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Pirates Crack FF8 3 Times Over 106

Kolin the Anonymous Coward writes " Ign reports that the new anti-piracy protection on Final Fantasy VIII (the most hyped game of 99) has already been cracked three times over. Pirates wanting to copy the games onto cdr disks or to play the imported game have already found three solution to sony's new security featured on FF VIII and slated to be on many more games. These methods include a software crack applied before the game is put onto cdrs, a new "phantom" chip which can be easilly soldiered into any playstation and use of a hardware cheat device called gameshark. " I obviously don't support pirating games you don't own, but I this is interesting- it seems that the era of copy protection is at an end. And maybe this will help eliminate that obnoxious lag time before we get the cool games on this side of the pond.
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Pirates Crack FF8 3 Times Over

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