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Zork CGI 23

A Life in Hell writes "Check it out! i modded one of the zork interpreters to play thru CGI, with all the save state info in the URL :) it does work onm lynx, as a special bonus :)" Cute. Now I better not see anyone playing this while at work.
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Zork CGI

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  • Microsoft's Maritz cracks on Redhat, tries to play Linux defense. Other neat tidbit: Judge Jackson notices that Linux has to give product away to compete with M$.

    Read about it on the M$ PropagandaPass website [] before M$ pulls it.

    Oh yeah, Zork rules.

  • Oh no, I think the slashdot effect strikes again, is anyone out there getting a page of any of these adventures in less than a minute or so?
  • Just a legal nit pick. I suggest you deal with it b4 the lawyers get to you. I'm fairly certian that Zork is legal to put up as Activision has released them, but Hollywood hyjinx I don't belive was released.

    I love the idea, too bad I'm at work and down have time to play. This will probably get a spot on my web page though.

  • Just so you don't get sued - consider replacing
    the commercial games with free ones.

    Curses is *fabulous* - better than any genuine Infocom game I've played.
    Christminster is good too.
    Theatre's nice....

    Get your CGI to run freefall.z5, and I'll be very impressed indeed.

    All these can be found at []
  • Check out for an idea of where text adventuring is at the moment.

    They have interpreters (and compilers!) for Infocom/infocom-style games for pretty much every platform imaginable.

    The thriving Interactive Fiction 'scene' can be found on (creators) and (players) if you have news access.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for setting this up. I still had ways to peek at these games.. my Atari 1200XL might still work and the Atari 520ST definately does, but this method of preserving these games is far better.

    Real software that doesn't care what OS the server or client runs on. Microsoft should be scared.. :)

    My suggestion is to remove the non-Zork ones if you don't have permission from Activision. They still sell these others if you can find the collection CD's.

    OTOH, I understand there were a lot of free games based on this interpreter...
  • Forgetting the legality (?) for a moment... I'd love to see web-based versions of the text adventures that had pictures, like Magnetic Scroll's The Pawn....

  • I was passing this URL around at work, and it turns out one of my coworkers was into this a long time ago, and turned them into Java applets...
    The Explore Adventure Series []
  • Not for actually doing it, mind you; just for telling us. Wave goodbye to server throughput...:)
  • Never mind the web.. You can play any of the infocom games on your Palm Computing Platform using a program called ZIP (look at All the games are available on a CD ROM called something like "Lost Masterpieces of Infocom".. the CD is only about $17 and includes all the original documentation in PDF format.
  • THE game that got me hooked on computers..... aaah the memories of my old TRS-80 Mod III with a whopping 48K Ram and dual disc drives only $1849 from Ft Worth Computers ..... Who needs them Apple ][s I got myself a Z80 processor!!!!
  • Not nearly as good as why MS could be charging 2 grand for windows.
    And translation into english, please. Why Does Microsoft Charge so Little for Windows? []
    I guess that is what this graphic is for []
  • Wait a minute!

    Meept has discovered that this didn't appear on the bbc website? Has slapdash broken off it's reseller contract with the bbc?

    Have a meept and go to sleep !

  • the cgi load times remind me of loading files from the tape drive on my 4k Radio Shack Color computer.
  • I loved the part about the village blacksmiths
    of the world assembling axles in their back yard.
    MS then becomes the analog of GM. The only flaw
    in the analogy is that software is not a car, it
    is more like the plan for a car, and even if you
    had the plans for a BMW, you probably couldn't
    build one in your backyard. If I have the code
    I can build it on my computer.
  • Or go to []. There is a sizable culture revolving around interactive fiction, and 2 or 3 major games are still released annually!

    If you like this kind of thing, run out to the archive and grab some interpreters and games.

    If you want to play Infocom games, you can get all-but-two of them on the Masterpieces of Infocom CD. For more information, try quare/3177/infocom.htm []. Comes with windoze binaries, but you can run most of the adventures under Linux (or anything else) by downloading an interpreter such as Frotz. 'Swhat I do.

    For gobs of other information, go to Yahoo and search for "interactive fiction".


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