1 some day. I wouldn't mind paying a monthly fee to have access to a modest
  • Gold vs Pass (Score:3, Informative)

    by FredrikKarlsson ( 1932104 ) on Tuesday February 28, 2017 @01:55PM (#53946881)

    Whats the different between Xbox Gold and Xbox Pass?

    Gold gives you free games each 2nd week
    Pass lets you rent games each month

    "Each week, Xbox Live Gold members can save up to 50-75%"
    Pass saves you 20%

    How is this anything like Netflix? And why should I not pass on Pass?

    • You shall not pass?

    • by sethaw ( 598206 )

      Whats the different between Xbox Gold and Xbox Pass?

      Xbox Live Gold is required for multiplayer. It gives you 4 free games a month. Sometimes the games are good, but sometimes its not unusual for me to not like any of the games for the month.

      Xbox Game Pass will give you access to a larger library of over 100 games at a time but you will still need to subscribe to Gold to play multiplayer. Much of the value here will depend on the exact titles which haven't been announced. It will probably be like EA Access where you get lots of good games but not games

  • So are any of those games that will be available on it recent AAA releases?
    If so I would gladly sign up for it if available on the PC. There are very few games I play for over 2 months so this would pay for itself in quick order.
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